CPR TV Interviews JT the Asian Playboy

By JT Tran

In my first ever TV interview, I flew out to Chicago late last year and met up with VIA TIMES founder, Veronica Leighton. So enjoy this two part cable segment that I did for the Chicago Phillipine Reports TV, a local cable network serving Chicago’s Filipino/Asian/Hispanic communities.

Don’t forget, you can catch me speaking at Harvard University, next Wed on Feb 11th. It’ll be held at Harvard Yard, the Emerson building, Room 305.

Finally, catch my Valentine Day interview on the ABC Boston Cityline show! Details here.

In Part 1 of this TV interview, I talk about how and why I founded the ABCs of Attraction, how to exude confidence, my ideal girl, how to deal with racism in the pick-up and dating scene, how big is the ABCs of Attaction (programs are held globally in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Australia), how the ABCs is the “finishing school for men”, Asian parents, emotional intelligence, and how Asian men are underrepresented in high positions of power.

In Part 2 of this TV interview, I talk about my former life as a rocket scientist, how to be rich/powerful/influential, dating & pick-up advice, social obligations, the Kickstart Opener, directing the conversation, getting past the hook point, don’t buy girls drinks, what’s the ultimate goal in pick-up, helping virgins, dating black girls, what do women think of pick-up, having female assistants during the bootcamp, how being confidence translates to success in all areas of your life and how to contact Asian Playboy at the ABCs of Attraction.

P.S. I want to thank our awesome Chicago alum Kyle for taking the time to record the TV show. Thanks bro!