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 Post subject: The Life and Times of a Developing PUA
PostPosted: 23 Feb 2014, 14:33 
Hungry Ghost

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Where to begin this story....

Coming off a high from the Valentine's day boot camp in NYC, what affected me most were the closing comments from the ABCs team.

"How bad do you want it?"

That's when I decided I want to follow the footsteps of all successful PUA and people in general.... Until I forge my own path.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Japanese lady
Made fun of her because she was waiting for the elevator but didn't press the button.

Asked her what she's doing in NY, and she opened up and tells me she is a buyer for DKNY Japan.
As we walk outside we continue our conversation I tell her I'm looking to go shopping and ask her what are the better places in NY to shop. She names a few and tells me she has time on Monday to take me out shopping. Number closed her and went our separate ways.

Met up with her on Monday, at the lobby as I was coming back from breakfast I asked if she wanted to come up to my hotel room to help me "pack" before I check out, she kindly declines. And from that moment I decided this was going to be a friendly relationship for me to break into her social circle.

I checked out of the hotel then caught a taxi and went off wondering about at the Meat district. Long story short it was a great experience just hanging out with a lady who has these experiences. I dropped the hint on her emailing me the next time she comes back to NY so I can attend a runway show with her. Left on a great note, exchanged emails and we had emailed each other since we parted.

Pros - made a good natural connection.
Cons - I could have escalated sexual kino earlier on so that she would have come to my room, but if I succeed in getting into her social circle that would be a better move for me for the future.

Airport NY

HB AirCanada
At the corner of my eye I see this beautiful girl working, but was helping someone out.
So I didn't want to wait so I make my way to Maple Leaf Lounge.

15 minutes later, I come out of the bathroom and there she is working upstairs.
I go back to where I was sitting, and quickly I thought I have to go back and approach.

I ask if the previous flight to Montreal was delayed.
She answers, then I tell her she was gorgeous and that was just an excuse to talk to her.

I find out that she is from Peru, and she loves to travel but doesn't have that much time to.
I go for the number close telling her I would love to keep in touch with her, she answers I have a bf and I ask her how long she has had that problem for and she laughs.
I didn't get the number but asks me if I had FB instead and I don't have FB, but I had instagram.
So she gave me her instagram, but she hasn't yet accepted my request.

Pros - body language posture, she was sitting so I leaned over the desk to get closer to her eye level.
Cons - could have built better comfort to try to find a common ground.

HB Waiting for flight
I see her on the phone, I waited until she was off and ran direct game.
I told her she was beautiful and she had a big smile. Introduced myself but quickly got cutoff from a facetime call. Then we were called to board, I proceeded to board and decided I would try after our flight. I caught up with her and found out she had a one hour layover and was in a rush to try and catch her next flight because she would still need to pass through customs.

Pros - AA is getting very low, any attractive girl I see I want to approach.
Cons - Should have continued conversation so I could have build comfort.

Venue: Rouge Club Montreal
Got to the club early not too many people there yet.
Head to the bar got my first drink.

Then straight into the first set I see.

2 table set.
Direct told the girls they were beautiful, and introduced myself.

Their english wasn't the greatest, and the part of the club was already loud.
Since it was the only set at the time, I decided to push through. One of the girls played MMS (murder marry shag) with me, the other one wasn't having it. I had a better connection with one girl compared to the other but since her friend wasn't having as much fun she was more concerned about her. I decided to eject from the set.

Pros - Social value because I was talking to girls early, unlike most guys who would be a wallflower.
Cons - Need to learn some basic French!!!! Work on Bantering skills!

2 bar set.
Kino Turn one girl and introduced myself to her and her friend.

Again english wasn't the greatest, if one couldn't understand one would translate. Found out they were Cougars and both of them had twins/ devorced. Complimented them on how young they look. One had a better connection with me as she was passing C.T.s and allowing for kino. I don't really know what happened but I think her friend got jealous because I was more focused on her friend. Then she says their at the club together, so I told them to prove it. I got them kissing in front of me, I decided to eject as it was quite early on. Later on in the night I approach them again this time around her friend was definitely a lot more friendly towards me.

Pros - High social value
Cons - should have escalated sexual kino later on in the night

2 dance floor set
Direct approach, got a good initial reaction.

I started asking them questions.

Pros - Low AA
Cons - should have went in with higher energy, specially on the dance floor.

3 bar set
Direct approach, good reaction.

Found out they were celebrating their friend getting into law school. All of them have boyfriends, stayed in the set for a little while. Had a good natural conversation with them. Ejected on a good vibe. Later on opened up one of them on the dance floor and number closed her. Couldn't escalate more as her friend was feeling sick and they were about to go home. Will try out T2S.

That night ended up working my way into a table and got free drinks.

2 girl set
Direct approach, good reaction.

I take the girls back to the table, good social value. The guys become impressed.
At this point I was focusing on having fun. I open up 2 more 2 girl sets in the night I was able to bring 1 of the groups back to the table, but the other group already was part of a table.

Pros - Overall the night was good, had good social value. AA was low, blp was good.
Cons - I need to know how to isolate one girl if it's a two girl set, when one friend gets jealous if I pay more attention to her friend. Need to work on french.


Came early to the club, started talking to the bar tender and other by standers to heighten social proof.

2 bar set
Direct approach

Had a real good connection with them, passed 3 CT's. Kept a high energy majority of the time. I can tell my energy and blp was great because I would make friends with by standers. At one point one guys gf just looked at me I smiled and she loved it and spoke to her for a bit, her boyfriend thought I was trying to hit on her but I ended up winning his approval as well. I had stuck it out with this one set for the whole night (i'm not sure if I should have) I felt like i was too scared to choose one and one would get jealous? Can anyone chime in and give me pointers?
I number closed both of them and I will pick one to follow T2S, or should I do T2S on both?

Pros - Felt really comfortable, and was focused on "be the energy maker not the energy taker"
Cons - I did not pull the trigger to escalating sexual attraction due to my belief that I would make one jealous and the other one would get bored.

 Post subject: Re: The Life and Times of a Developing PUA
PostPosted: 10 Mar 2014, 20:17 
Hungry Ghost

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FR 3-6-14
Venue - Moomba

6 mixed set at the bar
A - Started chatting with the group at the club, her friends birthday.

BC- I befriend the birthday girl, then I befriend the guys. Then I try to talk to my target. I talk to her for a bit her BLP was pretty good, then I got cockblocked by one of the girls. Later I find out her bf was at the club.

Pros - opened up a large mixed group set
Cons - should have observed the social circle first

2 table set
A - I approached directly to my target and squatted down to their eye level.

BC - tried a few BT spikes, didn't seem like my target was feeling it. But the friend seemed like it. But I still went for the number close her friend leaves to let us talk, I get her number but her comfort level still didn't seem too warm to me yet. So I ejected. I have since texted her and followed up with a phone call but no reply. I feel like when I go direct I don't leave enough time to scope out which girl is a better target.

Pros - good approach, good BLP
Cons - had to build up comfort more, should have stayed in set longer especially when the friend has left is to talk. Or could have went indirect and see which one I had better connection with.

3 Set Dance Floor

A - high energy
BC - not enough BT spikes

2 Set Dance Floor

A - direct approach, high energy
BC - not enough BT spikes, so I couldn't build comfort.

Venue - Rouge

4 seated set

A - direct approach to all girls. They were French we couldn't understand each other. I got blown out and I ejected.

I got their early like I usually do but this week there were too many guys, not that many sets. So I went to talk to the hired guns, who remembered me from the week before which was a great confidence booster.

2 seated set

A - I had no target as these girls were 5.5 and below, but since there weren't too many sets I felt like I needed to warm up. I opened indirect with a opinion opener.

BC - I gave the girl who was pro prenup a hug. I stayed in for a few more minutes to warm up I find out she's a paralegal the girl asks if I want to buy her a drink. I tell her what for, I didn't think she was charging me for her legal opinion. I said don't be shy to come talk to me later on in the night and I ejected to talk to more ppl.

2 standing set

A - I approach direct.

BC - The target I had approached barely spoke English, so I had her friend translate. But she didn't seem amused. So I chatted up her friend before I ejected.

I see the black chick by herself so I pulled her in closer, and ran the mixed baby's line. Then she tells me she's got a bf. I tell her that we would still make better looking babies. Then I ran the Asian discount, I got the two cheek kisses, but she walks away when I ask for the lip kiss. I should have lowered my energy, and used more sexual kino.

Pros - since u built enough comfort, I was able to open the group and my target multiple times that night.

Cons - I should have lowered my energy, and used more sexual kino.

4 standing set

A - I approach high energy, black girl with an Afro. I told her I fucking loved her hair.

BC - I built great comfort with the group, had great energy. I had ejected prematurely due to these guys who asked me if I was a pua.
So these guys have been watching me open up sets, and they said "this guy must be a pua". I never really thought that I was ever going to be labelled a pua. I chatted with them for a bit but then, I caught a glimpse of a blonde Latina with a bangin booty.

3 set

A - I approached direct with kino turn.

BC - she tells me she's her with her bf, I talk for a bit then her bf comes back fr the bar. So I ran game on him to be able to stay in set for a bit longer. So I had the chance to be able to build comfort amongst the group. But none of the other girls was as good as the blonde Latina, so I ejected after a while.

Pros - was able to befriend AMOG and prolong my set

Con - no other targets were worth it.
Should have number/email close anyways to befriend people.

4 set

A - direct approach kino turn. Wasn't too happy I interrupted their group. So I bid goodnight and I ejected.

Pros - Low AA; and i didn't let it phase me
Cons - should have came with a higher energy.

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