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 Post subject: Life After Boot Camp
PostPosted: 29 Dec 2014, 11:58 
Hungry Ghost

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Bootcamp Graduate:
Life after 2014 BC. Initial boost to a New and improved 2015.

2 years in-out of game. Asian. Age 24. Lives with parents. Virgin.


+Finished JT's book; Modern Asian Man
+Silver BC member (1st boot camp)
1 nightgame
1 daygame (no lecture)

Sunday – Day game w/ EJ

Met up with an alumni from boot camp, EJ. He was super eager to learn about the whole community and especially day game since he didn’t get the chance to go to it because it would of cost him more money to upgrade. So It was a good refresher. I lecture and then demo. It’s always good to teach because I learn in the process. This guy has a lot of potential. Told him what I know with passion – holding nothing back. Even told him my experiences these past 2 years and how many people drop out after learning about the game. He managed to do one approach on his own and before that I threw him into a hiring gun set / go indirect to warm up. Pretty much told him everything I can think of and learn from day game.

Saw him go do his favorite approach; indirect, situational openers. It was very natural.

He suggest we hit up this popular bar sometimes which I heard of from one girl, Karen who works there and has been flaking on me or showing no interest since a day 2. It will be good a pre-game destination with live music and lots of people. Tends to end at 11 so we can venue change after. Would be funny if I bump into Karen

Good vibes

internalizing what was learn through teaching + field experience + reflections
indirect vs direct approaches
humor, spontaneity, spikes
old school opinion openers
lots of walking and some window shopping (cars, men's suites)
Was really interesting how he had AA and all these "fears" that he himself doesn't even know why he has vs me who didn't because I overcame those past fears. Reminded me of when I first started out.

 Post subject: Re: Life After Boot Camp
PostPosted: 04 Jan 2015, 01:46 
Hungry Ghost

Joined: 22 Dec 2014, 10:46
Posts: 4
Bootcamp Graduate:
Solo. Shouldn't have masturbated hours before the event. Chode out. 0 approaches. Disappointed. Got whataburger afterwords for comfort. Venue wasn't really ideal. Probably max of 10 sets if even. Mostly Indian people... So many dudes filling up the mass. It was depressing.

Saturday Day game + Night game
Went to the mall and got in one approach. She was so fine. Hispanic chicks are so beautiful. Persisted and walked w/ her. Got her to choose a salad. Has bf.

Meeting up w/ OMD, the wingman flaker. Tells me he just left the house when I got out of my car after parking. smh. Told him to meet up at another venue and he goes elsewhere. Failed night. Feeling like everything from BC went down south. Mostly because I didn't approach at will. My dancing is so shitty these days. 2nd night game in a row fail. Getting doubts about this night game shit. Is it my looks? Is it worth it? Don't want to be negative nancy like Ken but fuck. I'll probably give it a rest or something. And whatever happen to my bc alumnis?

Felt like a sheep entering in the club venue. Can't think straight or be myself.

Focus on career (omfg I've been procrastinating too much)

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