College Student Discount Program for PUA Bootcamps

By Admin

The first weekend of this month, I was told by two students on the last day of their bootcamp that our program was not only the best program they had taken (“By far.”) but it was also the best value for the money. This was great news for us, as having satisfied new members of the brotherhood is an honor and a privellege.

As my students pointed out to me, it was obvious that we actually cared about our students and really wanted them to improve, which is exactly right.

Along those lines, we’ve run into several cases in which a prospective student has been unable to take part in our PUA bootcamp courses because he’s… frankly… a broke college student. Now, this has happened so many times that we all sat down to talk about it as a group.

After the drone of the mind-wheels had faded and the egos had cooled, we all decided that it sucks to not be able to better yourself because you’re already spending too much money bettering yourself . Growth should be encouraged to all those that have the motivation.

So, we here at the ABCs of Attraction have developed a special discount just for college students!

Now, if you are a current college student with a valid student ID, we are offering up to 25% off (conditions apply and judged on an INDIVIDUAL, CASE-BY-CASE BASIS) all of our ABCs of Attraction PUA bootcamps.

In some circumstances, that could be up to $750 off!

This is a huge deal and hopefully it will do one (or both) of two things for you:

  • It will prove to you how much we want you to grow and how invested in your success you are. We want you to become better people and we will do everything it takes to see that through.
  • It will allow you to take one of our programs!

Having been a college student myself, I know how difficult it is to fit something large into your budget but we truly want to do everything we can to help.

Remember that this promotion starts the second you read this post. It does not apply to any pickup artist bootcamps in the past (that you’ve already taken), any alumni bootcamps or any of the products on our website. This is a discount that we’ve lined up so you can get out there in the field, not so you can sit at home and continue hoping to take a bootcamp. Get out there and do it and let us be your guides!

You must:

  1. Be an active college student
  2. Have a valid college ID
  3. Be able to pay in advance the full discounted price (in other words, no payment plans or other discounts in addition to the college discount can apply)
  4. Contact me and leave your email, phone number, and desired program location
  5. Or call the office at 1-888-689-GAME (4263)

NOTE: You must personally speak (via phone or Skype) with someone at the Support Desk in order to qualify for the Student Discount Program and by how much. No exceptions.

Now that you’ve got more food for thought, head over to the remaining 2010 Bootcamp Schedule and take a look at some of our programs more seriously.