How To Dance With A Girl At The Club

By Katie Pebbles

Women love to dance, and the misconception is that men think they have to be amazing dancers to get the attention of a woman. Being a good dancer is like being a good communicator, and the key message of your dance is to convey positive meanings to the woman you’re interested in.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to convey to a woman when dancing with her?” If you’re clueless, then that’s what your dance moves will look like. Jumbled, confused, and awkward. Instead, be confident within your limitations and do something as simple as a two-step to begin. There are numerous resources on YouTube to assist you in finding a basic move.

Another alternative is to find a dance studio and get instruction. Each club has music that caters to a style of dance whether it’s hip-hop, salsa, EDM, or whichever. Depending on which one you prefer, you can take classes to learn the style of dance and try it out next time you’re there.

Once you already have the moves down, it’s time to start meeting some beautiful women. Women don’t normally dance alone in a standard top 40s club, and they’re usually in a group. This is a perfect opportunity to move in and get in.

It’s best to dance around the group without appearing to want any attention. Keep a smile on your face, as the hope is that you’re genuinely having fun. The moment you see one of the girls smile at you, smile back. Eye contact is key, be sure to look in the eyes, but don’t stare. Keep dancing near them, as most likely one of them will leave an invitation to join.

Keep dancing with each girl in the group in the best way you know how, as eventually they’ll get tired. It’s at this point where you make introductions and get to know everyone.

Still feeling nervous about trying out your new moves or want to familiarize yourself with the club scene?  Join a bootcamp for some real infield practice and club experience with a coach by your side and you too will be ‘tearing up the rug’ like a pro in no time!