Where to Pick Up Girls in: San Diego, California!

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Like I always say, I have done bootcamps in a ton of cities and I always meet some really cool people. More often than not, our guys have a blast and we’ve never had a real dud of a city where there was nothing to do at all or there was no one to talk to.

At the complete other end of the spectrum is San Diego: one of the most fun bootcamps I’ve ever done. Not only was everyone GORGEOUS, but the girls were: super friendly, easy to open, and willing to GET DOWN.

This is going to be a FUN town to do our 2011 Spring Break Bootcamp, booyah! Contact us for more details!

Here are my recommendations for Where to Pick Up Girls: San Diego!

Friday Night:

Stingaree (454 Sixth Ave): Great club. Very similar to Hollywood. 21+ and dress nice. Call ahead or know somebody if you want to get in, but I recommend it. Huge venue. Clubby downstairs. Loud with a big bar across a huge dancefloor. Got packed extremely quickly and we showed up at 10:30. Go early.

Bottleservice tables and restaurant-style booths are on the first floor, continue up a level for the VIP bottle service tables overlooking the dancefloor and then go up one more for the rooftop patio with tons of comfort couches, firepits, secluded makeout spots and a busy bar.

This is where you go to isolate.

The place is very trendy and, as such, gets VERY busy. At about midnight, it’s difficult to walk around and I highly recommend buying bottleservice just for the elbowroom, if you can. A great place to pickup girls who are 8s, 9s, and 10s,  you have to approach indirect and/or have social proof for most of the hottest ones (standard), but they mostly open really easily and a lot of the girls have great senses of humor.

Top 40 club music all the way around and it does get loud, so stretch out those diaphragms in order to get your point across.

Saturday Night:

The W Rooftop (421 West B Street): 21+. Super swanky. Top-notch crowd. Expensive Drinks.

Rooftop had first-come-first-serve comfort couches, but the cabanas next to the DJ were where it was at. Tons of sets and easy to open. Typical ultra-lounge, except the roof was covered in sand to replicate partying at the beach (very cool). Dress nice, but be prepared for ultra-style from the other patrons.

Large common area with one bar at the opposite end. Not many people dancing, but lots of talking and got packed. Show up early (10:30) and get a seat to look cool and comfortable for the new people walking in. They also have a bar downstairs that is more relaxed, if you want to isolate from the bustle upstairs.

Call ahead or know somebody for easy access.

Sunday Night:

Hard Rock Bar (207 5th Avenue): As far as I know (and my uber-connected San Diego guide), this was the only place in town for where to pick up girls. Sunday nights are rough, but this was fun.

Fairly unpopulated, but a few good sets (mostly girls dancing). 21+ and a $10 cover to get in the door unless you enter through the hotel. Couches for bottleservice were roped off, but no security hassled us when we stepped over them. Restaurant-style booths were open for seating, but were all filled, and the bar was skirted with high-top tables and culminated in a large dance-floor at the other end.

The smoking patio was perfect for isolation with high-top tables, but you can’t bring drinks outside (??). Go late and get on the list beforehand to avoid the cover. Prepare to hang out, as it might be hit or miss, but it’s the only place in town.

San Diego was a blast and the girls were VERY loyal. Most of the ones we met on Friday, hung on to us all weekend and were always down for fun (afterparties, etc). Dress nice and wear a big smile, because this city opens up if you’re ready to reward it. Personally, I can’t wait to go back!

That’s all for now!

See you at Spring Break!

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