How To Get That First Kiss

By JT Tran

In movies, when the guy gets the first kiss from the girl it’s usually followed up by some dramatic event. In reality, that dramatic kiss isn’t how the first kiss starts. In many cultures, kissing is a simple form of showing affection and it’s important to put the act of kissing in the right context.

Getting that first kiss is a lot less complicated than it sounds like, and if she doesn’t kiss you the first time it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. All it means is that you should be doing the right things to get her ready to kiss you. So what are these things that you should be doing for her to be ready to kiss you?

First, you should make sure that she’s comfortable with you in as many ways possible. Is she okay with you placing your arm around her shoulder? Have you held hands? That’s some physical level of comfort that she should have with you. How much do you know about each other? Has she shared some personal and emotional stories about herself? Does she joke around with you? Again, you should be doing your best to make her feel comfortable and paying attention to the right signs can indicate that.

If she’s comfortable with you then she likes you. How much she likes you is the real question and getting that first kiss is just one small step in determining just how much. There’s a number of ways to get that first kiss, but the lightest and most casual kiss begins when she’s already happy. She should be smiling and laughing in your company on top of the comfort level she feels with you.

At this point, you can simply say, “kiss me” and gesture towards your lips. Do so in a playful manner. If she likes you already, she’ll give you that first kiss. If she doesn’t, give her a hug and proceed to enjoy spending time with her. Once some time has passed, try again.

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