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 Post subject: FR: Continuing to find the truth II
PostPosted: 13 Jul 2014, 17:38 
Koi Fish

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I decided to meet my friend at a bar around 11pm.


I get there around 11pm, and grab a quick drink. My friend let me know he wouldn't be there until around 12am. I was a feeling a bit of anxiety, but pushed through and approached two girls at a bar. My opener came off a bit clunky, but I stayed with the set for about 10 minutes. Before I ejected.

Walked around for about 5 minutes, and then approached a group of 7 girls. They were all huddled in a circle so I opened with. “ hey ladies if you are huddled in a fortified position how is any one supposed to talk to you”. They all laughed.. There were two attractive girls in the group to my left . So I switched my focus to the left 3 girls. However one girl (of the 3 to the left and was the least pretty) essentially pushed the other two out of the way (she boxed them out of the paint) and told me she was impressed I was able to approach a large group of girls. I wasn’t interested in her, but wasn’t sure how work the situation to get to her friends. … I spent 15 minutes talking with the girl, before ejecting to get another drink


At the bar I run into the first group of girls, and talked with them for another 10 minutes. While I grab a drink and wait for my friend to get there.


My friend arrives and I talk / catch up with him for 15 minutes. He is a bit larger than myself and doesn’t dress as well. But I still go out with him because he is a good friend. (which I now realize hurts my game)

12:00am – 1:00am
We walk around approaching girls, opened 5 additional sets and nothing really stuck. I have now concluded that my friend following me into sets, and not continuing the dialogue with the others girls or girl, is hurting the set

1:00am I see a group of 2 girls I tell my friend not to follow me. I go direct on the girl I am interested in, saying I like her shirt and had to come over. The conversation is immediately on. We banter then roll into comfort. 10 minutes in I get her phone number.

After about 15 minutes I tell her I need to grab my credit card from the bar and she should come with me, she says she shouldn’t leave her friends, but I convince her to come with me. (Isolate)

We come back say hi to her friends then go dancing. Dance for about 10 minutes then make out, pretty heavily. (make out) 10 minutes later I tell her my heels are too high and we need to sit down.


We talk and connect further for 5-10 minutes, I seed my rooftop and talk about the views. Then we get up and go dancing again. After 10 minutes on the dance floor I say its hot in here we should take a walk. She says she needs to talk to her friends.
The girls huddle and one of her friends comes over to me and is like FYI we are all rooting for you….we want her to go home with you.

After 5 minutes of girl group huddle, we leave the club and get a cab back to my place. (extract)

We go to my rooftop, talk and look around for 15 minutes, then come back to my pad.

In my apartment we sit on my window sill and make out, she then climbs into my lap while making out. I carry her onto my bed. Make out for 5 minutes, then she takes off her shirt. 5 more minutes of make out my shirt comes off. 5 minutes later, I move to undo the button on her jeans and she immediately sits up. She says she isn’t feeling well and wants to go home. As she is grabbing her things to leave she starts to apologize, “sorry about everything., yah just sorry, you have my phone number and info, so if you call me I will pick up”…..


I walked her down to get a cab and she leaves.

I was proud of tonight for a couple of reasons.
1) I pushed the interaction as far as I could and I pushed to pull the girl from the venue, which I have been working on and found out the truth
2) I continued to simplify the interaction and maintain the mindset that she is always attracted to me
3) I went out alone by myself to start the night and had fun.
4) I worked on building sexual tension with the girl, althought I could work on keeping it higher as we left the club

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