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Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!
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Author:  G-Love [ 22 Sep 2008, 00:33 ]
Post subject:  Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

I will be the best man and organizing a bachelor party in Vegas Thu, Oct 2 - Sun Oct 5. Straycat, Johnny mentioned to look you up. Let me know if you have some time to hang out; or any other APB bros in Vegas who'd like to for that matter.

We'll be having dinner at the N9NE Steakhouse Saturday and then go clubbin afterwards. What would y'all recommend as THE club spot with the BEST women to hit up? PURE? Tao? Tryst?

Also, I was looking to PEACOCK the bachelor with like a task list: 1. Drink shot with girl from SoCAL 2. A kiss from someone from a foregin country 3. picture of you and 2 bartenders from Tao etc etc. I've seen other bachelor/bachelorette parties do similar games and I think it'd be fun to use as PEACOCK | bachelor party game openers for our group.


Author:  straycat [ 22 Sep 2008, 07:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

G Love,

There are a lot of places to go for your Bachelor Party. If you want to do the nightclub Bachelor Party...

These places attract the hottest women.

1. Tryst is the fanciest place. (Wynn Hotel)
2. Pure but it is really crowded (Caesars Palace)
3. Playboy Club/Moon Night Club (Palms Hotel..where you are dining at the Nine Steakhouse)

A month ago, I attended a bachelor party at the Playboy Club/Moon Night Club. They had bottle service. It was quite EXPENSIVE! So I am not sure if you plan to spend money on bottle service. It would have been cheaper to go to a strip club to get drunk: :D

Background: In Vegas, there are no places to sit down in the nightclub. They sell the booths as bottle service to make the big money. The lines are very long for general admission. And if you have a bunch of men standing in line together. They may hold you guys back. The line is "gender" discriminated. They let girls in easy. Men accompanied by women also have it a little easier.

Usually the cost of a bottle: $400/bottle..tip is about the same...yeah... :(

On Saturday, I say the Playboy Club/Moon would be your best bet. The Palms Hotel has 4 hotspots.

1. Moon Night Club (part of the Playboy)
2. Playboy lounge (it is the lounge below the Moon Night Club...they are attached together)
3. Rain Night Club (another mega nightclub)
4. Ghost Bar (lounge at the top of the hotel)

PS...always show up 10pm. The lines will suck even the VIP line. If you showed up at 10pm, the general admission line won't be too bad at the Playboy Club.

I do have another suggestion while you guys are in town that you might like on your other days out. There is a new local hotspot in town that is pretty kickin. They serve good food, drinks, have live music, and DJ Music when the band is done playing..And you can sit down without paying for a table...unless you want to reserve a private area. It is still close to the Las Vegas Strip. Try Blue Martini. It is my new local women, easy to get in, a place to sit, ...I could not ask for more!

If you decide to go to a strip club, Spearmint Rhino is your best bet. Why, it seems all the hottest women work there in the evenings. It will really test your ability to say "No". FYI, they charge you more to get in to a strip club if you take a taxi or limo...(kickback money). The best time to go to a strip club in Vegas. 6 or 7pm. It gets really crowded at night and it will suck ass.


Author:  G-Love [ 07 Oct 2008, 00:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!


Thanks for the 411. I'm sure you heard this before but you are 1 Lucky Cat to be living, sarging, and hooking-up in Vegas! The amount and quality of hot women you could potentially meet on ANY given night-out is a huge perk!

I just got back from Vegas and we partied like rock stars. A couple of us hit-up the Spearmint Rhino the 1st night (been there, the hottest chicks IMO); the bachelor and my friends had the most fun there. The next night, we had reservations at Sapphire. Although we had fun, some VIP room champagne overcharges drama killed the mood.

Our high roller seven-star friends actually booked the PHAT 4-br Rain Man Suite at Caesars, unfortunately, we weren't able to pull any hotties back to this sexy suite :cry: They got us a table via their promoter at JET at the Mirage w/bottle service at a sweet corner spot next to the dance floor and stripper poles. I can't imagine sarging as effectively without table service in Vegas. I'll save the JET FR for posting on Beginner's Hell.

I do agree that walking through the Palms lobby, Playboy Club, and N9NE Steakhouse the amount hot HB9s and HBS10s are just staggering. I am the best man but I almost wanted to ditch them for a while and start approaching all the HBs there :twisted: though I did get a few sets in in-between :)


Author:  straycat [ 07 Oct 2008, 09:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!


I am glad you also confirmed to me that in Vegas, your game is more effective with Bottle Service. I guess it is a "DHV or Social Proof" tool. I like it for the fact that I don't have to wait in the general admission line. :D It is pretty awesome that any night of the week there is hot women around in the Hotel and Hotel Nightclubs!

I will honest with you though, it does get tiring going to the Strip to go clubbing b/c I can't stand the lines. So I really don't go out the Las Vegas Strip to game anymore. As of late, I have been doing day game at Walmart, Bestbuy, etc...ha ha.

I am glad you went to Spearmint Rhino. I think that place is off the hook for drinking and just talking a bunch of BS with hot women! Plus, the women are really hot! I actually like this place more so than any nightclub or bar! Though, you will not be Pulling anybody in there. It is a good teaser. As for Sapphires, yeah..I never cared for that place. It was awesome WAY back but it has gone down hill. Holy shit, I am surprised you guys got the champagne room up in the balconey...that shit is expensive. I would have picked up a hooker :lol: instead if I was in my 20s again...ha ha...(you get it if you read about my haunted past).


Author:  G-Love [ 10 Oct 2008, 18:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

Hey Straycat I can understand why'd you want to avoid the super long lines and crowds at the hot clubs. However, what about simply approaching in the Casino general areas like the lobbies, lounges, bars, and etc? Aren't there bunches of hot women there to target?

Unless they are all buying gadgets at Bestbuy, and toiletries at Walmart? I guess hot women still have to run errands too...

Author:  straycat [ 11 Oct 2008, 10:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!


Yeah..I actually do prefer to hang at the lounges than inside the nightclubs when I am in a Hotel/Casino. So yes, I agree.

For me, driving to the Las Vegas Strip is not so much fun anymore once you live here gets old. I rather hang out somewhere off the strip. Unfortunately, this is a transient town so no one knows where to I go to Best Buy and Borders. :D

Here is something everyone should is the beginning of winter usually between mid October till December(Xmas)...Vegas will be dead slow which also means..easier to get into the clubs and also if you are will notice cheap room rates...

This is when I DO take advantage of going to the clubs b/c the lines aren't too bad. And guess what..the club still has a good crowd..It is even better because it is not OVER crowded...

Today the weather is perfect in is 60 degrees..I can finally wear a light jacket or not sweat with long sleeve shirts!


Author:  G-Love [ 31 Oct 2008, 19:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

I would have picked up a hooker :lol: instead if I was in my 20s again...ha ha...(you get it if you read about my haunted past).


Hey Straycat, I'd be very interested in reading about your HAUNTED past :twisted: . Where can I find those posts in this forum? Lemme try searching around...


Author:  jimmynoor [ 11 Sep 2017, 23:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas!

Great thanks for sharing some ideas for Bachelor Party. This thread giving me Idea, for my Bachelor party. Please keep sharing some more interesting and amazing Ideas for Bachelor parties.

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