How Do the Under 21 and Young Talk to Girls?

By Ben J

The PUA community runs rampant with all sorts of products aimed at helping you guys talk to girls; there are e-books about fashion and lifestyle, audio recordings that teach you hypnosis, and everything in between. However, no how-to guides seem to be geared towards those who are often most alone in their quest to becoming amazing with women: The youth of the PUA community- the Under 21– who’d like to meet and talk to women of quality.

Being under 21 can certainly put a damper on your ability to go out and hone your skills…IF YOU LET IT.

The fact is, there are many ways to get around the drawback of being an under 21, and there are many ways to meet and talk to girls. But before we focus on the solutions, lets determine exactly where the problems lie.

Problems of Being Under 21:

1. No Entry to Most Clubs – Most clubs (especially the ones worth going to, where you are going to meet women of higher quality) will NOT let you in if you are under 21. This is because they serve alcohol and don’t want to serve it to minors by accident and risk getting their liquor license revoked, and also to maintain an elite image for the club. Be grateful that these clubs don’t want to let you in… It means that, when you come of age, they won’t let the annoying teenagers in. So be happy. There ARE some ways around this though… Read on to discover solutions.

2.Poor Logistics – Most people who are under 21 have terrible logistics, meaning that it is difficult (if not impossible) to meet women, let alone to get a girl home with you, alone, and comfortable. This is because most people in that age range tend to live with their parents or dorm/room-mates, their place looks/smells like shit, and they probably don’t have the transportation required to bring the girl from the comfort location to the seduction location. Read on to learn how to remedy this.

3.Being Underqualified for the Women You Want – If you are anything like most of the under 21 PUA’s that have complained to me about sarging at such a young age, you have had many attractive and qualified women balk when they figure out your real age. This is not only a problem for you, but it can be really unfair, as a lot of the young PUA’s that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are mature beyond their years. Additionally, the women that you are interested in may think that you are not ambitious enough, have not traveled enough, haven’t made enough money, don’t live in a nice enough area, don’t have a cool enough job, etc. They may or may not be correct in these assumptions. Whichever one is the case, there are ways around it, which I will address momentarily… Patience, young grasshopper.

4. Poor Social Circle – Although seemingly innocuous, this can actually be one of the most limiting factors of being under 21 when you want to meet girls to date. Chances are, especially if you are relatively knew to sarging and to building and infiltrating social circles, that your friends are mostly people that you work with, go to school with, play sports with, etc. Not only will these groups *generally* not lead you to the super hot, super high-status women that you desire, but they can actually HOLD YOU BACK from progressing as a person. One particular young PUA that I know told me that he couldn’t really break out of his shyness until he completely LEFT his old social circle; just the fact that he was constantly around them had kept him from progressing as a human being. I’m not saying that you need to abandon all of you old friends cold turkey, just that if there are bad apples in the group, you need to make so that they can no longer influence you. It’s a hard truth, but it may be beneficial to wean yourself away from negative people, if they are stagnant in their evolution as a human being. Either way, you NEED to find other social groups as well. More on that later.

These are the 4 main drawbacks to sarging and trying to talk to girls for the under 21 teenager. Although there is a small quantity of drawbacks, the nature of them can be a bit overwhelming if you want to meet women.

No need to worry though; each of these problems can be rectified with proper planning and hard work.

Read on to learn how!

How to Talk to Girls When You Are Under 21: Overcoming Your Age and Youth

So how can you fix these annoying (and often persistent) issues? I can tell you from watching some of my younger students do it that it can be easily overcome. I will tell you though that it DOES take some effort. Don’t expect to overcome years of life with just a few quick, gimmicky tricks. Here is how to meet women when you are under 21.

1.Venue Selection – Almost all “game-theory” is tailored towards night-club game. Problem is, YOU don’t have access! So how do you fix this? RUN DAY GAME! Do your research. Figure out where the best DAYTIME spots are in your city. For example, in Los Angeles, great places to game during the day would be The Grove, The Beverly Center, 3rd Street Promenade, etc. If you want to hit up nighttime spots as well, I would NOT recommend going to the shitty, 18 and up bars and venues, as those usually have terrible quality girls. Instead, I suggest that you appear outside of the 21+ nighttime venues that you would like to see yourself inside. You can talk to girls on the street outside of these bars and clubs. Or you can even meet lovely young ladies inside restaurants that turn into a packed night venue.

2.Managing Logistics – Although one of the most difficult things to change, this is 100% within your control. Move out on your own. If you can’t do that, make sure that your bedroom is your sacred place, and you will never be interrupted in there. Make sure your room (and the rest of your house) is clean, well-furnished, and comfortable. Get a car, or some other type of transportation that a beautiful girl will feel comfortable in. Take care of what you have. If you don’t have the money, get a job. It may be difficult, but it is simple and straightforward. Jobless, carless, men who are dependent on their parents are NOT attractive to women, period.

3.Qualifying – You’ve got the clean, nice apartment all to yourself, and you drove your new, fresh-smelling car to the daytime venue that you carefully selected… Now what? If you go for older women (anyone over 21) you’ll probably find that, especially if you reveal your age to the women that you meet, they automatically assume that you are under-qualified for them, WHETHER OR NOT IT’S TRUE! Don’t fret, young Casanova, as there are ways to remedy this. Firstly, make sure you are dressed to attract the women that you desire. For instance, if you want classy, successful women, you might want to wear a well-tailored suit. Second, you want to supplement the areas in which she ASSUMES you are weak. For instance, she probably thinks that, since you are young, you are not ambitious or successful. She probably also thinks that you’re bad in bed, and that you only think with your dick. She is probably of the belief that you are not financially stable. To account for these assumed deficits, you will have to tell stories (or demonstrate via other means) to correct these gaps.

4.Social Circle Development – Chances are, your current social circle is nowhere as epic as you would like it to be. If you want to be dating models, actresses, pornstars, celebrities, or whatever else, you are NOT going to find them in your glee club/football team/other incestuous melting pot of adolescent hormones. Instead, you need to BRANCH OUT. Whether or not this means completely leaving your current friend group, you need to penetrate (pardon the pun) groups that contain the women that you desire. How to initiate yourself into such groups via building rapport and other methods is a detailed and complicated process, and one that can only be taught in person through a 1-on-1 or ABC’s bootcamp.

And yes, our bootcamps ARE accessible to Under 21 students, albeit with certain restrictions and limitations.

There you have it. It might be tricky, take some work, and push you outside of your comfort zone, but that is exactly what will get you the women that you desire. Remember: If you want to get something you’ve never gotten before, you must be wiling to do something you have never done.

Get out there and spread your youthful seed, you little Midget McPimps.

P.S. If you’re still in highschool, read my Facebook note on being successful in highschool.