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 Post subject: LR:Finding the truth III
PostPosted: 20 Jul 2014, 11:12 
Koi Fish

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Friday 7/18/2014

I head out around late and get to the venue around 12:30am, but didn’t get untill around 1:00am

I wasn’t feeling great as I haven’t been sleeping much, but I pushed on. My friend was meeting at the club, but I got there a few minutes before him. I walked to the bar got a drink and said hi to the girl getting a drink at the bar. She asked me why I was so well dressed. Since I wasn’t interested in her, I joked and said that I was an escort and was selling my services. She started laughing, I as explained my signature move and my pricing. I ejected and walked around.

A girl stops me and says she likes my cologne. I banter with her for about 10 minutes. I am not interested in her, but she has latched onto me. I tell her I need to find my friends an walk away.

I walk around and eventually spot a birthday girl, and say happy birthday. I immediately feel that it is on. We banter and connect and start dancing. She has had a few drinks so we grind a bit. Her friends keep pulling her away, and I figured I would give them some time so I bounce out to find my friend and exchange contact information.

2:00am I join my friend and his group of friends. I make small talk with the girls, I was making headwinds with the group, but there were about 10 girls and I was having trouble picking target. I talked to about 8 girls before we decide to go dancing

2:30am: We all leave to go to the dance floor. I peel off and talk to the birthday girl.

We start dancing, and grinding→ Make out. 10 minutes in I tell her, I would like to give you the honor of birthday sex. She says I would love too but I am with my friends.

Logistics battle (the epic battle from middle earth)
I am not gong to take no for an answer.
I counter, so how about we drop them off then come back to my place. She says let me ask my friends…Her friend comes back and says tonight is girls night. I needed to make her a frenemy, so I talked with her for 5 minutes and we connect. (She would later say I liked “xxxxx” because he is cool and respects me).Then go back to the birthday girl, she says lets step outside for a smoke. When we get out side, her friends follow. I talk to the birthday girl and she again goes over to her friends saying she wants to come back with me. Then magic happens. The girl I just made my frenemy goes look she is coming back to the hotel room, you guys can do what you want in the shower, but that’s what is happening.
(Its on)

We take a cab back, all the girls go to the hotel and one passes out on the bed. The remaining sober girls less the birthday girl, go out and get food.

We shag in the shower, then come out and chill. Once all the girls come back we all chill in the room and joke around. I leave around 5:30am watching the sun rise on my ride back

7:30am I pass out

1. Tonight I was a logistical ninja
2. I was persistent and didn’t stop til I got what I wanted
3. I managed the friends
4. I pushed myself to go out

1. Mentally I still might not approach girls, if they are dancing or if I think they are too high energy

 Post subject: Re: LR:Finding the truth III
PostPosted: 21 Jan 2016, 20:01 

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Brilliant! Befriending the friend was a great move.

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