10 Reasons The Best AMWF Dating Scene For Asian Men Is New York City

By Captain

What’s the best place in the world for Asian men to meet women?

When Captain Daniel Hyun first decided to retire as an Air Force Captain and become a pickup artist, he sent straight to one place: New York City, New York.

His reasons were simple. He wanted to meet great new women… he wanted to pursue a great career… and he wanted to experience the best the world has to offer.

Capt. Dan realized New York City offered all that… and much, much, more.

And if you strayed “right through the very heart of it,” you will, too.

Hard to believe?

Here are 11 of the top reasons why New York City is the best place for Asian men to meet women… and much more.

Reason #1: More Women Than Men.

Right now, there are about 9.6 million men in NYC and 10.2 million women. Competition is low. If meeting new women is your motivation, then New York City is a gold mine.

Reason #2: A Multicultural Dating Scene.

NYC is the melting pot of the world. Asians, Caucasians, African-Americans, Latinos, and everything in between – they easily find a home and a future here. If being “accepted” is important to you, then you won’t find a more accepting place than this one.

Reason #3: Every Woman Works.

The thing about New York is that just about every woman you meet has a career and a mission in life. They’re constantly bettering themselves, learning new things, and advancing their careers. If you’re tired of meeting dull, uninspiring, shallow women… it’s time to give NYC a visit.

Reason #4: Active Social Life.

This one you probably already know, but it bears repeating. The social scene in New York is breathtaking. There are new bars, new restaurants, new chefs, new art exhibits, new events all the time. That means endless date ideas to take women on.

And speaking of date ideas…

Reason #5: Rich Asian Culture.

One of the best date ideas of all is to show her your culture. Did you know there’s a K-Town in New York? Plus, Asian culture is all over town – great food, great customs, great spiritual wealth. Take her on a little trip to see what NYC life is like for an Asian-American.

As they say: Once she goes Asian, she never goes Caucasian.

Reason #6: Logistics are Easier.

In New York, getting from point A to point B… or point C, D, E, all the way to point Z… is incredibly easy. If traffic’s got you down, there’s always the subway. No part of NYC is unreachable.

Reason #7: People are Open-Minded.

This one’s my personal favorite, and it’s Capt. Dan’s favorite reason, too. In New York, people are so open-minded you wouldn’t believe it. It’s a byproduct of its being a melting pot of cultures. New Yorkers know everyone’s different, and they know that’s a beautiful thing.

That’s also true of the women you’ll meet in NYC.

You want a long-term relationship? You’ll meet women who are looking for the exact same thing.

You want to meet women for just dating and short-term flings? You’ll meet lots of women who are down for that, too.

What kind of woman and relationship are you looking for? You’ll find both in New York.

Reason #8: People Love Socializing.

Another great thing about women in New York is that they’ll make it TEN TIMES EASIER for you to meet them. When they go out to socialize, they’re actually LOOKING FORWARD to meeting great new guys like yourself.

And it’s not just after dark, either. The women you meet on the streets, in the subway, in the parks, etc. are incredibly receptive to chatting with new people.

Reason #9: Great Jobs.

Outside of the dating scene, New York City is also one of the best places in the world to pursue a career. No matter what industry’s ladder you want to climb, NYC’s got all the best jobs and best companies.

If grinding by day and meeting women by night is your idea of a good life – and that IS a pretty good life – you’ll love New York.

Reason #10: NYC is DHV.

When you tell women you’re from NYC, that’s an instant DHV, or demonstration of higher value. Women will immediately know you’re a career-driven, hardworking, open-minded guy – the kind they LOVE spending time with.

And the fact that you’re an Asian gentleman is just icing on the cake.

BONUS Reason #11: Capt Daniel Hyun Will Show You ‘Round.

Yup, you read that right. If you want to see and experience New York City but don’t know anyone there, Capt. Dan’s got you covered. Watch his video and see how you can get him to show you around the city he loves.