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 Post subject: FR11 cute 2 girls
PostPosted: 09 Jan 2015, 03:17 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
I've been going out from time to time didn't write much. Now I'm back. New year new me haha.

I was out with my wing oz in dt SJ.

There's some warm up sets.

at a club oz opens 2 Asian girls HB6 and HB7. He locked in and start talking to HB6. HB7 looked bored. I went in, talked to oz then HB6 then HB7. I sat down, talking to HB7. We found that we are both in science she got excited and we chatted about that a bit. After a bit C. We exchanged numbers.

I ran out of things to say, stared at the girl smiling.
me: oh, I'm just staring at you. You look pretty.
HB7: (lighted up) You know look can not last long. It's your intellegence that last longer.
me: that's so wise! (we high five.)

Then I really ran out of things to say, so I went to grab a drink,
me: i'm gonna get a drink.
HB7: I still have my beer
me: keep me company
HB7: OK (CT pass!)

I got a beer and came back. Soon I got cold, we bounced somewhere warmer inside. Then we went dancing. I held HB7's waist and talked into her ear "you dance so sexy" she lit up.
Later I tease her dancing with her purse on. She showed me she has heart moniter in her purse. (Deep C).

later they had to leave, so we aparted. I'll text her tomorrow and set up a date.

What I did right?
bouncing the group around and leading the activities´╝Äpassing multiple CTs

What I can improve,
B. I need to memorized a few banter lines for B. Nowadays I tend to rely on improvising. If I'm not warmed up, I do a shitty job. haha. Therefore I need a few canned lines.
D. I need a few kinno moves too and use them: fake palm reading, holding hands, hair pulling, kiss routines.

Keep it strong, guys!

 Post subject: Re: FR11 cute 2 girls
PostPosted: 09 Jan 2015, 18:42 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
Great report man! Keep it up

Gaming with a wing is always funner! I could suggest you guys play games with each other while gaming the girl(s). One that I like to play with some of my wings are "Busta rap", at the end of every sentence, someone has to rhyme it with the ending of their sentence.

It's also good that you remembered to compliment the girl(s). Most guys have this mindset where they should never compliment the girl(s) and that is completely wrong. There are scenarios when you shouldn't, but when you're just out having fun, compliments are great (used sparingly).

I suggest you go for the close next time. I'm sure you could've pulled it into a same night lay.
As for your Bantering, as long as you're having fun, positive emotions, and a good time smiling (natural smile, not forced), the bantering is already complete. It's not about what you say. It's about everything else. Your voice, you facial expression, your body language, etc.
As for your kinoing, a good rule I've learned is to kino as soon as possible, but don't linger. Also, don't go for heavy kinoing unless you're in an area you can pull. Just keep it light, friendly, flirty, fun.

Have a great time man

 Post subject: Re: FR11 cute 2 girls
PostPosted: 13 Jan 2015, 19:57 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
Great suggestions LaughAndPeeABit! Thanks a bunch! I'll try them next time I'm out.

I need to get into the habit of complimenting girls more. I didn't do it enough. Also, kino early is what I need to work on. All the gurus' infield show that they kino early if not at the very beginning.

Looking forward to seeing more of your FR too.

Have fun!

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