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 Post subject: LR: Finding the truth
PostPosted: 08 Jul 2014, 19:51 
Koi Fish

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I have been training with Dru for a few months now. During this time I have been going out 2-3 times a week, honing my skills and improving my efficiency. I know that I have improved 10 fold over that period of time, and while I felt as thought I had everything in order, there was a sticking point

On Saturday Dru and I had a short lecture, before going out on some day game. I came to 2 major realizations.

1) I wasn’t fully pushing myself far enough / and if I wasn’t 100% confident in my actions I would slow down and retract into my comfort zone, not advance the conversation along. For example on Thursday I had a girl on my bed and her friend on my couch semi-passing out, and I wasn’t sure how to isolate the friend I wanted, so I didn’t push anything.

2) I needed to improve my mindset. I had let rejection get to me, (in my attempt to learn from my mistakes, I became too accepting of failure, instead of trying to learn and imitate my successful nights, I was becoming content with getting “almost there”, and being satisfied not 100% getting what I wanted. Also I needed to continue to see and believe myself as a man that women were attracted too throughout the whole interaction. In the past I would sometimes question attraction, if things didn’t seem 100% right and that showed in the interaction.

For #1 Dru help me focus on finding the Truth. Now I have read many things, but most theories and principles are the most impactful when they are relevant, or so it seems. The concept was push the conversation or the interaction and find out if she will come home with me, “Find the truth” for what you are looking for. Use a statement of intent “ I want you to come back with me” etc “ or I really enjoy my time with you and would like to spend more time with you”

For #2 Dru helped my mindset by having me change the way I thing and realize that I wanted to model myself, after the successes, and use them as a roadmap or future nights. I realized that one issue was that I was making things to complicated, spending too much time talking and fluffing and not enough time moving the interactions along and making sure the girl has a great time. Further we went over to assume attraction and remember that that my time is valuable and I need to make sure I am getting what I want.

We walked into the club around 11pm. Pretty empty and fluffed with a bouncer and a friend I had met before.

Walked upstairs and gave the door man a hand shake and skipped the line to the roof, (for the past few weeks I have gone to the same venue, so the staff is starting to know my face). Talked with an older woman, just to get the juices flowing. Had small talk with a few groups, nothing memorable

Got into the main room in the club. Talked with a group of 6 people, 4 girls and 2 guys (including a birthday girl). I just wanted to befriend the group, and connected well with a cute blond, who had a boyfriend, so talked with her for about 10 minutes. Then spotted a group of Russian girls, music was getting loader, but I was determined to introduce myself. So I pushed through the crowd and went direct on a HB9. The interaction opened well but she was uninterested and after a couple minutes of banter, she turned away and I continued my night

I spotted a table of 8 ladies, so I came over and introduced myself. I learned they were a bachelorette party, and immediately shook hands with the bachelorette, then went back to my target. I bantered with mild reception for a few minutes, but didn’t feel that I was gaining much traction, so said I would be back and ejected.

I walked back to my original group and talked with the birthday girl for a few minutes. Then a group of girls came in and stood about 10 feet from where I was. I turned and opened a girl (HB 8.5) in a white and black dress, with a direct opener. Conversation went really well. About 5 minutes into the conversation the girls friends around her said they were heading to the rooftop, but stayed with me. I knew she liked me so I created some sexual tension. “Are you trying to make a move on me, I am not that easy” her reply “Maybe”. Talked and connected for 5 minutes then took her dancing, 5 minutes into dancing make out. We danced and talked for another 10 minutes. Then half of her friends come back and she introduces me to some of them. We then go dancing again, when she says she needs to find one of her friends on the roof and will be back, we exchange numbers and information.


I head back to the birthday group, and 2 girls moved 10 feet within our group. I walked past one of the girls (HB 8) and booty bumped her on the dance floor. She was friendly so I started talking with them. The first girls friends were watching me the whole time, and at first I was unsure, but then realized who cares about them, its social proof if anything. After 10 minutes the girls eventually wandered off and I went back to the birthday group…

The original girl that said she would be back just texted me saying she had left :/. Right around that time the HB 8 walked by again. I re-approached her and we started dancing. I felt her grab my back and look into my eyes, leading to the 2nd make out. We danced and made out for the next 15 minutes. At that time I saw her friends coming up and figured I needed to make a move. I knew she had a flight in the am so I asked her me: “where are you staying” her: “hotel” me: “This night is a lot of fun, I would like you to come back with me” her: “no I have an early flight”. We exchanged numbers and parted. I was happy I stepped up and pushed the interaction as far as it could go and found out the “truth”.

Head back to the birthday group and talk with everyone. Club has started to thin out. I grab the hand of the one of the girls in the birthday group and start to dance with her. At first she was opposed to grinding, my initial thought was that this isn’t going any where, but then I remember to assume attraction. Spun her around, didn’t escalate but had fun. Then told her my heels were high and we should sit down. Connected with her for 10-15 minutes, then stood up again. Danced for 5 minutes. I told her to “Close her eyes” then kissed her. Her reply “ I think you missed” and that led to the 3rd make out.

It was getting late and it was almost empty. I told the girl. Hey I have a great rooftop, and she replied I would love to see it. 5 minutes later I said “Lets get out of here it’s too hot”, so we bounced.

We get into a cab and head back to my place, talking on the cab ride back.

Back at my place, she takes off her boots and sits on my couch. I come over talk and make out for a few minutes. S :lol: he says she isn’t going to have sex. I shrug it off. Talk and connect a bit, we joke around about comedians. I eventually lift her up and throw her onto my bed, make out and climb on. She then says again that we aren’t going to have sex. To which I reply that is fine we can just exchange oral. To which she replied by pulling off my shirt→ leading to sex

I realized a couple of things during the night.
1) By always assuming attraction, it helps me figure out what to do next in an attraction, instead of trying to figure out where I stand and having that lack of confidence show in the interaction
2) Creating sexual tension by turning the tables is a great way to make the conversation more fun and flirty, and fits my personality really well
3) I was over complicating things, and not realizing my value and the importance of my time out and wasn’t seeing things through to the end
4) I had been drawing out interactions longer then they needed to be and nothing pushing through to find out the “truth” if she would come home with me

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