Tokyo, Japan: PUA Bootcamp Reviews

By Katie Pebbles

So you may be wondering about the ABCs Bootcamps and if we do them in Asia too…Well, you have come to the right place! Check out these reviews from our Tokyo, Japan bootcamp students and hear about the success that they found in just 3 short (but action and information packed) days.

Hear all about their experiences, take-aways, and what they want you to know about doing a bootcamp in Asia with JT Tran and his team of hand picked experts! Check out this video!

I: What is your name?

YT: My name is Yoki Tanaka

I: How old are you?

YT: I am 27.

I: Why did you decide to participate in the bootcamp?

YT: The reason why I decided to take the course was I wanted to popular among women. That was the number one reason why I joined the bootcamp in order to improve such skills.

I: What was the biggest change after bootcamp?

YT: The biggest change I feel is the attitude and the mindset toward women and also I have learned more advanced technique, more advanced techniques and hands-on techniques.

I: What was your achievement after the bootcamp?

YT: I have achieved to get phone numbers and many other things.

I: Can you tell us about the 2nd night?

YT: On the 2nd night, we went to a club and we met women and we went all the way.

I: Do you want to recommend this bootcamp?

YT: Yes, I believe this bootcamp is very useful to learn how to contact with women closely and I recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.

I: Thank you.

YT: Thank you.


So you still want to hear and see more??? HERE IS ANOTHER ONE!  You won’t believe your eyes and ears.


I: Let’s start the Interview. What is your name?

TS: My name is Taku Saito

I: What is your age?

TS: I was born in 1982; so, I am 32.

I: What motivated you to take the bootcamp?

TS: The top reason why I decided to join the bootcamp was that I wanted to change myself. In the past there were some times I had to change and I thought the bootcamp would change me and I was glad to join it.

I: How was the bootcamp?

TS: Well. For example, the fashion check and other programs were very useful and those were the things I had never experienced. Even those few things were valuable lessons worth investing.

I: Have you picked up women before?

TS: No, I have never done it on the street. Well, I have talked to women in a store but it was the first time I have picked up women on the street and inside the club.

I: So what was the result?

TS: Well, I was able to talk to women pleasantly and to exchange the email addresses spontaneously.

I: How many?

TS: In total, it was 5.

I: How far did you go with them?

TS: How? Do you mean by kiss and other things, right?

I: Ya

TS: Well, I kissed them.

I: Would you like to recommend this bootcamp?

TS: Yes, I’d recommend it.

I: Thank you. Do you have any comment for Dash?

TS: Mr. Dash personally checked my fashion and took care of me well. He is still very young but I have learned a lot from him. So, I want to apply what I have learned and catch up with him.

I: Thank you so much.

So now that you have heard it from out distinguished alumni, do you want to join us at an upcoming bootcamp in Asia?  You are in luck as we are always planning and can’t wait to give you the tools that our Alumni are enjoying.  

What you will learn in the bootcamp will help you to get the girls of your choice and so much more….so what are you waiting for? Click here for more information on Australia and Asian bootcamps or click here for PUA bootcamps in Tokyo, Japan!