PUA Training Bootcamps and Review: London, England UK

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Check out this London, UK PUA Bootcamp Review:

London has museums, a famous tower, and the London Eye, an observation wheel that allows visitors to experience breathtaking views. You’d think she has it all, but London is about to have a brand-new attraction, the best pickup artist and PUA training bootcamp London has ever seen, when the Asian Playboy and the ABCs of Attraction team cross the pond to offer the secrets of PUA tips and techniques to a new crop of bootcamp attendees in this special PUA training bootcamp in London!

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Don’t want to travel but still want to study under a pickup artist in London? Then come to London and join the ABCs team to learn the secret tricks of the master PUA Asian Playboy and his secret seduction team in the United Kingdom. Taking Great Britain by storm, the team offers one-on-one coaching, critiques, and encouragement through this intense, 3 day PUA training bootcamp.

Not convinced an ABCs of Attraction bootcamp can help you? Check out just a few of the PUA bootcamp reviews from our ABCs of Attraction:

I lost count how many times during the workshop JT successfully opening sets/lone wolves that I thought were impossible. … Several times JT would walk up and stop a towering beauty (or a bunch of them) in their tracks, smoothly sit down and command them to sit next to him, and they would just sit down and not leave. I have never seen anything like that, not even with tall white boys. … The chicks were genuinely entertained and attracted to JT, everyone in the club was jealous. I can’t stress how surreal it is to see a 5’6 Asian guy go into London’s hottest most (uptight clubs) and charming the hotties. You have to see it to believe it….

JT genuinely cared about whether we got to the good venues….

I would say it’s probably the closest you can get to learning a defined system, that’s empirically proven to work, because a short Asian man uses it and against all odds get and attract women. As for choosing between ABCs of Attraction, and some other reputable tall white man boot camp? Don’t even think about it. Choose ABCs.

WOW! Is those seduction students’ reviews weren’t convincing enough, there’s more:

The lectures were awesome, load of information to take, but the ABCs structure makes it so easy and understandable….

JT point out your sticking point and give out criticism that no one will ever tell you.

Overall, this boot camp was truly amazing. JT and Ralph are both great people to hang out with.

This boot camp was worth the money if you really want to change yourself, to be better and to win.

It’s just the beginning of the journey. I’m glad that I took this bootcamp early to realize my problem before it’s too late to re-program myself.
If it’s possible, I would re take this boot camp.


I liked the emphasis on structure over specific techniques. This approach allows for slotting in your own style and personality, and also gives you an overview – the course is designed to keep you looking at the forest rather than the trees. While any model is just that, I did find that the ABCs paradigm was applicable to real-world scenarios, and as someone who has studied psychology, felt that it was robust and well thought-out….

It became apparent to me that JT does genuinely care for the well-being and success of the students, and does an equally thorough job with each of them whatever their level is. Combined with the insight he provided it was well worth my putting aside personal differences and concentrating on his teachings.


Still not convinced that an London, UK PUA training bootcamp is for you? Then you’d be one tough customer to please, but there’s more:

In my opinion, you definitely shouldn’t wait because time is the only thing we will never get back….

The boot camp is definitely affordable

• The coaches care about you… a lot!
• The only company which still helps you after the boot camp (thank you JT for the advice you sent me tonight)
• You will get a structure in game
• You will get at least 12 hours of great lecture
• You will step out of your comfort zone!
• You will make new friends and meet potential wingmen
• There are tons of drills which are going to improve your passive value
• The coaches know what they are talking about and they can demonstrate it

• The coaches will evaluate your sticking points and help you to solve them after each night

• You’ll get a lot of motivation to become a better person after the bootcamp
• You’ll see what you are capable of doing
• You will be infield for at least 12 hours
• You’ll get girls, a lot of girls!

Are you ready to make a real change in the way you meet women? Are you ready to trade up and date quality women? Are you ready to close the deal with sexually attractive beauties, regardless of race or ethnicity? Are you ready to take charge and learn the skills of a lifetime? The ABCs of Attraction PUA training bootcamp is an opportunity to smash through those limiting mindsets and prove to yourself that attraction is a learnable skill, one that you can master.

Are you ready to step up your dating game? Then check out our PUA training bootcamp in London, UK before it’s too late.

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