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 Post subject: Finding the truth IIII
PostPosted: 20 Jul 2014, 10:35 
Koi Fish

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Saturday night 7/19/14

I have been running on a few hours of sleep the last few nights. Long adventures and a love hate relationship with the sun who is hell bent on ensuring I repent in the morning, means lack of sleep time.

I start the night late and get to the venue around 11:30pm. I wasn’t feeling great. I got in walked around the upstairs on the venue but didn’t say hi to any one, felt a little anxiety. I texted my friend to see when he was arriving and he said closer to 12:00am.

I walk downstairs. I wasn’t feeling great, a bit out of it. Waiting in line for drinks 3 girls cut me. They start talking amongst themselves then turn to me and apologize, repeatedly. Being a bit out of it, I wasn’t sharp to respond, then it clicked. I immediately teased the first girl as being aggressive, then the second that I could see her having a future as being a bouncer. I started talking to the girl in blue that I was interested and we slowly got separated. (Isolate). Being on the ground floor she looks up and comments that she can see up the girls skirts who are standing on the railing above, I accuse her of just thinking about sex, she turns to me and says I guess I have a dirty mind (sexualize). At this time my friend says he is here. We exchange numbers and I said I would find her once I locate my friend. (number)

I bounce and stand outside a room waiting for my friend to come out. Two girls come up to me and ask if I knew the girl I was talking to before. I told them no. They said it just looked like she was very comfortable and we had a cute dynamic. I started small talk with the girls for the next 5 minutes before I found my friend.

I join my friend and his friends. There are two girls in the group. I immediately take a picture with them and start talking with the brunette, her friend is sitting next to me, sitting quietly.

I banter then roll into comfort, connecting and telling stories. Her friend had gotten up and walked around. We had been talking for 15 or so minutes and I could feel the energy starting to die, so I said we should go dancing. She said sure but I need to find my friend. She gets up and I chill with the group.
As the brunette leaves her blond friend comes back asking where she went. While waiting for the brunette to come back the blond eventually leaves. (sigh)

The brunette and blond come back but stand about 10 feet from one another, the blond comes back over and says she tried to bring her friend back but she wasn’t to see the upstairs. I start bantering with the blond for about 5 minutes. The brunette comes over to take the blond away, but she says she wants to stay. (game on) We sit down and go into comfort, sharing stories, and continuing to banter. After about 10 minutes. I say we should go dancing. On the dance floor she reveals her 15+ years of dancing to me. All of a sudden I felt like the US vs Germany, we need a miracle, the stars to need align and Tim Howard needs to come up with a big save. I power through and tell her to close her eyes, then kiss her on the lips. She laughs and keeps dancing. 10 minutes later it gets hot so we bounce out to grab water and take 2 shots.

We walk back and dance again this time we grind more heavily . 15 minutes later I say it is getting hot and we should go to the rooftop.

It was closed but we looked out the window and made small talk. We were looking out cheek to cheek which lead to the make out. After kissing for 5 minutes. I say we should take a walk. So we bounced out of the venue, sat and talked for about 15 minutes. Then took a cab back to my place.

We go to my rooftop, look around then come back to my place. We look out my window and make out. I carry her to the bed. We start making out heavily, but everytime I kiss her neck, she starts laughing, she was super sensitive. Despite her dress being hiked up to her waist, I couldn’t get it off of her. She eventually says we need more light in the room. Rest of the night was spent kissing and talking. We eventually pass out

In the morning, we wake up and talk for about an hour with a small make out session and she leaves. We make loose plans to hang out next weekend.

1) I pushed through and went out tonight
2) I sexualized the conversations
3) Mentally, I just went out and had fun
4) I have continued to follow the structure, talk banter, connect, dance, talk, dance, kiss, leave
5) I kept a strong frame, as she challenged it multiple times
6) Prettiest girl I have brought back to my apartment
7) I picked up the signs of attraction from the blond, stayed positive and moved on to the friend

1) work on foreplay
2) disqualify sex before we head back to my place

 Post subject: Re: Finding the truth IIII
PostPosted: 21 Jul 2014, 10:17 
Koi Fish

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Good stuff. Next time ramp up sexual tension before bouncing. Making out is a release. 5 minutes of making out is a huge release in S.T. You needed to spike it back up.

For the future try to hold off on making out at the club. You spent most of the night building sexual tension and intrigue. That 5 minutes erased all of your hard work and made sex harder to get. You can kiss the girl and maybe french her for a few seconds. Save the heavier stuff for the bedroom.

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