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 Post subject: FR: Force things can only go so far
PostPosted: 02 Aug 2014, 23:20 
Koi Fish

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Venue: Top of the Kress, Yuma

10:30. The club was still kind of empty even though Kress is the to-go club on Fridays. I came with my roommate and his wife. While they stayed up at the rooftop, I surveyed the area and decided the male to female ratio was too steep to bother. So I went downstairs. There was nobody on the dance stage but plenty of girls sitting at the tables. I decided to approach a set of Mexican HB8 and two of her friends.

Goal: Kiss close
In the end: Number close

As I approached them, I politely eyed all three of them and smiled, then sat down on a chair and started introducing myself. We started bullshitting and found out the HB8 was smart too, she's going to the same school I am and got only 2 classes left to become a radiologist. And one of the girls was of HB8's aunt, the leader of the pack. It could be false information just to keep her friend safe but I played along and told her she looks very young and she giggled. We hit it off pretty well and I excused myself to check on my friend and his wife upstairs. Later on I came back to their table and continued gaming.

One thing I felt I did right over here was I didn't show any desperation. I've seen a lot of guys in clubs randomly and aimlessly hitting on women and then just wander off in the same room and hit on another woman. That's bad because they notice that kind of crap. I excused myself to check on my friends, then came back to the same set so they know I'm not goofing around like most guys there. If you do decide to hit on a lot of girls in the club, I believe some pro PUA on this forums mentioned it before, don't do it in the same room where you are seen. But I needed to work on the conversations because I felt the flow wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be. There were times that awkward silence kicks in but fortunately I quickly realized it and started talking again, or made it up with some BT spikes.

11:30 We were still talking. I tried to get the girl to the dance floor but she preferred to just sit down and talk. As I continued gaming, my boss came by and said hi to these three girls. It was kind of awkward but luckily, that proved to her "aunt" I wasn't a freak. Luckily we got along at work just fine and he got the hint and left. After that, the HB8's friends dropped their guards and left the table for us two to chit-chat. Persistence and patience paid off well. I got her number, threw a few more BT spikes and finally convinced her to go to the dance stage.

Midnight: The stage was pretty packed at this point. As she went to get a drink, I asked her to dance with me. Suddenly she just snapped and went like "I have a boyfriend." This was when I forgot about being playful. I grew frustrated and tried to force things to happen and said "Well I'm better than him." This is when all my efforts went in vane and she said "Well I like him." At that point, I simply chose to walk away. But if any pro here can still game her in that situation, please show me the ropes haha.

Midnight 05: I started dancing and saw this cute petite blonde chick and did the kino turn and asked her to dance. She complied and I grew pretty bold as I felt her grinding against my crotch on the dance stage and started moving my hand toward her vaginal area and she simply let it happen. We got along quite well and I took her to a corner and we made out. I wanted to take her home and fuck her but my roommate and his wife were both pretty drunk and got into some crazy drama and later on we lost his wife. It was quite disastrous so I ended up number closing her and then called a taxi cab and went on the hunt for his crazy wife. Fortunately we all got home safely.

Next day I texted both girls. The HB8 didn't respond and the cute blonde girl told me she doesn't know me so not feeling like hooking up. It is what it is. Yuma is pretty notorious for sexual assault cases so I understand why she is concerned.

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