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 Post subject: Opened, kissed but she didnt want to give mer her number
PostPosted: 17 Feb 2015, 13:34 
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I work out at this park most of the week. I was with my dog because I also take him for a walk.

So I was doing my stuff and I see these 3 girls riding bicycles. One of them was learning without those small wheels. After a while of seeing her fail and not going anywhere I opened them.

I asked for a race with one of them around the park and I won. So when I came back I asked her friend for a race and she accepted. I left my dog with the other 2 girls.

We raced just at the start, then I stopped and start walking with the bike and she did the same. I told her about the time when I learned to ride bike without the lil wheels (when I was 5) and told her "yeah I got this huge scar in my knee" (and touched her knee while doing eye contact).

We walked to the other side of the park, out of her friends sight. We talked a couple of minutes about future plans and she told me just finished SCHOOL and that she was 16. We were talking about music and told her I was a guitarist (true) she told me she liked to dance and I said "Im terrible, you should teach me some dance moves" .

I took her by the hand and got her closer to my body, I gave her a couple of spins, and then she ended close to me, face to face... I kissed her and she let me, but thing is she was like almost static.

So I just went away some steps and start talking about something else, then got closer again and kissed her again... she let me and after a while she said "..I... dont know you" and I replied "I dont know you either... but my name is (my name)... see? were not strangers anymore" and she smiled and giggled.

After the kiss she was like in a trance, like she was still proccessing what just happened. I took her by the hand and told her "youre right, we should know each other more...lets meet this wednesday" she said "Oh Im gonna go out with my friends that day" So I said ok, lets meet on thursday and she said "yeah thats good"

Thing is , she continued in that "trance" I asked for her number and she said "I dont know you." I propose to give mine number and she was like "ok" and then I told her "hey lets play with my dog" and she followed me.

At the end, her fucking friend came out of nowhere and started showing her something on her phone and got her distracted for a while. I kept playing with my pet and when they had to go I asked for her number again with same results, so i offered my number and she said "give me your number this thursday" and my last resource was "ok ill be working out here same time, might see you" and she was like "ok" and I said good bye with a kiss on her cheek while holding her arm.

Seems like she didnt want to come closer to me in front of her friends but she was like receptive in a very "closed " way.

I dont think im gonna see her again, but I like to know "why I failed" and why she reacted this way.

Any ideas?

PS: this happened in less than 20 min...

 Post subject: Re: Opened, kissed but she didnt want to give mer her number
PostPosted: 02 Mar 2015, 17:10 
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Hi, thanks for the question. Sounds like you took her through a lot of the steps of the process but you should have done one of the number the selfie close. You could have said he give me your phone and just programed yourself in or taken a selfie and then sent it to yourself from her phone. You can not treat getting a number like it is a big deal, because its not.

Since you had already isolated her, you should have made sure to number close before her girlfriends could 'judge' her.

<3 Sarah

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