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 Post subject: Betrayal and frustration. another FR
PostPosted: 25 Apr 2014, 11:13 

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Relentless and omnipresent were the isolation and loneliness in Silicon Valley where I led a pathetic existence amongst hoards of tall handsome young single men futily pursuing the few ultra spoiled local females. To relieve the high spermatic build up in my gonads my options were masturbation or doing sets; I chose the latter. I saved money for going out by eating potatoes, pasta, peanut butter, riding my bicycle to work, collecting recyclables,foraging apples, church hopping for Sunday potluck and other debasing and demaening and demoralizing acts of desperation.

I faced an especially long weekend and cringed in fear at the thought of facing 4 brutal days of solitary confinement in my room in silicon valley; I took the last remains of cash, got dressed, and went to the clubs.

It was a sausagefest at the bar and I was too cowardly to open the only 2 girls in a big mixed set so I waited in my car for the venue to fill up. My wing man arrived and looked depressed. I then started opening.

Memorable set:
I open a large mixed set and act as gay and happy as I could to get the hook. It works well so I befriend the whole group and when it settles back down I go for the cutie. She's a tall freckle faced hottie. I do my emotional monologue and teasing and she hooks. I do kino but not too heavy as I was in front of her friends. I number close and stay in the set and do more comfort and light escalation.

I open a cute 2 set but my wing doesn't wait for me to get the hook and storms in and opens the hotter friend. I remain unfazed and continue talking and reach the hook point. Things are going well and I'm ready to escalate but then the cuter friend shocks me by saying "Are you getting married? Your friend told me you're getting married". I try to blow it off as a joke but the girl is visibly upset and then my girl asks me if I'm getting married. I then deny it but the damage is done and both girls leave.
I yell at my wing for being uncalibrated but he denies it and yells back at me. He then lies that he was DHVing me. He then says that my game sucks and that I would've been blown out regardless.

What should I do? I'm nothing but nice to him:

1) I got him his first and only f close/booty call,
2) put him into good sets that I know he can hook
3) put up with his value leaching,
4)put up with him stealing my targets
5)tolerated him re approaching my number closes and sabotaging them for me,
6) winged him while he pulled and defused several bombs for him,
7)I do all the driving,
8) wing him without getting set blown out,
9) put up with his depression,
10) put up with him getting us blown out of sets as soon as he enters,
11)put up with his gloomy mood that puts everyone out of state
12)he never attempts to wing if he can't get laid from it

I am frustrated and feel betrayed. Good wingmen are hard to find. What should I do?

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