Asian Playboy Defies Stereotypes

By JT Tran

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – Despite cultural stereotypes, Asian guys can be as hot and sexy as any other lover.

So says JT “The Asian Playboy,” a master pick-up artist who teaches nerdy, shy guys how to be successful with women through his intense bootcamps in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

He teaches communication and confidence skills and then takes dudes to “the field” – bars and clubs – for hands-on learning.

Though he’ll guide anyone through the world of women, JT works primarily with minorities, and 75 percent of his students are Asian.

He embraces the motto “be successful because you’re Asian, not in spite of it,” and believes guys can use their culture to score.

For instance, since Asians tend to look younger than they are, JT recommends using the “Asian discount,” to their advantage.

He often tells women that “if you kiss an Asian guy you become 10 years younger yourself,” which always ends in a lip-lock.

JT hopes that through his bootcamp, Asian stereotypes can be broken and his fellow boys can be regarded as Casanovas.