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 Post subject: Pre-bootcamp work
PostPosted: 19 Jan 2014, 12:24 
Hungry Ghost

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Ok, I am brand new to this posting board and I am taking my first bootcamp ever in a couple of months. It will be in San Francisco. So much to anticipate!

Last night I did quite some practice with the pre-bootcamp materials. Making this long story no longer than necessary:

I warm up by complimenting an older woman sitting next to me on her fragrance while we were dining in a pizzaria. I ask her what fragrance she wore, then said I dig it and it reminded me of fresh, clean rooms. I didn't say much more; I just wanted to enjoy my dinner. Apparently made her night.

It is always important to warm up before any type of practice, just as you would stretch and do foot drills before a marathon.

Then I arrive at a sports bar afterward. Fairly crowded and appears to have a guy to girl ratio of 3:1.

Two very young looking women arrive on my left. They appear open and friendly and enjoying themselves.

I start off by toasting my glass with theirs after they order. This gets them my attention.

Then I say to the girl closest to me: "Pardon me for saying this, but you are so fucking beautiful."

She thanked me.

After a while they come back. This time the girl that was on the far side was next to me. As she orders more drinks she inadvertently bumps her elbow on my arm. I lightly bump back to get her attention.

Me: Wrestling match!

Her: Ha! You're so fun!

Me: So are you! BTW, as I just told your friend, you are soo fucking beautiful!

Her: (turns red and inhales deeply) Aww! you're adorable!

Me: *high-fives* "Jellyfish...jellyfish...jellyfish..." (wiggling all fingers loosely)

She is intrigued and copies me.

Me: "Little-fish...little-fish...little-fish..." (just my pinkie wiggling)

She is now even more excited and copies that!

And... it's only been a few seconds in the interaction and she hugs me and plants a kiss on my face.

Her: "I bet you can keep track how many kisses you get in one night!"

Me: "I've lost track of that a looong time ago!" (her arm is still around my shoulder, and mine is still around her waist)

Her: *laughs* "You are exciting and interesting! You need to have your own reality TV show!"

Me: "There are soo many shows out there these days, but there's always room for just one more! And that will be a very special one, for sure!"

She introduces me to her friend and they say they want to be back for more. Her friend's hands are full from holding drinks but I shake her pinkie and do the "little-fish" flirt with her.

I don't see them again though. For the rest of the night I go around complimenting a few more women with the "you're fucking beautiful" opener. Some seem excited, others just thanked me and others ignored me.

Not bad, I don't think.

Question: if I try to use cushions like "pardon me for saying this," or "you're going to hate me for saying this," before my compliment, that might dilute its effectiveness. Ideas on this?

 Post subject: Re: Pre-bootcamp work
PostPosted: 06 Dec 2014, 20:16 
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