Do You Want Guaranteed And Permanent Sexual
Success With Beautiful Women In Only One Week?

In the City Of Sin (Las Vegas), During the Week Of Sin (Halloween), I Will Pour Over Ten Years Of Wisdom, Strategy, Knowledge and Experience Directly Into YOUR Brain So YOU Become the Absolute MASTER at Seducing Any Woman, Anywhere, Anytime… PERMANENTLY!

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At My Las Vegas VIP Immersion Program (Oct 25 to Nov 1), My Entire Team Of Crackshot Experts Will Imbue You With ALL  the Social Skills You Need To Transform Into a Seductive Superstar Who Gets Any Woman You Want.

Hey Buddy,

It’s JT Tran, your friendly neighborhood Asian Dating Coach.

I’ve helped thousands of men like you on my weekend bootcamps completely transform their lives in just three days. Boys become men overnight with new found confidence and skills. And these newly minted men get the kind of instant, effective, practical results they want with women that they had only previously dreamed about.

Its an eye opening weekend, but it’s only one weekend.

So many of my clients, after just getting a taste of the good life that was being offered to them and to see their own potential fulfilled, clamored for exclusive long term training. And I’m proud to say that our Los Angeles based long term training has sometimes TRIPLED the results that our students achieved!

But not everyone lived in Los Angeles or could take off work/school for extended period of time.

My Long Term Training Program Was Sometimes TRIPLING The Results Of My Students, But I Could Only Offer It To Locals In Los Angeles Over a Period Of Months…

Enter my Las Vegas VIP Immersion program that takes my 12 Weeks Of Fury Long Term Training and condenses it into just ONE WEEK! Instead of taking MONTHS of training, learn everything you possibly can in just ONE WEEK.

I’ve brought together some of the most world renown experts on fashion, dating, inner game, threesomes, relationship, dayame, and more into just ONE CITY for ONE WEEK to teach YOU at the ABCs of Attraction Las Vegas VIP Immersion Program…

It is long term training that, instead of taking MONTHS to complete, you can do in just ONE WEEK during the most sexually sinful time in the most sexually sinful city: Las Vegas during Halloween week! When the most beautiful women in the world go to let their freak flag fly high, you’ll be there to meet, attract, and seduce them using a variety of laser accurate techniques taught by the elite of the industry.

Take My 10 Years of Pick-Up Experience And Absorb it All in 1 Power-Packed and ULTRA-FUN Week of Meeting Women & Learning Social Mastery

Note: Spots are running out for this program. Due to the dedicated personalized attention, when a spot opens up for our VIP Las Vegas Immersion , it can sell out within days of announcement. Please book right away to avoid waitlisting.

ABCs of Attraction VIP Las Vegas Immersion Experience is for you if:

  • You want to be able to romantically close the deal and sexually escalate quickly with women you meet… without having to wait weeks or months having to wine and dine so you avoid those gold diggers.
  • You don’t have the time to train over months and instead want to learn how to seduce the most impossibly beautiful women in the SHORTEST amount of time possible.
  • You’re ready to take your life to the next level and sleep with more women than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

ABCs of Attraction VIP Las Vegas Residential Immersion Experience is NOT for you if:

  • You are extremely frightened of talking to women at all and will be unwilling to approach on a program even with an expert guiding you and leading you through cutting-edge confidence exercises.
  • You’re already getting truckloads of blazing hot women and people tell you you’re “hot” and “dreamy” all the time.
  • You want everything to be handed to you and aren’t willing to take some tough and courageous action for a relatively short period of time.
  • You want to use these powerful tactics to manipulate or hurt women (Some of these tactics can destroy a woman with low self-esteem so we have to be careful who we teach them to).

Now I’ve been doing this long enough to be referred to as one of the “original gangstas” of pickup.  There was a time, believe it or not, when to be considered a dating coach, you actually had to prove yourself in-field, in front of plenty of witnesses… multiple times before anyone took you seriously.

I earned my name through two ways…

1) Demonstrating live that I have the goods to pick up women I just met… including hot blondes that are several inches taller than me and look way out of my league…

2) Getting my students rapid results that go far beyond what they ever dreamedcould happen in a weekend.

I’m talking about instant makeouts… lost virginities… one night stands… the list goes on…

Students I’ve worked with have gotten their first kiss, first lay, first one night stand… and first girlfriend… as well as either meeting the love of their life or going on to build harems of sexy women they can sleep with whenever they want… and I’ve even attended to officiating students’ weddings.

In fact, in my line of work I have to be careful not to advertise the students who get laid during the program because I have to avoid this looking like a sex tourism event.

Nowadays… you see a ton of “gurus” who won’t even show you their face and hide behind a powerpoint video sales pitch, hand you a crappy ebook, and never talk to you again.

But I have something different in mind to GUARANTEE you get the results you’ve been looking for all these years…

You, don’t have to just take my word for it when we say that this full 7 Day VIP Immersion experience will change your life forever… my previous long term clients would be happy to tell you about their results!

But first things first…

You’re probably wondering what you will be doing for 7 full days with the legendary ABCs Team and myself?

Here’s a breakdown of the modules that you’ll be learning live from an expert coach. Each module will painstakingly and with pinpoint accuracy deal with long term skillsets, mentality, identity, and techniques.

There has been nothing like it before.

(DATES: October 25 to Oct 31)

Note: Schedule/Instructors subject to change.  Spots are running out for this program. Due to the dedicated personalized attention, when a spot opens up for our VIP Las Vegas Immersion , it can sell out within days of announcement. Please book right away to avoid waitlisting.

  • Module 1: Advanced Inner Game (Unlocking the Champion Inside Of You)
  • Module 2: Mastering the Casual Tinder Hookup (Sex With No Strings Attached)
  • Module 3: Extreme Fashion Makeover (Unleashing Your Inner Pimp)
  • Module 4: The Art Of Manliness (Manly Skill Activities On How To Be a Man People Look Up To)
  • Module 5: Practical Daygame (Seduction Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone)
  • Module 6: Extreme Nightgame (How To Take Her Home)
  • Module 7: Social Circle Ninja (Bringing the Party To Your Place)
  • Module 8: Date Critique (Inner Secrets From a Playette Herself)
  • Module 9: Threesome Mastery and Polyamorous Relationships (How To Have a Harem Of Women)
  • Module 10: The ABCs of Long Term Relationships and Marriage (How to Make Love Work For You)

How Effective Are These Long Term Training Modules That Would Normally Take You MONTHS To Learn?

Here’s Just What a Few Of Our Long Term Students Have Said About “Advanced Inner Game (Unlocking The Champion Inside Of You)” Module…

Or How About The Extreme Fashion Makeover And Date Critique Modules By The Top Playette Herself?

Or How About Becoming a Social Circle Ninja? Or Becoming a Sexual BEAST With Tinder Game?

Finally, When You’re Ready, You’ll Learn That Maintaining a Long Term Relationship And Marriage Is As Easy As Learning Your A-B-Cs!

Demonstrations, Drills, & Feedback… Everything You Need to Get Really
Good at Interacting with Women

Let’s get something straight…

The ABCs of Attraction 12 Weeks of Fury Longterm Training Program is not a “sit & listen” program where you just take notes and hear my take on what women want.  You will get plenty of time hearing me speak, but that’s not enough to actually get into your brain and change the reality in which you socialize and interact with women.

  • You get DEMONSTRATIONS of me and my fellow coaches approaching… flirting with… and making out with women. And if you’re lucky, you may even see clips of our staff taking women home so you know exactly what it looks like STEP BY STEP.
  • You have DRILLS and EXERCISES to do in the classroom… so long before you even step into the bars & clubs you have it in your bones what you’re supposed to do when you go up to a sexy woman to flirt. This lowers your anxiety by 90% and raises your effectiveness rate by up to 500%… after even just one hour of doing the exercises.
  • You get REAL TIME FEEDBACK while you’re interacting with women so any mistakes in your game get corrected instantly and you’re able to keep women interested and wanting more of you. Often we can even help you out while you’re still talking to the woman so even after a mistake you still might be able to take her home!

Every day begins with 4 hours of man building skills including inner game, style, exposure to new hobbies, exercises customized just for you, lectures, and interactive drills.  You get to ask all of your questions and we make sure you understand absolutely all of the material.

We even give you an entire home program for FREE to make sure you have as much knowledge pre-installed in your head before you arrive.  This Prebootcamp Homestudy Course will supercharge your game and get you in on the ground floor running before you even attend the first day of class!

After your drills and preparation, we take you out to the lounges, bars, clubs, malls, coffee shops and demonstrate what the “perfect approach” looks like… so you can model the right habits and start getting scarily good at meeting women right away.

I want to warn you that you may be talking to hotter girls than you’ve met your entire life… AND having them be fully 100% attracted to you and making out by the end of the night… maybe even taking them home!

And it doesn’t stop there….in fact that is just the beginning.

When the sun goes down you will continue to be immersed into the PUA Lifestyle with seven nights out in Sin City with the entire ABCs Team as your wingmand and winggirl.

You’ll learn…

  • A powerful confidence that everyone in your social circle and social life can feel. Just by walking into the room, you radiate a self-belief that earns you instant respect and gains the attention of every woman in the room.
  • Your own personal set of social & seductive tactics that are created just for you. This makes your personal transformation and dream results come 100x faster because you’re not using techniques or routines written for someone else or people “in general” like in ebooks or home products…
  • A roadmap to completely changing your image to match your ultimate lifestyle dream. Want to be the Playboy? The Bad Boy? The Rock Star? The Dreamy Artist? This weekend, you re-invent yourself to be the ultimate man who scores the hottest women and lives a life of total social abundance.
  • A total image revamp so you can stand out in a crowd and have women checking you out instantly without you saying a word.
  • The 17 body language tweaks that let you convey to everyone in the room that you are the alpha male…and unconsciously signal to women that you are the guy to go home with that night.
  • How to talk to any woman for minutes or hours at a time… without ever running out of things to say or feeling awkward.
  • How to weave seductive language into everything you say so women unconsciously start thinking sexual thoughts about you…even to the point where they make the first move.
  • The REAL DEAL on what women really want… and why you don’t need anything outside of yourself to give it to them.
  • 15 Customized Conversation Openers you can use at any time so you NEVER have to wonder, “What do I say?” before talking to a beautiful woman.
  • How to obliterate any “approach anxiety” so you can be on fire and flirting with women left and right.
  • The 10 Attraction Switches that you can sneak into regular conversation that subconsciously convince a woman you are an A-List Alpha Male that she better take home quick before another woman snags you!
  • The secrets of Buying Temperature Spikes… (this can trick a woman into thinking she was lusting for you all along)… and how to get a woman so excited that she will do nearly anything you say…
  • Sexual escalation & touching made easy… Learn how to go from an innocent handshake to having the two of you mauling each other and making out in a corner within minutes…
  • Over 20 HOURS of infield and classroom instruction over our 3 days together… You will not leave with a single question unanswered.
  • Specific strategies for approaching ANY woman, ANY time, ANY place… no exceptions. Whether she’s at a coffee shop, a bar, or on the street you’ll know what to do.
  • Secret Day Game tactics that will let you snatch up hot women when their friends aren’t around (This is especially powerful if you’re not a woman’s usual “type” and you tend to get cock-blocked by a girls’ friends at the clubs)
  • Date women completely out of ‘your league.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re short, fat, older, “fobby” or just plain not good looking…

How Much Does it Cost for Me To
Have Total Sexual Abundance?

Ok, so now you might be wondering…How Much Does it Cost for Me To Have Total Sexual Abundance?
For this amount of personalized attention from a dedicated pick-up & seduction coach, I’ve seen prices go as high as $5,000, but you won’t have to pay nearly that much.

I do not want price to be a reason anyone doesn’t have an abundance of women in their life.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

  • I’m going to give you Fast Action Pricing if you pay in full one month in advance so you can save $$$$ AND get immediate access to your Prebootcamp Homestudy Course so you can start getting instant results today!
  • I’ve made arrangements with Square Installments which gives you the flexible financing options including 6 month to 12 month payment plans. By financing your investment with flexible and generous terms, you’ll be able to take advantage of your bootcamp and make low monthly payments over time (subject to credit check as a U.S.A. citizen).

I’m not sure what I could do to make it any easier.

So here are your options…

I HIGHLY suggest you get the 1-on-1 VIP Mentoring Residential Bootcamp, simply because then you get both Friday and Saturday night in-field sessions plus a Sunday session specifically designed for you….so you get my full Platinum Bootcamp 1-on-1!

Look, the lecture stuff is great and can totally transform your game… but having me by your side… at the bars… giving you guidance every step of the way, correcting your body language in REAL TIME…

That is really what you’re coming for… Don’t miss this opportunity.

At some point, I may move to just giving speeches and lectures and won’t be giving advice in-field anymore, so don’t let this chance to get completely coached to perfection pass you by.

 *This does not include the daily activity fees associated with the events during the Art of Manliness and the facilities at which the event is held. Estimate your budget with a few hundred dollars for the use of a high end race car track, wine tasting, etc.
Need help with financing? Square Installments can help you finance your program purchase with terms up to 12 months dependent upon credit approval (USA Residents only). Apply below by clicking the Square banner below and filling out the application (your total for financing should be the DEPOSIT + BALANCE) or contact us by calling +1-323-317-2431 or use our contact form to learn more details.

Experience the Asian Playboy Bootcamp
transformation like these students:

So right now you really have one of three choices…

First, you can just give up and decide things are going to be the same for the rest of your life.

That means if you’re not getting dating much now… then you accept you probably won’t have much choice in women for the rest of your life…

In anything in life, if you don’t work at it, you don’t improve things.  This means you might get married at some point, but it probably won’t be to someone you really love, and definitely not someone you’re very attracted to. (This is actually the case with many if not most marriages, tragically).

The second choice is to try to do this all yourself…

Go to the bars and clubs five nights a week, suffer through brutal and punishing rejection, and get better inch by inch… or just fail and end up giving up anyway.  I have to tell you that almost everyone who goes this path alone ends up failing.

And I’m no exception.

If I didn’t have a number of amazing coaches and if I hadn’t gone to tons of seminars and bootcamps myself, I would probably be close to where you are right now.

Even worse than that, you could build up horribly bad habits by trying to do this yourself and not having someone there to correct you.

I would hate to see this happen to you.

So I suggest the THIRD OPTION and really the ONLY option if you want to get better in this area of your life…

Take the ABCs of Attraction Dating Bootcamp and change your life forever.

You have Three Full Days of the most comprehensive attraction coaching imaginable… and my direct commitment to make sure that you personally have every answer you need.

Don’t wait on this… it really is your one chance to guarantee you get the social and sexual lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

JT “The Asian Playboy” Tran

P.S. – As the testimonials will show you, this stuff works and we run out of spots very quickly.  The question I want to leave you with is, “Would you rather take 3 days or the rest of your life to get good with women?”

Really… no matter what you do, get this part of your life handled. Life is so much better once your relationships with women are taken care of.  See you in LA.

P.P.S – Any questions for us? Use the form below and we’ll email you back or get on the phone and chat if you’d like.

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