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Read These Success Stories Of Real Men Who Participated in the ABCs Of Attraction Bootcamp

Flash, Boston

“JT and Gareth Jones are great instructors. Gareth plays with language. He showed us how powerful language can be. Its so much about how we speak. Gareth has tremendous energy. Something I need. JT has an incredible style and it just seemed that no one could ever reject him, no matter what! The way he opens sets is so different than what I have ever seen. We did not learn routines here, we learned body language and style of speaking. We went through details of every little thing. Most importantly tonality of voice. This is probably different from most other programs out there.”

Taroadun, Chicago

“The thing that I liked the most about the bootcamp was that Ben and JT genuinely cared about the students. You could tell that JT would get really excited when one of us achieved one of our goals, and he would get upset when we failed to meet his expectations. Ben is one of the nicest guys I have met, and a really great field instructor. They teach not just for money but also to help other guys struggle through what they themselves struggled through in the past.”

Deuscypher, Chicago

“This bootcamp has actually changed my life, no bs. After the bootcamp, I sarged with 2 of my friends who took a bootcamp and that we started seeing results immediately. Without bootcamp, I probably wouldn’t have grown a sack of balls to approach a girl and stumble on what to say. But, since bootcamp its been much easier to get rid of those limiting beliefs and that negative bs.”

Malibu 51, Los Angeles

“My experience has set me on a different path….Im not afraid anymore of meeting people anywhere and everywhere. Im as rusty as a nail in salt water, but things are changing. Just knowing that I will make the effort everyday, has given me new purpose. For the first time in my life I am confident that I eventually will meet that special someone.”

Sooner, Dallas

“This bootcamp made me more confident with approaching. Three days with Kevin and Johnny were worth more than i have ever learned since I came to the States. I would recommend everyone to take this bootcamp, especially if you need somebody to push you into the field.”

Texas123, Dallas

“Taking the bootcamp opened my eyes to what is possible and equipped me with some tools that I could start to use on my own right away. I could easily envision many of the skills I gained from the bootcamp spilling over into other areas of my life in a positive way over time. Overall, I highly recommend the bootcamp for men at any level in their pickup skills, but especially for those that need that extra push when it comes to approaching women.”

AZN Clark Kent, Dallas

“Watching JT and Gareth work was an education unto itself as well as an inspiration. To the untrained eye, they were just a couple of partiers but they had full situational awareness and were assessing and coaching the students and myself throughout the night.”

Shazam, LA

“JT is your big brother, or more likely a father figure. He is the best man for you to help you bring out your inner Asian alpha male. Everything he says or does projects charisma, authority, and sincerity.”

JMan, Denver

“Gareth opened my eyes to a whole new different realm. It wasn’t about picking up women. It was about becoming a more interesting person and to exude the excitement and fun that women want from a MAN. It was about becoming more dominant and confident that creates this incredible passive value and character in you that make you become a man. It was about becoming a star in your own world so that people will start to treat you like one. It was an awesome lesson of life. Gareth taught me ALOT in 3 days.”

Tornado, LA

“Awesome exercise on voice, tonality, facial expression, story telling Coming up with Natural opener”

Sharp, Dallas

“Best money I ever spent! I learned a lot about confidence, correcting my body language, and projection. All the instructors are all cool as hell. APB was tough, but only because he wants us to get better. I wouldn’t have him any other way. LC and Steve are cool as hell, in the field they are relaxed. Their like lions, their just chill, but when they go in they go for the kill. Groove is awesome, he helped me a lot in the field, and I got to know him while we talked. Lee is a sweetheart, she is gorgeous, and a great person.”