If you’re an Asian man, then on April 10-12, 2020 in Los Angeles, you’ll learn the ONE SECRET that’s going to make you more successful in the MOST IMPORTANT areas of your life:

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  • With women
  • With your relationships
  • With your social life
  • With your finances
  • With your career
  • And all other areas of your life

I’m about to share with you the “Missing Piece” in your life that will guide you to instant CLARITY AND FOCUS in your everyday life. This “Missing Piece” will bring you clarity to EXACTLY what you want, and EXACTLY what you need to do so you can HAVE IT. You’ll never again feel “lost” or “alone” EVER.

Picture Your Life as an Asian Man Right Now…

Does being an Asian man make it hard for you to succeed with LIFE and WOMEN?

  • You feel ASHAMED of being Asian
  • You feel envious of white men
  • You feel inferior to beautiful women
  • You often feel you’re the “ugly duckling” wherever you go
  • You can’t relate to other people well (especially women)
  • You feel inferior to other men.
  • You don’t have a social life.
  • You have absolutely no idea who or what you want to be.
  • You feel “trapped” by your religion, culture, or conservativeness.
  • You feel forced to follow your parents’ wishes.
  • You’re scared of physical intimacy and sex.
  • You’re afraid of approaching women.
  • You feel superior to FOB’s… and feel guilty about it.
  • You feel ashamed of expressing your attraction to women.
  • You think you’re “fake”.

If you said “yes” to any of the above… then you’re EXACTLY the kind of guy I’ve been able to help.

I want to help you develop the ONE THING that’s going to erase all of your insecurities, give you Unshakeable Confidence, and turn you into the kind of man EVERY woman wants to meet.

You’ll be meeting more women, going on more dates, and having more meaningful sex than ever before in your life.

This ONE THING will also help get the rest of your life in order – your work, your health, your relationships, and every other aspect of your life. You’ll be like a bullet shot from a 50-cal sniper rifle – STRONG, PRECISE, AND NOTHING CAN STAND IN YOUR WAY.

So, What’s This ONE THING?

It’s your INNER GAME

Your Inner Game is the combination of three things:

  1. Your Mental Strength.
  2. Your Confidence.
  3. Your Identity.

Developing your Inner Game is a lifetime endeavor. But the process of developing it will have PERMANENT, MASSIVE effects on the results you get in love and life. The more guidance you have towards developing YOUR Inner Game, the more your life will change for the better.

Think of your Inner Game as your “Inner GPS System,” and your goals in life as your “Destinations.

Your short-term goals are your “nearby destinations.” What are your short-term goals right now? They might include:

  • Approaching Women You’re Secretly Attracted To
  • Being Comfortable During Your Conversation And Winning Her over
  • Taking Her To Your Favorite Cafe For A Coffee Date
  • Eliminate Fear & Become The Star Of The Show

For a “nearby destination,” you don’t need a GPS system. All you need are simple directions like “turn left here” and “turn right there” – or basically, knowing how to carry a conversation, knowing what mistakes to avoid… that sort of thing. Easy breezy.


We’ve all felt lost, like we were headed in a direction and had no idea if we could make it to our destination.

We all want a better lifestyle that set the opportunities we wish were available in our lap so we can start living the life we’ve always wanted.

We all wish we could skyrocket our Inner Confidence so we can do all of these things without being nervous, scared, and anxious.

I’ve been able to help people just like you CRUSH their fears in such a way that unstoppable Confidence, Clarity, & Mental Strength become natural to you.

You, a lot like me need a very clear direction to go with step by step guidance that helps eliminate the possibility of failure and can only bring you success.

That’s exactly why I created the Inner Authentic Me (I AM): Foundation program, a LIVE WORKSHOP that contains the most CUTTING EDGE and PROVEN techniques to improve your Emotional Intelligence.

2-day Workshop Schedule:


Training starts 2:00 pm

Ends approximately 6:00 pm


Training starts 2:00 pm

Ends approximately 6:00 pm

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

The INNER AUTHENTIC ME: FOUNDATION is an action-oriented, results-based, experiential learning workshop.

Here’s the thing: You already have a primitive sort of “Inner Game” in you. It’s the mental strength, confidence, and identity you’ve formed from your previous experiences in life.

But here’s the problem: If you’re currently NOT nearly as successful with women and life as you’d like to be… then your Inner Game isn’t shining through like it should.

It’s like having an outdated GPS system. You NEED New Maps!

You’re trying to explore roads untraveled and it’s simply not working out for you.

And as an Asian man in America, it’s easy to end up with a messed-up Inner Game… because it’s easy to have bad experiences.

You know how it is:

  • Hot girls prefer white men over you.
  • Beautiful women tend to look down on you.
  • You often feel you’re the “ugly duckling” in whichever social circle you’re in.
  • Sometimes you just feel ashamed of being Asian.
  • You feel inferior to bigger, taller, more attractive men.
  • You think you’re “fake” whenever you act strong or confident

That’s precisely what the I AM: FOUNDATION will fix for you.

The Inner Authentic Me: Foundation program is here to re-calibrate your GPS. It will RELEASE Your Inner Game in such an authentic way that your friends, family, and co-workers will undoubtedly know that you have unstoppable confidence that you’ve been hiding for all of these years.

You’ll get to your desired destinations – your GOALS – in the least amount of time and effort.

With your Inner Game in place, everything in your life will line up. You’ll be your best self, you’ll live your best life, and you’ll find the best life partner you could ever have.

What You’ll Learn in the I AM: FOUNDATION Program…

  • How to sharpen your instincts to adapt to every unique life situation — $197 Value
  • How to develop unbreakable integrity and honesty — $197 Value
  • How to build rock-solid inner strength as an Asian Man — $497 Value
  • How to recognize your self-worth by releasing your Inner Authentic Me — $1997 Value
  • How to stop pushing women away and have them beg to talk to you – $497 Value
  • How to achieve self-mastery in all areas of your life — $1997 value
  • How to express yourself in a confident, magnetic, attractive way — $197 Value
  • How to Build Principals That Will Propel You Forward — $97
  • How to Create The Irresistible “NIce-Guy” Image All Girls Actually Want — $297 Value

If you were to learn just this alone how much would it improve your happiness on a scale of 1-10? Maybe a 7 or 8 right? For some of you I know you’re thinking it’s an easy 10.

That’s $5,973 worth of LIFE ALTERING SUCCESS for you.


For those of you thinking this may only improve your happiness by a 6, 7 or 8 I want to give you some extras to help get you to a 10!

[Exclusive Bonus] if you can see these, they’re still included at no additional cost:

  • How to stop trying to be perfect, and start getting the results you want in life — $197 Value
  • How to identify what’s “fake” inside you, cut it out, and let the REAL you grow — $97 Value
  • How to ELIMINATE Fear and Unleash your INNER CONFIDENCE like never before – $97 Value
  • How to stop judging yourself by your feelings or beliefs, and instead PROVE yourself to the world through the results you get in life — $197 Value
  • How to stop trying to be right all the time, and instead open yourself to new ideas and strategies that will help you achieve your goals faster – $197 Value
  • How to stop relying on other people to survive, and instead “be your own wingman” – $47 Value
  • How to stop acting from a place of desperation, and instead start acting from a place of INSPIRATION – $97 Value
  • How to stop being an “outsider” or an “outcast,” and start being invited into social circles – $197 Value

If you think I’m absolutely crazy for giving you all of these as a bonus… you’re right. I am crazy.

I’m just extremely eager to help you grow as an Asian man and conquer your most significant struggles in life.

AND if you act fast, I’ll throw these in as an “Action Taker Bonus:

  • How to Develop “Emotional Intelligence With an Edge” — $4997 Value
  • How to Quiet Your Inner Critic, And Turn Them Into Your Biggest Fan – $1997 Value

Total Value: $14,093
Your Price: $199

P.S. I am SO confident that you’ll achieve success through the I AM: FOUNDATION Program that I will give you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I am so certain that if you apply what I reveal to you, you will immediately improve your confidence, self-esteem and emotional intelligence.

The day that you invest in yourself and put the time aside to focus on the issue which is causing you unhappy is the day it all changes.

100% Money Back Guarantee applies. If you are not happy with the program then you get your money back, no question asked…

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