Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions
(By Appointment Only)

Special Financing Offer:
NO Payments and NO Interest for 6 months*

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Need A Game Refresher After Your Bootcamp, But Don’t Want To Spend Thousands On Another Bootcamp You Don’t Need?

pick up artist trainingYour customized, individual post-bootcamp pick up artist training session will give you just the one-time boost you need in:

  • Confidence to take charge in your social life.
  • Tactics and techniques tailored to YOUR specific needs.
  • A complete lifestyle transformation.
  • A complete fashion update.
  • A complete body language overhaul.
  • Conversation skills that will make women CRAVE you.
  • SECRET insight into what women want.
  • POWERFUL sexual escalation techniques.
  • Constructive feedback on what you need to improve.
  • Access to over ten years of incredible pickup material.
  • The skills to approach ANY woman, ANY time, ANY place.
  • Insight into how you can date the woman of your dreams, even if you’re SHORT, FOBBY, or NOT a bodybuilder!

pick up artist trainingBut that’s not even the best part!

Because you’ll have the privilege of learning from some of the top pick up artist instructors on YOUR time, on YOUR terms, and learning what YOU need to know.

NO paying for extended sessions you don’t need.

NO having to bend your schedule around a predetermined bootcamp.

NO having to wade through material you don’t need to learn.

YOU pick the day. YOU pick what you need to learn. You can even get a special alumni discount.

How awesome is that?

pick up artist trainingDon’t miss out!

Our individual pick up artist training sessions are guaranteed to be popular, so reserve your place now before it’s too late!

Don’t just take our word for it when we say that this incredible experience will change your life forever. Check out what our satisfied former students have had to say:

pick up artist trainingOnce our schedule is full with individual session pick up artist training students, those places are gone FOREVER. We do not grant special access to someone else’s reserved night. We do not sell extra tickets. We do not oversell our weekends. We keep everything small for your benefit. We want you to have the best pickup experience for your value, and that means giving you more one-on-one instruction.

pick up artist trainingDon’t let someone else take your seat!

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from world-renowned Asian pickup artist JT Tran and his specially trained team of instructors!


What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket NOW or submit your questions below: