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LONELY & DESPERATE: William Lee was once unsuccessful with women and even considered getting a mail order bride.

STUDENT BECOMES THE MASTER: After the ABCs Bootcamp, he not only dated beautiful women, but also met his future wife.

After you watch the documentary following William and his students, learn the secret to the ABCs System that’s guaranteed to show how YOU can become the man of your destiny and attain the woman of your dreams!


“If you could go back in time and tell the William from 10 years ago that my life would be like this now, I’d have thought you were crazy. And yet, here I am.”
– William Lee (Former ABCs Student, Former ABCs Coach, Now Husband And Father)


William went through most of his adult life hopeless and alone. He had all but given up until he found ABCs of Attraction. This documentary details his story, transitioning from unsuccessful loner to successful lover and culminating with his marriage to his beautiful wife.


William didn’t dramatically improve his life by waiting for change. He took action and called ABCs of Attraction to help him become his best self. If a gorgeous woman hasn’t magically fallen into your lap, she probably won’t. Call us TODAY for a FREE consultation ($100 value) and mention the word “METAMORPHOSIS” to receive an exclusive  and NEW bootcamp special price!


Graduate at the top of your class from the Finishing School for Asian Gentlemen. Follow in William’s footsteps as you move from student to master and from master to husband, lover, player, or wherever else success takes you. As an ABCs Graduate, the possibilities are endless!

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