Asian Men Suits To Look More Attractive By Captain Daniel Hyun

The 3 Essential Suits All Asian Men Should Have To Look More Attractive And Fashionable

What kind of suits make Asian men look more attractive? As an Asian man, you have certain advantages over men of other races in the dating game. Women immediately see you as smart, hardworking, charming, gentlemanly, and interesting. And by … Continue reading

E! News "Dating #NoFilter" With Captain Daniel Hyun And Maury

“Dating #NoFilter” Captain Daniel Hyun Shares His First Date Routines On E! News’ Reality TV Show

It’s early Wednesday morning and I’m a pent up ball of excitement and nerves. After an extensive casting call through E! News, I’ve been selected to be on the reality dating show, “Dating #NoFilter.” But unlike for other men, this … Continue reading

Super Seducer 2 Review: Walkthrough For The Asian Dating Level With Michael (Plus “Infield” Analysis)

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34 Interracial Dating Tips I Learned From “The Big Sick” With Kumail Nanjiani

Through the magic of Amazon Prime Video, I caught the romantic comedy film “The Big Sick” which is inspired by Kumail Nanjiani’s real world relationship (and marriage) to Emily V. Gordon. It’s a fluffy, feel good interracial romcom that had some … Continue reading