Practical Day Game: Infield Pickup Videos That Are Simple

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Practical Day Game:

Infield Pickup Videos That Are Simple

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STOP! You’re about to embark on one of the greatest journeys of your life. What you’ll find on this page is SO incredible and SO life-changing, you’ll never think about approaching women the same way again. As a special thank-you for taking the time to look at this page, I’ve got an incredible video at the bottom with FREE tactics and techniques for you to check out, even if you don’t buy anything.

That’s right, I want to help you improve your pickup skills just because you’re here.

But first I want to let you in on a little

I soared to the heights of pickup mastery very early on in my journey. Within about six months, I knew I was good. I wasn’t just good, but I was incredible. I dragged myself out to clubs and bars sometimes as much as five nights a week – and at one point every night for forty days straight – because I was determined to become something incredible. And boy did it pay off!

But as awesome as I was, something huge was missing. I quickly discovered that everything I was learning was incredible at seducing women in the night clubs, but it just didn’t work on that hot girl in line at Starbucks. If I bounded up to a woman with my incredible nighttime energy and openers while the sun was out, I would be asking for a visit from the cops.

Think about it. If you were a woman, would you appreciate some stranger screeching to you in his loudest voice while you’re grocery shopping? Would you appreciate him clawing at your shoulder and breathing down your neck? Because once the glitz, glamor, and music of clubs and bars are gone, that’s exactly what it looks like to the women you meet at the mall. It eventually dawned on me that the successful pickup artist is one who can calibrate his energy to match the situation. High energy, high volume approaches work great in clubs because people are there to party and there’s loud music. But daytime approaches require more finesse.

And thus a daytime pickup revolution was born.

I immediately poured my energy into learning this new facet of game because I just wasn’t satisfied with only knowing one way to talk to women. I completely understand what it’s like to not know how to navigate the world of women. I had so little daygame skill that I would falter and trip over my feet like an awkward teenager when trying to approach women when the sun was up. I was a master at night, but during the day I was completely clueless. Not knowing what to do or say can make a guy feel pretty lame and useless.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already gone through years of painstaking and brutal training to drag myself out of the ditch of loneliness and become one of the world’s greatest pickup artists, a true master of ALL facets of gaming women, and I’m ready to pass on that knowledge to you so that you don’t have to suffer and trip over yourself when talking to girls in book stores like I did.

Real Student Testimonial #46967

I never knew the right time to come for the kiss – now it comes naturally. Even some of my old female friends have started showing a surprising level of interest in my actions. Right now, there are 2 smart, gorgeous, funny girls both looking for a long-term relationship with me. I would have jumped at that opportunity in seconds just 2 months ago but now I know that I have got literally 3 billion options. At last I am in full control of my decisions and I am the master of my destiny.

– Viker, ABC’s Alum

What would it feel like if someone could give you templates of EXACTLY what you needed to do and say?

How awesome would it be if someone could just show you EVERYTHING you needed to know?

How high would your limits be if someone could just give you a formula that made everything so simple, it felt like cheating?

Welcome to the world of

Practical Day Game

In this incredible system, you’ll have access to over TEN YEARS of incredible information, all designed to help you transform yourself into the man you always wanted to be, but never thought you could be. You’ll be getting your hands on incredible transcripts, photos, videos, audio, tips, tricks, tactics, and never-before-seen SECRET material that will help you learn how to make those gorgeous women you meet at the mall SO interested in you, you’ll end up having to say no to them because you just won’t have time for that many women.

  • You’ll learn everything you need to know to approach, attract, and woo women.
  • You’ll gain confidence and mental strength you never thought you had.
  • You’ll master conversation skills, mixed sets, how to calibrate your energy for different settings, and even how to figure out how much time you have to talk to that beautiful girl based on where you meet her.
  • And most importantly, you’ll learn how to turn yourself into the kind of man who never has to spend his weekend without a beautiful date again.

And the best part about it? You’ll be able to learn all of this in the comfort of your own home. NO having to take time off work. NO having to buy expensive plane tickets and hotel rooms. NO having to stand up in front of a class full of people.

Actually, I lied, because it gets even better than that. For a limited time only, I’m offering a huge discount and this personal bootcamp in a box is available for only $147.

That’s right – everything you’ll ever need to become a better man for just the price of a week’s worth of Chic-fil-A breakfast biscuits.

Every minute you wait is another beautiful lady you’re missing out on, so hurry up and take advantage of this incredible opportunity while it lasts!

(And don’t forget to check out your FREE training below!)

Real Student Testimonial #79432

The ABCs structure resonated with my personality and isn’t necessarily reliant on canned lines or routines. The structure gives you the flexibility to work with what is congruent with you. For me, it wasn’t about having as much gratuitous sex with as many women as possible, but more about giving me the ability to be a cool, confident guy, who doesn’t hesitate to go after a woman he likes. I definitely think ABCs has provided me with the tools to do that.

– Rockefeller, ABC’s Alum

Real Student Testimonial #3769

Was it a waste of money for me? Absolutely NOT.

– Tumesence, ABC’s Alum

Practical Day Game is backed by our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee