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 Post subject: FR: A $55 lesson on how to fail the E phase and MM comparis
PostPosted: 21 Nov 2014, 22:27 
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A + B phase.
I arrive at the Belmont to see S, a girl I like but she doesn't feel the same way. She helps get me in the Belmont club in Vancouver for free. Her friend R starts to neg me (IOI) because I hit on her mom 2 days earlier and said you thought my mom was me?! I'm lighter skinned then her. (I facebooked closed her mom, but I didn't know it was her mom. I was just warming up sets that night at that bar.) Then I said, wow, I'm not racist. I read people more by energy and your mom had a really good energy, just like you. And then S said, yea, your mom is hot! We all laughed. I gave S some Skittles that I bought her because we saw eachother last night and I negg'd her in front of her guy friend. We banter about last night and she said didn't have to. (S would be a great wing girl as a consolation prize for not getting her. An apple tree.) I say, hey, don't forget to share. I buy myself a beer. She shares Skittles with me and R. S DHV's me to R, he bought me Skittles! R is swaying to the music and I grab her to dance (kino) and she shows me this funny salsa spin that I couldn't do. She says, nope, lost cause. I'm going for a smoke. (IOD) Robin's friend E joins and I start to banter with her. She tells me about herself and I think I negged her hari, (is it real?) She said no, I'm Russian and a Blonde. I dyed this and I said your eye brows too. Yea, sometimes when I'm working out it sweats off because I color it with a brush. Yea, I hate it when girls cry with Mascara. I thin I asked her what she did. She told me she's a medical student going into nursing and works in her parents bar as a bartender. She asks about me and I tell her I make bets on people. Really? Yea, a lot of people have this negative view against themselves and they either move towards or away from things. She's like yea! I learned about that in Psychology class! Yea, so I sell them the other side of the bet because they are betting against themselves and nothing bad really happens usually so we end up making money! She says sounds shady. I said it's not, it's highly regulated and the world would not run without it. She says what do you do? I sell insurance! Giggle. You look like a Vodka drinker. She says no, I'm a wine-o. That's cool Her friend (target) R comes in and says lets go some where. Another group of girls joins. S says that R is feeling down because she broke up with her BF a few weeks ago. R's friend says lets go to Jo Rich for $3 highballs. I can get us in. (She's the bartender there.) R waives at me to come. (IOI) She tells me she hates that everyone is telling her that she should be in a relationship. (IOI) She's mad at the bartender that is getting us in for riding her about her break up earlier in the night. (IOI – C phase comfort )

We leave and head to Jo Rich. (I think to myself S has a BF, Robin is newly single, switch Target)

B+C phase.
We go in and I go to the washroom. I run into 2 other girls I know from another club and say hi. I walk out and try and didn't see the girls anywhere so I opened up a three set by walking up to this girl and Kino turning her. I said Hey. Rock back. Rock back in and say You're absolutely beautiful who are you? Her other girlfriend grabs me and starts turning away from her friend. (I did a full 720 because I was trying to head to the opposite way she was pushing me towards.)

R (target) saw this and grabbed me. The other girl saw Robin grab me away (IOI) and R whispered don't do that, don't piss off other girls. (Jealousy Plot line somewhat accomplished.) So it's me, R, S, E the 3 set from Jo Rich that R wasn't into and we are all standing by the bar. I only had $20 and we are in a lull of energy. I thought to myself that I would buy a drink for S and R, because they always get me into the Belmont and I justified it into my head that for $10, it's a cheap. It was weird though, it was almost like they were expecting me to buy a drink. I asked S why she didn't have a drink and she said, because I don't want to pay for it. (This would be a bad attitude GF to have. Somehow, you'd have to bait her because she's used to guys buying her stuff. She's an HB7.5) I thought about it, and was watching JT's 5 minute kiss close video before I came up. I bought 3 drinks. Her friend E came up and said where's my drink? Oh, you weren't around. S or R shared and I gave half of mine to hers. R says lets take off.

B+C phase (Let the SHIT TEST BEGIN)
We go to Republic with two of the girls (so there's 5 girls and me.) The girls are trying to get guys to buy them drinks. They are all hugging the manager and bouncers. I'm with them but standing by myself. There is nothing to open so I wander upstairs to talk to my friend the bouncer. This is my home club and my bartender gives me a drink and a few of the bouncers are my friends. I see them upstairs across from this bar getting free drinks from this old guy with gray hair. He buys them all shots. I go into the hip hop room and they come in. We dance for a bit in a circle and R grabs me and everyone else and says lets go. We ditched on girl. (The core group is S, E-targets best friend and Robin the target.) One other girl comes with us to the Roxy.

R gets us all in for free. She whispers to me to tip the check in girl. So I do. We go to the back bar because we know the bartender. R is impressed/suprised that I'm friends with the back bartender. Bartender compliments me and asks how I know R. She gets us a free shot. Here is where I start to fail.

They are all standing there behind me kinda projecting this thought into me to buy them all a drink. I could feel their group mind control working on me. Here I felt really stupid. I knew this was a shit test but didn't know how to pass it at the moment. I should have made one of them buy me a drink before buying drinks or gave them a hoop to jump through first. But a.) The bartender gave me 2 rounds of free shots last time I was there so I wanted to repay her. b.) I was still using the excuse that R and S get me into their club for free most weekends. c.) I'm going to fail this test and seem like every other sucker that they flirt with to buy them drinks. Can anyone give me a suggestion to this? I buy $32 worth of drinks and feel dumb about it. I cheers them and we drink. They go to a group of guys that are regular customers at their bar. I'm sitting with the bartender. R comes up to me and whispers that if she were a lesbian she'd love to play with the bartender. She then leaves to join her friends with those other guys. I'm sitting there and the Bartender and I banter for a bit. I asked if R could motorboat her because R is sad about her breakup. She says no, but I can get you two a shot. R comes back and I open a 3 set in front of R. Hey did we win (the Canucks game vs. the Ducks)? Hi 5. To the last girl hey do you know the San Diego handshake? Then she says that's not how Vancouver people do it. It goes POW at the end. I shook all their hands like that and I was locked in. Hey how do you all know each other? What's your favorite movies. We go around, then I say well it was nice to meet you. I successfully open and close this set to run a jealousy plot line.

I see R sitting by herself watching me and I walk over. She confides how shitty she feels. I'm just mirroring her language at this point and summarizing. (Using active listening to build comfort with her.) She tells me how everyone else in a relationship except her and she feels shitty about it. I summarize that back to her and she agrees. Then I say, forget them. This is a great time to be single, meet new people and enjoy new friends. (NLP a little big.) I then scoop her up from her chair and start swaying her. Her friends noticed but didn't say anything. I leaned in real close and whispered don't worry, you're not broken. You're awesome, anyone would love to be with you right now. I'm swaying her back and forth to the music over hand with my right hand on her legs and craddling her with my left arm. I say kiss me. She says no. She tells me she has a huge crush on her manager (IOD), I disqualify with we're just friends. Kiss me on the cheeks. She complies. I exert more dominance by throwing her up and switching my right arm so it's cradling her under her legs instead of over and just rock her to the music. I put her down and her friends come and grab her towards the photo booth. I follow. (Bad me chasing.)

R tells me she needs to pee. Her friends are how do we get this booth to work??? I pull out my cam and start to escalate the fun. Say cookies! Cheese and get some crazy photos of them. Then they leave to the washroom together. (Probably to talk about me.)

E phase (Failed here)

I go back to my friend at the bar and the bartender says to me, where are you friends? I don't know. Ten minutes pass by. I walk around looking for them and felt like a total loser being ditched like the other girls that they have ditched so far. I go back to the bar. Sit there for a few minutes and then go back out and see the. R is getting hit on by some guy and S and E are talking to some guys. I go up to R and grab her and say Bartender wants to give you a shot come. She leaves and follows me. (I think I led her by the hand) We sit. I ask the bartender for the shots. R says no. She says I want a photo. She leads me to the photo booth. We struggle to find the coin slot. She reaches in between my legs and drops in the coins to make the machine work. Our first photo is of us pecking, our lips almost touching and kissing each other or rather me kissing her on the lips. Here she starts to giggle. The second photo is of her grabbing me and hugging me with her head up against my body (shoulders) and I say funny pose. She makes a funny face away from me. The last shot should have been me kissing her on the lips. THIS WAS WHERE I SHOULD HAVE JUST GRABBED HER HEAD AND PLANTED ONE ON HER LIPS. Instead it was her giving me her cheek and me kissing her on the cheek really close to her lips. FAAAAKKKKK!!!!!!! (I was trying to run Mystery's photo routine here.)

We get out of the booth and I give her my arm and she takes it. She is putting her drink out in front of her and I ask what are you doing? She replies I'm trying to give my drink to someone. I grab her drink and she lets go of my arm. I put her drink down and finish my beer. (I shouldn't have done that. My left hand had a beer in it. My right had her arm. I should have just let her put the drink down herself.)


We get outside and we are looking for her friends. She tells me to text her S. I do and then she seems them. We walk back to Republic. S and E are both hugging the bouncer. R comes around and says the bouncer loves me more! They are all hugging the bouncer. We walk to their work. She sees someone and rushes toward him and gives him a hug. The other two girls talk to the bouncer and he directs them to this fry place. I go with E and S towards the fry place. S and E order poutine. They both look at me. Please!! Buy us poutine. S says, you love me! I say no and just walk away. E says is he walking away? S says yea, he is. I go back to the bar and R is sitting with the old guy that bought the girls shots earlier. She acknowledges me with a look that says, I'm sorry but I'm done with you. I was this actually hurt. They go downstairs to the basement bar. She's got a drink from him. She's flirting with this old 60 year old guy. I sit beside her. I get a glass of water. (here I'm reading JT's article of being friend zoned and apple trees.) She leaves for the washroom. I introduce myself to obstacle. The bartender knows him too which means that he's a regular at their bar. I get up and walk outside and find S and R (Bad. I'm chasing them. There was no targets in the bar at all. I felt like leaving was just giving up but doing this was just making it worst. I was torn between not wanting to lose my access to this club by exiting gracefully with a goodbye or storming out and leaving a bad taste in their mouths.) S and E were gloating. Mmmmm...that poutine was good! We're all done now. I walk with them back to the bar. S says high to the old guy and he buys her a drink. E gets locked in with some guy, not sure if they knew each other. I go over to her and banter. She says, R wanted a girls night out. (In my head I was screaming, then why did she invite me along!!!! I knew I fucked up.) I banter with her and her guy friend. R comes up and says, I'm going to sit over there alone. (I should have followed. That was a cue. But E locked me in with conversation.) R went back with S and I go and say goodbye to them both. I hug R, and whisper don't worry you'll be ok. Stephanie says, come see me tomorrow when I hugged her. I tell her to take care of R. And I left.

I went back to the Roxy to sarge off my frustration to no avail.

Things that devalued me. Shit Tests:
-she showed me this dance move and I could not execute it. Saying I was a lost cause
-I should have made out with her in the photo booth. That's where I failed to escalate.
-Buying them 2 rounds of drinks without asking them to do anything for me. (Well, technically they got me into both clubs for free. And they always let me into their club for free.)

This is stupid. I should know how to get a girl like her by now. Especially when I had IOI's all night. She had pulled me away from a bad set at Jo Rich and told me not to hang out with pissed off girls or don't piss of any girls.

I already had passive value through her friend S.

Banter was good because she was bantering with me about her mom and me mistaking her mom for her

We talked about her break up and how she doesn't feel whole because she wasn't in a relationship this is where I was using active listening and summarizing and everyone has those feelings but you're not broken. I knew not to spend too much time here.

Picking her up and rocking her at Roxy. This is where she told me she had a crush on her manager.

Escalate and Extract:.
Failed here. I told her to kiss me she said no. I said on the cheek. She complied.

I needed more push pull. That's the $55 lesson. If I made it that far I either kiss her, push pull her into it or...I don't think I need to build more comfort but maybe I do?

Its better to be dominant as that builds attraction rather than timid.

M3 model
A1 skip. I was already opened.
A2 DHV. ?
I think fools mate I started in comfort
C1. Negs, comfort, jealousy plot line when I opened that 3 set in front of her at Roxy and at Jo Rich. But do I need to start from the beginning every time? No Style talked about this. You already know each other.
C2. Photo routine


After Belmont where she dismissed me I saw a girl from another club earlier in the week. I pointed my finger at her and waived hi. Hey how are you? You're the guy from Monday aren't you? Yea. I sent you those photos. Yea my phone is broken right now. That's cool. How's your night going? Its good yours? Its pretty good. My girlfriends brought me to Jo Rich, Republic and the Belmont. She said that's cool, I just came from Republic. Cool. I extend hand to dance and she says she can't she's waiting for her friend with drinks awesome I said. I knew that was a dismissal cue but I plowed anyway with Murder Marry Shag. And she left for her friend after

Needed to DHV there. (Banter)

2 set I opened one with you've got a lot of guts coming in here with a Ducks shit. She says its ok we won. She points to her friends shirt. I said nice. How do you all know each other? Answer and then they took off. I needed more eye contact here and smile bigger

End night home alone frustrated and agitated the next day at work.

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