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 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 26 Feb 2014, 14:31 
Koi Fish

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12th January 2013,

Hello ! Hope you're fine ! Rested and relaxed after a few days in a mountain, I am back for a new season of scandalous pick up in Aix. Welcome in 2013.

Yesterday evening, it was an awesome night : I ate a burger in town with Marie (my open relationship), I fucked her of course and... when she left, I opened Facebook.

I chatted there with a girl almost as scandalous as me, who added me as a friend a few days before. Slight drawback, she is so full of herself that is not really credible : she claims she is "top of the range " and that she deserves "only the best in her bed". I founded it highly overrated that she dares to game me like that. She said "someone told me about you, you make me laugh a lot, so I'm half in your bed, your job is doing the rest". I found it so beautiful that I almost blubbered. She also told me that she was at the moment in the bar in front of my house and put me in the challenge to come.

I just thought it was fate : I had a date with my Padawan (a friend from high school who has almost always been in a relationship but who broke up during the Christmas Holiday so he decided to learn the Game) so we went to this bas, in order to do not lose face. We had a few drinks, we looked for the scamp in question and when we had localized the target... Here is the exchange of messages :

23:34 MOI : Come to toilet
23:35 ELLE : Did you recognized me?
23:37 MOI : It is very easy to remove your bra with this dress (she had a naked back)
23:37 ELLE : Lolll I can't see you
23:39 MOI : I 'm making obscene signs just now !
23:40 ELLE : I do not see you

There, our looks crossed and I raised my glass like to say "cheers". I drank heavily a Get-Perrier. Then we went out to get some fresh air with Padawan.

23:42 MOI : I will come to see you later, now, we are smoking a joint
23:43 ELLE : Give me some
23:45 MOI : Behhh, get out or come to the toilets
23:45 ELLE : Meet you outside
23:47 MOI : Are you afraid that I rape you ? Well, we go to the counter
23:47 ELLE : Come outside I'm smocking with a friend

We a little spoke with her buddy and she then we drank to their expenses at their table but someone spilled half-bottle of rosé on us. She said "look, me too I have some on my jean" and she took my hand to put it on her thigh. Red alert ! Well, after, we touched each other (she kissed me on the cheek to try to turn me on but I remained stoical like James Bond) then she went dancing on a chair like a delicious biatch and her buddy took advantage of it to whisper me "she doesn't kiss at the first date!
- me neither". Then I went to find her and I whispered to her "I don't kiss at the first date!" she laught "me neither" (we are on the same wavelength).

I went to sit down again then she tried to turn on her buddy by rubbing herself to him. I began to put my jacket, she then ran up and asked me "are you jealous of my buddy, do you leave?
- No I was cold." Then she sat down again next to me, began playing with ice cubes then put me three in the mouth before coming to take them with her tongue. Well, we kissed and everything then I suddenly received a text message. Because I had not put the number in my phone, I sent an elegant man "who are you ?
- Mélanie and you ? (another one who added me on FB at the beginning of the week)
- Barney Stinson." We agreed to meet near the city hall to go in a club together.

Because I am one of these rare guys who can do two things at the same time, I danced at the same time with the girl of ice cubes. At a moment: she took my right hand, put it on her butt and told me "It is my trump card, my buttocks. (she probably likes doggy style)
- Would need that I see them without the jeans to confirm." She violently pushed me on the seat and danced with one of my legs between her legs... She wriggled, came up and came down... Which means that, OK, she probably moves well in the bed too.

I missed the time of the appointment with Mélanie because of her, as a consequence I received "you are scandalous" by text message. Well, it motivated me to move. In any case, the player with the attractive legs wanted to leave in order to sleep and her buddy (nice head but become a little bit fat due to drinking) too. She gave me a kiss on the corner of the lips and I commented "what is this ?"On my way for the city center I received her address, it excited me but well… It seemed to me slightly too beautiful to be true and I had another plan, thus... A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush as said my mom.

01:08 ELLE : 7 Lou**** street
03:37 MOI : Sorry, I was in a club, I just received now (I lied to stay on course)

Padawan returned home and I went in another bar with Mélanie this time (beautiful green eyes but less hot than the girl of the ice cubes) : we met Hafid and Arnaud there. The girl tied my hands to the stripper pole with her scarf so I bawled "set me free anyone, help" but no one cared. Selfish men's World ! She then joined me on the podium and I said, in a provocative way, "when do you wanna make love ?
- when you want." I kissed her and she stayed stunned... she probably didn't think that I would dare in these conditions. Well, I also talked with a guy who carried a blond wig but this bastard licked my cheek by surprise. True story.

We finally went in a club, I really wanted to have a pee. Then, I opened my shirt as well as my pants and I kissed Mélanie again : I danced with my butt against her, discreetly fiddling her pussy. I looked like an idiot but it was original and discreet. After, we went to my place, we drank a tea to purify ourselves and we fucked.

She told me she sometimes attends to big orgies so I had to be good in bed so she wants to invite me. Well, now, I will see if I can have sex with the ice cubes' cutie (I lied to her, I told her that it is my birthday today and she says that she wanna give me a gift tonight). Useless tease or true hedonist ? Time will tell, I have nothing to lose.

May the God of the Game be with you ! Kiss.

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 02 Mar 2014, 10:54 
Koi Fish

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13th January 2013,

Continuation of the story with the girl of the ice cubes.

She turned me on by text messages all day yesterday then asked me to choose how she will dress for me tonight : red dress or blue electric dress ? The average guys would have said red (color of the desire) then I chose blue to be a pain in the ass. She made an appointment with me in a club at 2 am.

OK, I know that you should not organize the nights according to a girl but well... like an idiot, I contacted Arnaud, Hafid and Padawan and we went to the club in question... That has cost us 20€ but because we rarely go there, that changed us. Except that I did not see her. I texted her, called her... no answer. 2am, no one. 3am, still no one. "It is probably a swindle otherwise she would have called to apologize". With Padawan and Hafid, we searched everywhere in the club and we went as far as getting incognito into the VIP area. Not there.

Well, I didn't want to approach a lot of girls in case she would arrive (for not losing an easy shot) so I have rather been the perfect wingman. With that said, it was a good night : I pissed off a guy who looked shy, I laughed like rarely, and there was even a girl whom I would have been able to kiss easy peasy I am sure because I approached her then I went back speaking with my buddies and she ceaselessly came back talking to me. I told her to kiss her friend (a cute girl), she answered "ok if you kiss your buddy before"... we cheated with the technique of the thumb between the lips but THEY they kissed for good. Cool, we won. Padawan has even taken the number of a girl ! We have just made a big step forward !

I then met the nice buddy of the girl of the ice cubes, the guy a little bit fat with the head of teddy bear, who had offered drinks to us the day before (Cf the previous narrative). It turns out that he works in this club. OK, so, with such a social status :
- she used me to try to make him jealous and to bang him ;
- or then they had read my blog and wanted to make fun of me because they take me for a poor virgin who tries to compensate by writing about seduction.

He nevertheless told me that she was there, in a blue dress, that he had seen her and that she would never have left without saying goodbye to him. I read "I know that you're lying" and "Psychology of the liar" but I had really too much drunk then it was hard to analyze. Pissing around and plot or big misunderstanding? I tilted for the first option but hope makes you live as said my mom.

This morning, I noticed with dismay that the girl had deleted me of her FB. Who knows what happened in her little cute disturbed mind... She published on her wall "I heard you are a player. nice to meet you, Im the coach" with a picture (bottle of champagne & ice cubes) : it is probably for my attention. What did she try to prove? Wasn't it a little bit useless ?

Do you think that her challenge was to see if she would be able to make me run up in the club ? But, once again, I don't see the interest to do that... I go there from time to time and I had planned to go out anyway thus that did not bother me... then, especially, it is very normal for a sexual guy wanting to screw a fuckable girl who turns him on like that. If I had not tried, it would have meant "I am gay". Conclusion : there are really a lot of people who have nothing to do in their lives ! Finally here we are, she is probably not a panther at my height, rather a little pussy.

Well, motherfucka, I will not take the abject step of contacting again a young tease who maybe did just flinch and cave in completely. I will treat it with hatred. I deleted her number in order to do not be tempted to contact her during an evening of weakness. Especially that we shall re-meet certainly in parties.

So, I spent a nice night all the same but I would have preferred doing her things without delicacy in doggy style position at around 5 am o'clock. We would have had orgasms both of us, win-win scenario. Well, like I often say, it's her loss more than mine and then it will all the same make a good story to tell on my blog.

The morality is: when a chick comes from nowhere and tries to pick you up while you have no social status, nor the face of Johnny Depp, nor the body of Brad Pitt nor the size of Josh Hartnett nor the money of Clooney... There is most of the time a trap. Be careful. But nevertheless I do not want of all this: the true PUA fucks girls with only his cock and his knife.

May the God of the Game be with us !

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 06 Mar 2014, 04:20 
Koi Fish

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17th January 2013,

Hello dear friends ! I will tell you a story about ass, as usual... but, this time, also about pancakes and speed seduction (yes, I'm innovating).

First of all, what is speed-seduction ? The man who invented this method is called Ross Jeffries. It is based on Neuro-linguistic Programming and hypnosis. The NLP is a set of models and of techniques of personal development coming from the United States which are intended to improve the communication between individuals and to improve personally. Well, it is the official speech. The reality is that they are techniques of manipulation intended to influence the emotional state of people. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of translations in French so I have to do with few. I thus translated myself the first ebook of Ross (on my blog : Comment mener au lit les femmes que vous désirez). Very instructive.

I approached this chick on Adopte in December and then we had stopped talking because she did not connect any more then I had sent my number point-blank... in the nerve! She had answered simply by her number (look for the error). Since then, we sent more or less hot texts but nothing crazy, we also spoke about pointless things (Gossip Girl, our parties, etc.) By the way, last Saturday, she was my plan B : I asked her to come too to the club where I had planned to meet the girl of the ice cubes (if you do not remember, read my previous texts) just to be sure to have a fresh plan and to make profitable the 20€ of admission. Hey yeah, I am not a dead man of hunger, my sexual satisfaction depends on no girl in particular. None of the two having come, but this one didn't lie to me, I thus decided to cross a speed with this-chick-who-has-a-name-of-precious-stone (we will call her Precious Stone) and to next the other bipolar.

I turned her on by describing her what I would like to do through the three communication channels : what she would feel (kisses, caresses, penetrations, etc.), what she would hear (breath, words, etc.) and what she would see (my body, etc.) I thus described what I would do for her then made her tell me what she would like to do to me. I read that making them write naughty things is a good way to sleep with them.

I give some explanation: If I manage to make her say that she wants to kiss my stomach, then to go down taking my sex between her lips: SHE is going to imagine herself doing it while she writes it and it will become an obvious fact for HER that it is necessary to do it for good. Additional argument, a girl with whom we have already made love virtually will only very rarely make a last minute resistance.

Excited by so much lyric, it has been one week since she begs me to fuck her. I was not able to take care of her case before because my aunt died, then my parents left to Lyon for the funeral and I guarded their house. As a result, I made her wait (I didn't want to go to Aix just to bang a girl). In brief, yesterday, I believed that she was flinching because she had to come to my place... but, at the last moment, she asked me to come picking her up at 10pm. Good point for her on the other hand: she kissed me when she saw me, without hesitation. We went to my place and we made love after she took some Fervex. She announced that she was sick so I also took one Fervex, in prevention. What an hypochondriac ! I hope that I have not the flu now due to exchanging physical fluids. I don't want to be immobilized all the WE because I have, so to speak, some projects.

We fucked 3 times, she had 3 orgasms but the last time I didn't finish : I was so tired. Then, she watched a movie and I fell asleep (she said I snored). In the morning we did it again, and she shouted my name « Oh mon Dieu, oh oui Fabrice » it turned me on but still not finished !!!!! Later, we cooked pancakes, I ate a lot and we did it again-again… This time, I finished (and fuck, it was soooo good, would need to be frustrated more often)! For the anecdote: I saw that she had received a text of her friends « go and enjoy his dick , lucky girl ». After knocks, she got dressed and left (it scared her that I open the window of my bedroom to aerate).

This girl, is one of those little princess from Aix who goes to the law faculty, who drink a lot of alcohol and take coke every week-end in the VIP room of a club I cheerfully despise even if we cannot deny that there are a lot of cute hotties. Her best friends are hot too (at least in the pictures I saw : I can intend to go to parties with her and to make my buddies taste her friends). I feel a pleasant connection with her, although she does not suck on the knees, and so I hope to see her again !

Description of the precious stone: A beautiful 18 or 19-year-old girl, tall, brown hair, styled, with a naughty face («I worship the women with heads of dogs as the Egyptians » as says a contemporary poet) and her lips are made to welcome my penis. She is almost 5ft10, even taller than Marie I guess but motherfucka : it is so good taking doggystyle a pretty girl full of herself like her.

It ain't over yet ! I received then a text of an Asian girl I kissed in September in a park (reread my adventures if you have difficulty in following). My blog had shocked her because she did not want to be, I quote « the number 150 before 2013 »… She exaggerated of course, but we had not meet again. Except that, all the same, a libertine of my tempering : it turned her on… Then she came and I told her that I did the pancakes for her. I can tell you that I scored points!!!!! We visited my cuddly monkey on my bed (its name is Arnaud like my buddy who offered it to me) and we kissed, then we undressed a little but she did not want to do anything more then I fell asleep against her... until now, more or less.

Kiss. May the God of the Game be with you !

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 09 Mar 2014, 10:15 
Koi Fish

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19th January 2013,

Get ready, I will tell you a story about defilement of a minor, incest, and almost threesome.

Let's begin from the start… I still post bullshits on my blog and I have some groupies... one in particular, we will call her the-girl-from-Toulon, who asked for my phone number something like two weeks ago. Because she looked hot and sexy, well, I gave it to her. I learnt she was from Toulon : it's not near but it's not very far of my city (at the beginning I don't know why but I thought she was living in Metz so a bit of nooky became instantly possible). Well, we flirted by text message, have I to say that it's not really « hard » to find me at this game… (?) and I recently sent her the speed seduction. Well, I admit, I did not get much involved, I transferred the same messages than I used to fuck the-girl-with-the-name-of-precious-stone (cf. previous story).

It was understood that she comes visiting me on Friday evening and that she sleeps at my place EXCEPT THAT on Thursday evening, the day before, she sent to me « You are going to kill me but finally I will come and see you on Saturday morning I am going to sleep with my boyfriend » I informed her that I was not a sucker nor anything and that she could get lost but I remained extremely polished for once... then I dashed wanted to sleep so I stopped answering. I dared all the same to add « I hope that you took the good decision ». Her boyfriend is a guy from Aix too apparently, but she says that she has several guys at the same time and that she doesn't care.

Well. Yesterday evening, we were drinking at my place with Arnaud, Hafid, the Breton neighbor of Hafid, and two buddies of her... When I suddenly received this text « I made the wrong choice.
- I know.
- I want to die right now. Do you think that if I run away it will be OK ?
- Hell yeah you just have to join me.
- But how can I, please ? I have no means of transport.
- You do how you want, Aix it is not that big and I live in the city center. » I have been a bit « hard » with her by text message then I thought and I phoned : she explained that her guy had broke up with her because she did not want to fuck. OK. Never mind, Padawan was coming to my bachelor apartment then he made a detour by car to take her (I will buy you a drink for that brother it is promised). They arrived while I was already drunk but it was a good thing, it helped me taking the shock when she announced with dismay being 16 years old... I thought she was 19 when I invited her MOTHERFUCKA (need to better read the FB profiles).

We then decided to go out in town. We have drunk heavily again FUCK ME I had said that I stopped. The naughty girl always managed to tax the drink of the one or the other one… Padawan and I began an operation of merger with the pitchoune. She touched our butts. At a given moment, she was speaking a little too much to a guy then we suggested her thinking if she wanted to sleep in the street this evening or not and that calmed her... We were in two different clubs, it is in the second that I lost her one moment then I found her speaking with another guy… a blond … I came and I introduced myself as her older brother.

In brief, we drank on his account and she danced with him. Later we have lied to his congeners with Padawan by saying that we all three were from the same family and everything and they believed us « Ah but yeah you have the same shape of face and the same nose … On the other hand your sister doesn't really look like you.
- Yeah but it is our stepsister (this is why we can fuck her). » After a while, she returned and I asked her why she was dancing with him, if she liked him and everything « No but it is so that he offers drinks to us. I never pay anything in clubs. » Beautiful mentality ! Then I suggested her kissing in the back of the guy while he danced and while he would not see us. She answered « no ». I went away then she came towards me, I informed her « I am a bad loser ». She said « Oh no we can do what you want but not here need a more quite place » so I took her hand and... kiss. Afterward, she was so drunk that she kissed the blond in question then came back to me « ah fuck he is ugly and kisses like a mammoth, he put me some slaver everywhere ». Listening her, it was squalid, then explain to me why she gave him her phone number ? In brief, you suspect it, we left and he immediately sent her a typical loser's message « Hello its jérémy of the club. How are u ? » Of course, she never answered.

Direction my place with Padawan and the teenager from Toulon. We were high... especially her... me I felt better, so we talked to everybody in the street, I remember a black, a kind of dealer who wanted to discuss with me of the respect for the woman « It is necessary to respect the woman.
- nope.
- But, your mom, you respect her?
- nope.
- But all the same without the women, we would do nothing.
- You know, the male chauvinism and the pornography it is guys' inventions. They just invented the polonium. » I believe that he did not know what it is then he shut up and left.

At my place, we ate chips all three together, we excited her and we were ready to propose a threesome, but the girl went to bed before… in my bed. With Padawan, we a little spoke and everything then he told me « go and take care of her before she fall asleep ». He is really a buddy. No sooner said than done, I put myself in underwear and I came into the bed with her. A little earlier, she had made us hard by telling us that she loves to be submitted so I stuck to her I touched her tits, she was hard, I caressed her stomach but she resisted « I want to sleep.
- me too. » Because she presented me her back, I kissed it then I came down and I licked her during a moment. When she approached the orgasm I told her « say that you want me » she answered « yes I want to feel you and everything » but she did not want that I put a condom then I insisted (new resolutions of 2013). So we fucked. Frankly, she had an attractive face, a blonde with blue eyes as if they had been retouched on Photoshop, a thin body as we find there only very rarely on the girls of our age, tall, really thin and everything (I learnt moreover afterward that she was anorexic during 2 years). She told me that she had not slept for 3 weeks because she did not want but I had tempted her because I « lick pussies like a girl, and it is a compliment » (yeah she is also bisexual, I dunno if I specified but I am almost hard only thinking again about it).

She wanted to sleep against me and we did it again this morning. She pleased me when she told me « ah looks like you do body-building in fact ». Besides, she told me that she had 53 lovers in 2012 (not my business)… She told me that 90 % of the guys are bad in bed and she congratulated me « it is obvious that you have experiment, you are a good you know » (well if she wants to send me her friends no problem). I was very surprised when she told me that her father stopped talking to her because she fucked a lot of unknown strangers this summer, he told her that she was a « slut » so she lives with her mother and everything I don't remember the details because I was totally fucked up. Also, she sucks guys in her high school because they ask her firmly, it is totally crazy… (I don't know if it is a good idea to believe everything she says). The new generation is thus totally crazy… and entirely shaved. Another exciting thing, she really wanted to clean my apartment before leaving … I walked her to the bus and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. So cute. She has just left and I am still excited, fortunately, at noon I eat with Marie my open relation, I am going to ask her to suck me because the teenager did not do it, naughty girl !!!!!

XXX. May the God of the Game be with you !

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PostPosted: 11 Mar 2014, 12:03 
Koi Fish

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4th February 2013,

Well, it's been a while since I had not posted anything, shame on me... by way of purgatory to repair this slander, I am going to quickly tell you the last two weeks!

Continuation of the story with the 16-year-old girl : would you believe that the two guys I did not know who had come to my aperitif with the Breton told everything to Precious Stone (yeah they knew her : Aix is a little town) and as a consequence she did not want to see me anymore « so... you bang young girls, I don't want to see you anymore, you're disgusting »… ? Well, I didn't try to defend myself, knowing that it was jealousy speaking. I would have been able to claim that not, that she was just a friend and everything but well… I have a chronic lack of tact which made me send « yes she came in my bed so we made love ». Notice how I skillfully am thought of as a victim in this sentence.

Thursday after these events: Padawan, the Captain Haddock (a buddy of Padawan who as looks like the captain in Tintin as two peas in a pod) and Julia (ex of Padawan) were present. We were drunk in a Corsican bar and we imitated their fucking accent, we saw a hobbit, set fire to the hair of a girl then we went to the reopening of this club which I despise cheerfully, but famous for its population, young sexy and full of coke. I have let a hand at the entry again (20€) but I enjoyed my night. I drank in the glass of the ex of Padawan but at the end of the 5th time she got annoyed and I got chewed out then I left towards more green pastures. I fell on Precious stone, accidentally in the club, then I warmed her and she was not necessarily against : she touched my cock, put her hands on my butt and everything. Well, at a given moment she made me hallucinate « do you have a condom ? » I really believed that I was going to fuck her in the club but finally when I took one out of my wallet, she said « forget it ». A whimsical girl if you want my opinion. A guy hallucinated by watching the scene, that made me laugh, it is already that. I saw again Mary too, the girl who had bled on my bed, the one who thought that we were a couple because I had fucked her once but who was disappointed well when I told her my scandalous medical party (I really have to learn how to lie). Since then, she had blocked me on FB and so I wanted to speak to her in face-to-face but she did not let me say anything and avoided me. That's why it is important to be really clear from the beginning (and that's what I do), the aim is not hurting women. The thing is that most of the time they don't WANT to understand. Bah no prob, I was kissing Precious Stone in front of her to piss her off by way of punishment. Then, I got lost in the pit (or dancefloor for the close friends) where a girl fixed me, I fixed her in return but I did not speak to her and she left. What a dick I am : she was cute. In fact, at the moment I am in search of « routines » for when my brain is « OFF » because I would like to approach in automatic mode (my game is based on is difficult to be original with 10 grams). In brief, by leaving, I have crossed Precious Stone in the changing room « It cannot be a coincidence !
- ahfkezhgksjdhgskjh (she was even more drunk than me)
- Kill yourself nasty starved pedophile (her roommate and best friend threw herself on me, bawling as a fishmonger and gave me fingers so, well, I did it back to her, it was funny). » After, I proposed fucking to Precious Stone but a black intervened « you've missed your luck, she is coming back with me ». He was a little aggressive and she did not react then, ben, I showed myself vulgar, I gave them a finger to all « MOTHERFUCKAAAAAAAAA » and I returned alone... With the head up but the testicles full.

On Friday, she sent me a text: Precious Stone wanted to fuck, that was urgent, the situation of the day before had excessively turned her on. Then, on the evening, ben, I took her up against her front door. It was very exciting except that at a given moment the condom left and I put her some unprotected back-and-forth before noticing it. I hope that it will not be sufficient for having caught a shit (answer in 3 months). With that said, it was all the same cool so then we fucked again on her bed and on her cooker. She reassured me when I knew that she had not even let the black of the day before kiss her : what a big shit this guy, another hopeful jerk who understands nothing to the Indicators of Interest nor to women in general. In the same style, one of the guys of the aperitif also tried to fuck her, he took out his cock when he walked her back home and told her "Precious Stone I want you now." Fail. Last thing which made me happy, I fucked in the bed of her bitchy roomate.

Saturday : I saw Marie, my darling spoils love. We made brownies and while they cooked... I fucked her doggy-style on the table of the kitchen. She asked me if I had screwed without condom some other girls meanwhile by swearing on the Bible that she either had not made a bullshit but I lied because I wanted her so much. In fact I did not really lie, well, only the two back-and-forth in Precious Stone bothered me. For my defense, she sucks very good Marie, I am addicted. Then, we have a privileged relation based of the fact that she is the only one whom I take unprotected (I know that she is clean). I don't wanna lose her.

Still on Saturday : we made the event Facebook for our bithday with Arnaud and Hafid then we went out at Place Richelme at night. Except that these two traitors left me at the time of 1:30 am then, ben, I went alone to the nightclub. It was cool anyway : I approached a set of two. Then, I have met and fucked again Marine the girl with the blue eyes of November... bam, same problem of condom but this time in position missionary. It is just baffling!!!!! Should I change mark or verify the size?

Well, the next week : search for internship and everything, I measured the city from top to bottom during 48 hours, I looked at the Nouvelle Star and I settled in a restaurant, Wednesday noon. I ordered a croque-monsieur then I left in search of the government-regulated Holy Grail. BIP BIP : In the afternoon I received a surprise message on Adopte « do you often come to XXX ? » it was the confectioner/waitress/maid who had recognized me. Then, ben, I invited her at my place this WE, for the Candlemas. This story of internship which I do not find perturbs me … Especially because if I have still nothing on April 18th I am going to lose one year and shall not be awarded a diploma before December 2014… Then a shot in a baker would allow me to release a little of pressure. I guess, if she contacts me like that it's because she likes me.

On Friday, small aperitif at Hafid's place : this girl, Mélissa was there, a kind of psycho if you want my opinion : at about 00 am, she had already removed the shirt of Arnaud, Hafid and mine. We were not necessarily against then here we were, we were passive. But seriously, she frightened me a little in fact, I not at all wanted to screw her. Finally I want to say, at the moment I have three quality Regular Fuck Friends (Marie, Marine and Precious Stone) then I am not going to force myself even if I have to recognize that she has beautiful eyes and that she is not the worst girl on the planet. I was so much not motivated that I guess that I had a nap on Hafid's sofa… We did not go out and at the end of the night when I woke up, we were JUST THE THREE OF US : her, Hafid and me. It almost turned into threesome especially that at a moment : I went to the bathroom and she joined me there and began to masturbate me in my jeans (I didn't ask for anything). Hafid came to see what was going on and we acted casual (then I had not too much desire) then I said that I was going to leave. She said « me too » and convinced me that she was going to suck me in the staircase in the black in the corridor of Hafid. Well, I let her do but I felt that something was wrong. I felt a presence. I heard frictions against the wall, I was persuaded that we were not alone. Then I asked her to stop and everything then I switched on the light and we actually saw the neighbor of Hafid, a 35-year-old old man without hair who smoked his fag casually sat on the staircase ! Well, I was so to speak put down, the voyeurism it is check. Outside, hopeful Mélissa tried a « you come to my place ? » I said « no » And I returned without turning around. I was not in a mood. The air disgusted, she released a « farewell». It is true what, making me suck it is a thing but if the girl wants that I lick her and everything, it is another debate. On the other hand, I am well afraid of being corruptible by means of the blowjob.

On Saturday, the Candlemas : pancakes party with The Confectioner and the dreamteam (Hafid, his Breton neighbor, Arnaud) and captain Hadock and Padawan who didn't stay long. The Captain Haddock is the buddy of Padawan that I like very much, he is very funny and he looks like my cousin I do not see any more a lot that then it builds links. In brief, during the meal, I sent a text to The Confectioner, and I gave her a discreet DATE in the black room (aka my bathroom but I did not changed the bulb for a long time) to do naughty things. Once inside, I asked her to show me her tits, just with the mobile which enlightened the room… It was sexy but she kept a certain distance thus I did not kisskiss her. Then here we are, since then, we send messages. I'm not saying she is a pure hottie (even if she is cute) then she looks like an adiot when she laugh but she is tall (around 5ft9) and looks like she is good in bed. Thus it is in negotiations…

At about 00:30 am, go to the pub and the clubs. In the pub, I have met Alex. Flash-Back : Alex was the hottie of my prom when I was in the UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and additionally a good friend. She had a boyfriend and was faithful during the TWO-YEAR TECHNICAL DEGREE except during a short period when she and her guy (who also became my buddy) paused for I don't know which dark reason. In brief, I made many neg with Alex, because she always was flatting me (and because it was the only technique I knew), and I believe that more I pushed her away and did not show my interest (while the other guys of the class showed openly that they had only a desire : destroying her pussy)... More I rejected her, pushed her away and pushed her to the limits and more she was attracted. Finally, she made two-three things which consolidate me in this theory. She said all the time that she found me handsome (I am always fascinated to notice that I often am liked by the girls I really like and that I am almost never liked by those I don't like), she made rise my quotation with the other girls by laughing to all my jokes and everything and then she stuck to me, let drag the hands on my legs, gave me the hand by walking in town, and one day at noon in a corridor she told me « Kiss me » another casual crazy thing to her certainly but I dashed wanted to take her there like that. Except that well, had my buddy and an another friend were two meters there farther and they would have probably found that strange then I said « no ». I was such an AFC. My friends hallucinated by seeing that I the plump young I put a rake to the hot girl of the class. Nevertheless, this rake which I put will haunt me forever. Finally she slept with a skinny guy I didn't like. She had regrets. For my consciousness I repeat that the situation was not ideal nor anything finally I look for excuses but in the day of today I still regret my lack of testicles of when I was 18 years old. I find comfort by telling to myself that even the handsome waiter and the DJ of the most prestigious club of the region gave up to her: I am probably the only one in the world who have put her a rake. Anecdote : physically and mentally, she reminds me of the girl of Toulon... but in brunette. Sometimes I wish I had the skills I have today. I am not maybe very romantic but I am sentimental.

Return in the current events : I kissed a red-head, and took her Facebook in the first club. I saw again Marine in the second and we kissed each other in front of the Breton, just to piss her off a little. Well, the Breton is not a girl who I try to pick up, because it is cool to have a girl in a group of buddies, that doesn't bothers her to go speaking to girls to bring them to us… But well for a one night stand that would not bother me to put my head between her big tits.

All this to say that the situation becomes complicated … I have three sex friends what makes that even if I fuck them only once a week each: that leaves me fewer time and desire (motivation) to go hunting and that risks to feel the effects in my papers. Maybe that I should make a choice, and drop one or two (but keep Marie my love of course). Especially because I started again intensive sending of « pokes », and it seems good : I talk with 2/3 this week which do not look like against the idea to meet me to kiss me. Pokes are cool, you send a lot, 98% girls ignore you or offend you and 2% blow you. The game it is statistical, friends.

News of the girl from Toulon also, the one who is 16: she will come to my birthday apparently. Needs to say that I recently put her back the ideas to their place : « You know, I am probably not the only one, but a girl adrift, I find that terribly delicious. Kind of girl whom you want to take care of her and put back on the rails to make her the ideal woman...
- I am a fantasy.. I dunno if I have to laugh at it or to cry for it. »

To finish, I dunno what you think about this fashion of « Spotted ». In any case, I feast on it, I left bloody comments on the page « Spotted : Campus d’Aix ». Here is a memorable exchange :
- A girl called Léa : yeah spottez moi fuck ! Mouahah
- Me : I can poke you and take you doggystyle if you want, it's the best I can do for you
- A girl called Alison : Less romantic
- Me : I can't see what that has of more romantic saying that we want to doggystyle a girl but that we have not the testicles for approaching her IRL... Spotted encourages the small carpet beaters not going out of their comfort zone. Then they jerk off while writing a completely stupid text of two pages which would give even the runs to a poet. All this, hoping that their "soul mate" connects, recognizes herself, reads it, and have some respect for such a gay.

The cyberwomanizer tells you: Kiss kiss. May the God of the Game be with you !

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PostPosted: 13 Mar 2014, 04:43 
Koi Fish

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9th February 2013,

Catastrophic beginning of night : exhausted by body-building + by the time school starts, I fell asleep on my bed and woke up at near 9:30 pm! The Captain and Padawan were already on their way to Aix, whereas I dragged in boxer shorts the empty stomach like a pale ghost who would haunt an old Scottish castle. I quickly cooked some pastas (it was that or I came down to the truck of pizza in underwear), I shaved this beard of 10 days I kept all this week in spite of me (I didn't took a shower because I did not have time but that doesn't bothers me and also girls often say that I smell good that has to be the pheromones) and I went down at top speed the staircases of my building (by taking the elevator).

Padawan and the Captain were a little irritated because I made them keep waiting 15 minutes in front of at my home. It doesn't matter, I acted just like if it wasn't important and it contaminated their state of mind: we moved on. First bar (rich people), we debriefed the week: the Captain has poked the same girls than me, did not fuck since August and Padawan is in lack of sex too.

Pokes, that works : without joking I poked about fifty girls and I had 16 answers and 5 friends' requests and a lot of private messages. A real industry. I had even a date this evening, but I had badly looked at her profile and when I spoke about her to the Captain, he told me: « The face OK, but she is fat ». Zebbi, I had badly looked in my haste at poking everybody who moves … So I flaked her ! Balek ! She took for all the girls who pissed off me lately! Otherwise I have one fresh girl in reserve, I have her number, we send hearts and everything, she is really hot : Brown hair, tall, stylish and long hair, thin but with forms and a great first name. I dated her for Valentine's Day, that promises ! I AM TOO ROMANTIC. Otherwise on Adopt, I have taken two numbers also! A profitable business. I am going to become a true cyber hunter : it is restful but deafening.

The second bar, it is there that I really came on stage. The cyprine-man in all his magnificence finally showed the real face. I approached a lot of sets with lines which I would consider as legendary :
- You have beautiful croup my mare, I would like to be astride you to win at the trifecta.
- I am master in these places, be allowed court and you will have audience in the court of king.
- You are not bad, I want to do things without delicacy to your ass.
The last line does not work, but thanks to both first ones: We were quickly surrounded with about fifteen people, among whom 3 funny girls and two shy persons. I have brilliantly taken their Facebook.

Well, Padawan had to go back home… so they both left as a matter of urgency and I joined Hafid and the Breton as well as their big but nice buddy, Youyou. Direction an Erasmus's club, they took me by surprise and presented me a fait accompli: 10€ the entrance huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… But open-bar then I was tempted, group dynamics and all this … I wanted shooters but the bar was full, so I had to resort to manners a bit unorthodox to give way to me.

I had to put 10 hands in the bottom to the same English before she turns around by laughing and sticks me a pépito in the mouth. Hafid told me « You can do what you want with her. » She stank of the mouth then I made nothing at all, I pushed her away and ordered a drink. I flirted with the Breton also, I dunno why but I told her «During my birthday, will you agree if I put you some alcohol on the tits and lick them?
- Yes.
- Are you kidding ?
- No, if you want. » Then here we are, we decided that it would be some champagne. Understand, Breton I like her very much as a party buddy… But if it is just for sex why not. Finally here we are, we put ourselves hands in the bottom during the evening and I kissed her tits at a given moment by surprise. She didn't even looked irritated. But, I had something else to think for the moment: this clubs hurt my eyes. A pool of Erasmus, blondes, brunettes but especially blondes and tall and not ugly.

First of all, I spoke to a very nice Italian with beautiful eyes: Facebookclose. Then, go on the dancefloor, but without dancing, I am not gay... Did you ever see James Bond dancing in a club ? I spotted a group of tall blondes (Swedish) and I told to one of them « I love you.
- You're nice.
- And you, do you love me ?
- Maybe in 15 minutes. Why me, you would have been able to tell it to 5 girls tonight?
- You are not a bad dancer.
- Thanks, and you ?
- I dance like a God but I prefer that we go have a drink.
- OK », go at the counter, we spoke our faces to 5 cms one of the other one, our noses contacted from time to time, it was sexy. Contact of lips, we returned on the dancefloor, danced together, and kissclose. Then Facebook close. (Or the opposite I remember).

One of her buddies was jealous and wanted to play the cockblock but I left her, he spoke and he didn't notice it but I was discreetly caressing her back and her butt and everything, that made her laugh and the other idiot got nothing. In brief, we agreed with my Swedish to see again at my home to drink a tea (green tea with lemon) = I am going to do things without delicacy to her ass when she will come visiting me. Hafid has kissed too, a short but cute brunette. He noted my Swedish 7.5/10.

Here we are, then I decided to adopt the opener « je t’aime ». So here we are, the Valentine's Day approaches and everything, I really want to have sex with the girl who has the beautiful first name. I really like her.

To finish, some nice lines this morning on FB :

- Ah all right I thought that you were lesbian. But so much the better
- Not at all lol
- Lol I thought of that because you did not look very interested in my number yesterday. I said to myself "she probably do not like men"
- Not I got nothing, I was tired lol and ill ahaha
This girl is a buddy of a girl with whom I fucked a few years ago. A bisexual (I shall tell you the story). And I think that they did it together, then that, that excites me.


- By the way, you will see it certainly in my text, you woke me up this night at 4 am !!!!!!!!
- Our first night together. You snored darling, not well!!!
- Mddrrrr yeah all right it is beautiful, dreaming!
- What do not tell me you do not remember!!!!!!! You smoked after love. And you slept against me and you snored. A small angel drooled on my shoulder lol
- Sorry not I do not remember myself I had probably too much drink...
I sexualize since a moment but well there I admit that I was obnoxious. It was funny.

- You slept well? Not too much dreamed about me!
- I slept very well, thank you and you? No, not too much just a little
- You imagined me naked????????????? I dreamed that we drink a tea at 4 pm
- Really? I I have dreamed the same thing it's a pity it will stay just a dream
- Unless you come to drink a tea at 4 pm (I have some green tea and lemon)
- Not bad that you remember. But I have forgotten to tell you that my sister will come today to visit me. I shall be occupied
- OK. Then we do not see each other?
- Not today. But I can not imagine myself that you leaves me so fast.
Looks like she wants my cock ? Not really, she did not make any counterproposal. In my opinion, she is just a player. May the God of the Game be with you!

PS : By going down le Cour Mirabeau, Captain and Padawan fell on two girls who returned them at their home with them. Padawan screwed one, the not very beautiful one while the Captain ate chips in the lounge. The other one, who was apparently less ugly, tried nevertheless to suck him but nothing to do. He impresses me for someone who didn't have sex for a while.

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PostPosted: 16 Mar 2014, 10:47 
Koi Fish

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11th February 2013,

Well. Yesterday, poeple have obliged me to drink... again. I swear you, that becomes a habit, and a bad one. Late, arrival at the Breton's at about 10:30 pm: we persuaded her that the captain is my cousin and she dared to comment « Ah it is him who took the good genes then ». I was in another world around midnight and I think of having acquired alcoholic's great powers because I have been teleported in one of my favourite bars by the city center. Good !

Answered present Hafid and the captain. I saw Chacha at a table not far: Chacha it is a girl on whom I broke my teeth in December. I had kissed her and everything, then had warmed her at my place but she preferred to leave meanly rather than having orgasms. A last-minute Resistance that I had seen coming, and that I did not know how to handle... and finally a lose-lose scenario. Big deal.

In brief, I saw again her, and having practically had no contact since this story (except for dates which she had meanly flaked at the last moment) I invited her to come drinking with us. She was with a friend not that cute who is here to make her feel more pretty thus I shall not talk longer about the subject. All this to say that it moved me to see her again like that, so cold and distant after the connection and passion we had. With her small air which seemed to say " you will never have me, you will even never know if I am a good in bed or a starfish ". I also vaguely remember having seen the Coach of Marseille and having treated a girl of "diary unicorn". The mysteries of the drink... Well, balek, at around 2 o'clock we abandoned them and we went to the same club as the day before : The captain, no here the night before, really wanted to approach Swedish.

Unfortunately, no Swedish on the menu last night but we tasted two German instead. One to whom I had already spoken yesterday who had a tall friend and cuter friend than her. Well, two blond cuties. In brief, the short girl already liked me the day before but the tall one was not interested in Hafid, then all this played against us. Except that this time, the captain knew how to catch her attention. They spoke a moment then the captain came to me "One thousand scubbles, she doesn't stop talking about her boyfriend.
- But you want her or not ?
Yeah, she is OK (the captain is strangely very demanding for a guy who did not have sex since August... He probably tries to justify his abstinence by superior aspiration but it is bullshits)» Then I came to his girl and told her "You know french kiss?
- What (said with a very cute accent)?
- You know frenchkiss?
- Yes (said with a very cute accent)" and I pushed her on the Captain. They looked in the eyes a few seconds and kiss kiss. I made the dance of the victory around them!!! Then, I turned mine on in a dark corner. I dunno what I have with the foreigners but I like them. They always make me a lot of effect even if I rarely arrive to something with them!

From this moment, the evening became totally BNS (big nonsense). I swear, I saw not Catholics things :
- I saw Youyou, the fat guy of yesterday, taking two or three rakes by the same girl but always trying again then complaining that it does not work! He wanted that I compromise with him, the coward I meanly gave him up pleading to have to practise a cleaning oral according to the rule book. I have to take care of the relations between France and Germany.
- Hafid cleaned himself the nose and took out two very yucky pieces. I also saw the Captain making faces, imitating Führer in front of the German and everything. He is very funny this guy. A girl had looked at me in the eyes and diverted her trajectory until striking me supposedly casually … "Approach invitation" will you say, except that I laughed. She took it badly. Seriously, I'm fed up of their girls' manners who do not assume they want to fuck. I don't see why I would make efforts while they content with being totally passive.
- At the moment, I dunno why, the Breton stuck me to the wall. In fact, she was up against the wall and I back to her and we spoke to each other by turning the head. Except that at the moment I too much turned to tell her I-don't-know-which-unhealthy-thing in the ear and she kissed me. I saw nothing coming, but I was drunk then I have kissed her back and I ran away by pretending to complain. It was nevertheless not so unpleasant but... quite legendary scene.
- I also explained to my German that we had to drink a tea naked at my home with her friend and the captain but it was not possible. In brief, not grave, they say that they will come to my birthday the 23. Having said that, I hope to fuck mine in the meantime (2 weeks it's more than enough).
- In the kind funny scene, the Breton proposed her mouth towards Mytho, a buddy of Hafid (he adores making friend-friend with misfits) and she approached like to kiss him but she turned away at the last moment. I laughed. Really needs that I speak about Mytho because I have not did it yet (I just saw him 2 or 3 times in my life)... In fact, his girl is a model in Paris, from a rich family but we have never seen her, and she has not Facebook. His brother is the dealer of Orelsan, and so he knows him personally, but are no photos. Moreover he knows a lot of celebrities (but has no photos), lived a lot of adventures (but no photos), all the girls try to pick him up but he does not want of them, they are not well enough for him (but they do not remember him). And more...
- Then, we went to the smoking corner. We saw there the Breton approaching a guy. I sat on her knees and the captain next to her. And we splendidly screwed her luck: I licked her the arm by going in the neck up to her ear in front of the eyes of the guy, stunned. She said nothing. I then kissed her tits whereas the captain took them in his hands (through her T-shirt all the same). I dunno, the guy did not understand anything, and that amused us. Then we made fun of her and everything. It was funny. Hafid immortalized the scene.

The club closed. A waitress said "si vous auriez l’obligeance de sortir". Not one not two that the captain answered "aviez". He approached her and it was funny. She tried to justify herself and everything but no way, you don't know how to speak, girl. It is moreover certainly why you are 25-year-old waitress. They make me laugh these idiots, people try to pick them up all night long so they feel powerful but seriously... The waitresses and the waiters, it is the same thing, passed certain age that is not glorious.

We also saw guys trying heavily to steal our girls. By leaving I put a hand in the bottom to the Breton and she touched my cock (through my pants). We went out and she was approached by a ugly blond. English, I believe : "you return with me?" Told with an accent of shit in front of the club. "Yes". She left with him... I did not believe it. Then, 5mn later realized her mistake and called us for help. We are too nice, we saved her.

I forget certainly things because of alcohol (I several times remember having said "fuck it's a pity I will not remember it tomorrow") but well. The main part is here. Kiss.

May the God of the Game be with you.

PS = because you do not comment a lot this diary, I will continue it on my blog only. For people interested, it is Diary of a French PUA

English :

French :


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