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 Post subject: FR 1/16/2014 and Subsequent Text Game Part I
PostPosted: 24 Jan 2014, 16:23 
Koi Fish

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What's up fellas?! It's been a while since I've posted a FR since my life has been crazy busy. But this one is important because it highlights my text game.

Setting: Thursday night. I walk into a dim lit bar with a band on stage. Some old schmoe is up there belting out Journey while everyone smiles. Or were they grimacing? I look around to spot any good sets but found 3 clusters of people with an even ratio of men and women. Though I was unsure of their relationship, I decided I was going to figure it out.

I walk up to the bar to grab a beer. It was a long day and I needed to unwind. I also wanted to kick myself back into PUA gear so I was determined to make as many approaches as possible. The bartender was a cute little brunette so I chatted up with her for a minute or so to get myself into a talkative mood (increasing internal state). There were no sets around me so I made my way to the karaoke sign-up sheet. I knew I was going to rock the stage tonight but more importantly, it was my way to flirt with girls who come up to read the song list. Without fail, this cute dirty blonde walked up and grabbed a list. She looks almost exactly like Topanga from Boy Meets World, for any of you who are familiar. So for sake of ease i will call her Topanga instead of HB#. She was wearing this beanie and had red lipstick on in a black get-up. We made eye contact and I initiated the conversation.

Me: Hi!
Her: Hello.
Me: You seem like a decent singer. What song are you gonna pick?
Her: I don't know yet. My friend might join me.
Me: Well I know what you're going to pick, and you don't need your friend's help to sing "I Touch Myself".
Her: *laughs* what are YOU going to sing.
Me: I'm going to ROCK IT OUT with my usual
Her: What's that?
Me: *showed her "Inside Out" by Eve 6*
Her: *lights up* Nice! That's a good song!
Me: You should totally come up and rock out with me!
Her: Yeah for sure. My friends and I are going to this concert next door but we'll be back when it ends.
And then a short conversation, no C phase yet.

The rest of the night isn't that important to describe but she ended up coming back when I was on stage Rick Rolling the bar with my good friend. As soon as I got off stage she came running up and gave me a big hug. We fluffed, took shots, drank, and got to C phase. She told me she was from San Diego so I cold-read her and listed all the stereotypes of a SoCal girl, then told her that she's now "offended" because I'm stereotyping her (a stereotype itself), which incited a huge laugh from her. I was feeling genuine attraction to her, so I went direct for a # close. I think I said something to the effect of:

Me: "You're really cool shit and cute as fuck. Here, put your number in *hands her the phone*"
Her: "*sarcastic ha!* "How many numbers have you gotten with THAT line?"
Me: "You're the 100,000th. But you don't get a prize."

So here's where the text game begins. Using a skill I learned from Text-to-Sex, I started my conversation like this (I'm in the BLUE):
2014-01-24 17.12.41.png
2014-01-24 17.13.33.png
2014-01-24 17.14.23.png
2014-01-24 17.15.00.png

Now this system will not let me attach any more than 4 pictures. So continue reading .

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