Does Age Matter to Younger Women?

By Gareth Jones

Over the past year of working for the ABCs of Attraction, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most honest, most genuine and most kind people I’ve ever met in my life. Though, all the men I work with share a common interest in self-betterment and a passion for younger women, they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and, what I’ve come to find most rewarding; ages.

At our bootcamps, I’ve coached tons of different older gentlemen of varying ages: the 21-year-old Asian student, the 32-year-old white ex-atheletes, or the 27-year-old Indian programmer, and it never really hit home that some of these guys were 10, or sometimes 15, years older than me (I’m 25).

It wasn’t until I arrived in Dallas to work with a 53-year-old lawyer that I really had a chance to sit back and realize that, though I had been studying seduction longer than most people, I was still pretty green in the game of life. Though, I’ve got an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding most every aspect of the game, I started to get a bit nervous.

Could I help someone that has been going through the wrong motions for more than twice as long as I’ve been alive? At the birth of that thought, I was in Dallas about to sit down with him and begin our three-day, two-night 1-on-1 training: I didn’t really have a choice.

That weekend, we went through everything in the ABCs syllabus, one step at a time. I taught the program as I had learned to and included all my own personal touches that not only make me a successful PUA, but that also make me a successful teacher. We went out, as we always do, and diligently executed the skills we had spent the day rehearsing and I watched as his attempts met with both successes and failures.

We experimented with new openers and talked to younger women  for hours and, when the weekend was done, I realized something pretty amazing: Age had nothing to do with anything we had done that weekend.

I wish I could say that every young woman we spoke to was turned on by older men or that it was easier because he was 53, but it wasn’t that way. However, it wasn’t the other way around either; He wasn’t getting turned down because he was older or getting laughed at.

When he was doing all the stuff right, women liked him, when he was struggling, women were tolerant or, at worse, dismissive. Age never came up.

Ergo, age did not matter to this younger women (if you’re doing ABCs right like Approaching with the right kind of skills and confidence).

Since that weekend, I’ve worked the gamut. I just got back from Detroit where I worked with a 42-year-old salesman. Actually, now that I think about it, last weekend’s 1-on-1 was 40! It doesn’t even register with me anymore because of how little it matters in the actual interaction.

You see, I find that women are so starved of confident men capable of interesting conversation and who are willing to take what they deserve, that they don’t think twice about the age, race, or background of the person delivering it to them. If you are making a younger woman feel good, she will always be drawn towards you regardless of age. We teach that.

Whether you are the witty, life-of-the-party or the quiet, sensual seducer, women of all types will respond extremely positively, and I have seen it proven. Hell, I teach it.

I talk to all different guys all day long about taking programs with me or with other instructors of the ABCs of Attraction. Most jump right on board and get working right away.

Some are too far away or don’t have enough money, so the business team works hard to try to alleviate those issues as best they can. Some aren’t motivated enough or simply too scared to do it and that’s where I step in to provide a bit of motivational help.

But if you are worried about succeeding because you think you’re too old to change, or that you’re past your prime, let me tell you that I have seen old dogs learn new tricks and those tricks have been both amazing and life-changing.

So many PUAs write articles about how great they are and about all the successes they have, so let me leave it up to someone else. As I sit in LAX, writing this down, my phone buzzes from a new email. It’s from my last 1-on-1, a 40-year-old construction management leader.

“Thanks for everything. I had such a great time this weekend. Most of all, you have made a difference in my life. I am forever grateful!”

Every minute that passes is a chance to turn it all around and it is never, ever too late.

But if you’re ever asked, “How old are you?” Here’s the ABCs approved and field tested reply:

“Old enough not to care and young enough to go ALL. NIGHT. LONG.”

Press on and see you soon!