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 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 16 Jan 2014, 06:27 
Koi Fish

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24th November 2012,

I'm not saying that I want to be in a relationship because I know the important thing is to not get carried away (but we can get girls to relax). However, I met a girl with whom I think that could be cool. Yeah, you read well : I felt a very special connection between us, and she fills all my criteria … Then why not give it a try ?! I enough messed around anyway…

I set the stage : two months that we talk on FB (the power of poke), I told her everything, even about my blog of seduction she has almost read. During this period, I passed her the buck twice (because of laziness… I am scandalous) and she shouted at me. It is by telling me to fuck off that she become more important to me … What a girl of character to dare to reframe me this way ! In brief, I fought to negotiate a last chance.

I had to join her at the closure of the library at about 7pm to go having a drink. I knew that, if I cancelled again at the last moment or something, she would next me forever and I would miss something... I went with the idea to kiss her directly on the mouth instead of giving kisses on the cheek. On my way, some thoughts crossed my mind, « what if she is ugly ? and what if she doesn't like me ? etc. » I said to myself that it is not normal that after the number of date in which I went, I still feel nervous. Will I feel nervous all my life before dates ?

At the time of acting, I didn't feel in me the Mojo, so I kissed her on the cheeks, next to her lips, it was quite strange but funny… We walked a moment and our fingers touched although it does not sound like me then we settled comfortably in a nice bar (She gulped three mojitos while explaining me that because of her studies of medicine she does not go out often). She speaks a lot, but make me laugh. She is the daughter of doctors (Orthodontist and dentist), she doesn't show off but has money. Studious 19-year-old medical student, she is tall, hot : flat stomach but endowed with breasts perfectly proportioned to my hand and a nice ass, long curly strawberry blonde hair which give her an angelic side, she has a face not classic but attractive (aquiline nose), clear blue eyes. In brief: full of charm. What more could one want ?

More I stuck with her, more I had difficulty in keeping a cool head and in developing a strategy of seduction. It was feeling… we even ate at Flunch. I love simple girls like that. She stuffed my chicken because I do not eat meat anymore. Needs that I explain you my new diet … In fact at the moment I'm reading Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins and this book made me aware of some important things, it downright convinced me to change my lifestyle. Then, here we are, I understood the importance of the food. As a result, I try a special cure in order to boost my body and my mental. Am I going to hold out?

The last bus to go to her friend's home (she said she wanted to sleep at her place) was at 8:55pm but she called to ask if it was possible that she stayed with me a little bit more. To me, it was more than an indicator of interest : a green light. Getting out of the « restaurant », it was cold so that I told her I knew a secret place, not far away, where it is warmer and without wind : I walked her to my place without really saying it.

She asked me if I had something to drink… because I had nothing : I pushed her against the wall and kissed her without answering. Then we caressed each other during 2 hours, easy ! I told her that I wanted her so much but that I preferred to see her again, in order to do it in the good way. Because she read blog, she knows all my techniques, and I didn't want her to be just another « one shot »… I didn't want that she think I am a pervert who handled her. May the God of the doggystyle forgive me.

I say to myself that I have to stop being so superficial and maybe giving a chance to this girl to be the first to make me fall in love. After all, I think that I look for what everybody is looking for : a love that consumes me : laughter, passion and maybe a little danger.

To leave her, I walked her to the taxis and we kissed, a kiss of an inconceivable purity. So good. It was incredible, it was worthy of a movie with Julia Roberts. Moreover, with her lip balm, it hydrates me, hmm, it is a really pleasant sensation. I still heard in my head the voice of a group who walked down the street next to us and who said « we just see this kind of kisses in a cinema… » Now she is back to Marseille for the week, I am over the moon while waiting to see her again next week <3 I'm probably ridiculous when I talk like that but I don't care ! What well-being !!!

The wind is shifting. May the God of the Game be with you.

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PostPosted: 19 Jan 2014, 11:32 
Koi Fish

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1st December 2012,

I've got a good and a bad news. The good news it's that I've been blowed. The bad news it's that it's by the girl of the last week, the one with whom I would like to go slowly. I really liked her so we kept in touch during all the week and I made a considerable effort to go out this evening. Why a considerable effort ? Because I endured a nasty pharyngitis all week long and I just returned to my normal temperature (I was hooooooooooooooot) ! You know me, I believe that no pain no pain and that the efforts are rewarded…

Except that during this second DATE… I liked her less. Not the character eh (she still made me laugh a lot), but I dunno if it is because she was dressed differently or something like that but physically I liked her less. I am less sure of my crush. Finally, I say to myself that maybe it is because I idealized her since last Saturday and because, necessarily, a return to reality hurts … Let's be clear, she is still attractive but, I dunno, the euphoria of the meeting had probably dissipated.

In brief, we ate a crêpe and I spilt some sugar on my jacket. Then we went to my place so that I wipe with a wet sponge then as she carried a big bag, I told her that she could put it in a corner and get it back when leaving. Except that once my coat was wet, it was necessary to wait that it dries. So, I turned her on against the wall of the kitchen. After a while, I removed her pullover, just for clarification. I then leaded her to the corridor, taked off her shirt. « What are you doing ?
- I'm taking off your shirt. »

Gradually, we roamed up to my bedroom then she made a little resistance by hanging on to the door. I asked her if she had a problem, she answered « it depends on what you planned to do ». I explained that I wanted to take my time with her, that there was no need to be in hurry but that I wanted to take advantage of the time she was there because later I was not going to see her during 3 weeks because of her studies of medicine. I was sincere. Except that, in my opinion, it had the effect of accelerating things : that's it, the famous logic of the chicks…

We kissed on my bed and sealed the deal (who still says « seal the deal » ? Me !), I removed her bra and she warned me « there is a thing I am OK to do, but I want that we close the door. » I had already told her that my roommate was in Amsterdam but it was not the moment to discuss « Yeah, yeah, if you want ». She closed with great difficulty the door because she was excited then opened my pants and get down to work.

I had the right to an original blowjob : I dunno what she really does with her hand, some fingers caressed my testicles whereas her other hand turned around my anus. Any stupid boy probably told her that it was a good idea to do so. I had the fear that she pushes a finger in my rectum. Fortunately, she just caressed. Otherwise, it was good … I have some other anecdotes which need to be told about this blowjob : I ejaculated approximately one liter but she did not notice that I had finished. Then, she asked me a lot of advices. It is there that it RANG a bell in my head: this girl looks for a mentor. A guy who is going to teach her full of tricks and simply give her orgasms. She killed two birds with one stone. I believe that I have just signed a contract of « Sex instructor » : the first lesson was free my darling, but next time you are going to get value for money ! Otherwise, I like this girl. I just walked her to the taxi.

I think I'm going to play to Starcraft now. May the God of the Game be with you.

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PostPosted: 26 Jan 2014, 09:04 
Koi Fish

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5th december 2012,

On Monday, I had to go to the LMDE to renew my student health insurance. On the spot, I took the ticket number 25 while they called the 14. I thus waited during almost one hour ! To kill time, I looked for a bullshit I could do with my cell phone… I sent some jokes to buddies, wrote obscene things to girls and suddenly thought of a friend to whom I speak again on Facebook since five or six days. I had met this girl when I was in a relationship and, strangely, she didn't really liked the fact that I have a girlfriend so we didn't go farther. I suggested meeting her at about 4 pm.

We had a drink in the bar IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE (I had no idea in mind), it was cool. She had a black pullover which tempted me to pass my hands below and a jeans which made her look good : I am sure that she lost 8 or 11 pounds since last year … Cool, I was right to wait! Her family eats at 7 pm so at 6:20 pm I walked her back to her bus. Because it rained, she protect me under her purple umbrella (everybody has a defect). On our way, I put my arm around her size, she seemed to appreciate. She told me that I was too much tall and that she had to hold her umbrella too high so I took it and I put it only over me, to tease her. It was really the first time that someone told that I am too much tall, it is her who is short in reality, I guess she is 5ft3 even a little less … In brief, her bus was going to leave so I just gave her a kiss then sent the ritual text message « I am sure that we can do better than that.
- Yes, for sure !
- Cool, next time we put the tongue.
- Ah well, yes of course.
- Saturday? » Because we had spoken a lot about movies, we agreed to go to the cinema.

9:30 pm on Tuesday, Comme des frères with friend Nico Duveauchelle. This movie is nice but is not worth 9€ unless we can take advantage of it to touch up a friend. Fortunately, we caressed during 1h48. Anecdote, there is a passage which takes place in Aix where the heroes park place des Augustins (forbidden access by car in reality), circulate in the pedestrian streets, it's a shame. Other incoherence: they walk Rue de la Verrerie, turn an angle and arrive on the Cours Mirabeau. I noted others but I forgot... Anyway, it bothered me that they present Aix by night as a boring and dead city while it is cool in really. 11 pm, at the end of the movie, she seemed to be in a hurry to go out. On our way back, we arrived at a crossroads « Hey, where do you go, it is there that I am parked.
- Yeah but it is there that I live.
- You do not walk me to my car ? :(
- Are you sure that you want to leave now ?
- Yes because tomorrow I have sport at 9 am and I am tired and blah blah blah » I didn't insisted, anyway her decision was already taken : she did not want to be seen as an easy girl. She wants me to desire her. I agreed to play the game, but no more three dates, she should not exaggerate, there are limits to everything. At the moment, I practice a lot the pickup in two phases: have a drink + at my place. But in three steps it is correct too… If I had insisted heavily, I would have lost my value because I would have passed in mode needy. In this case, I remained imperturbable and it is her who wondered if she made the right choice. Well, I turned her on in the elevator of the parking, then against her car, so that she thinks about it all night long and does not resist the next time. « Good night, my cat.
- Miaow. No, I will go out I now. » She was surprised.

My wing had proposed me an aperitif at his place with Wing2 : I didn't see them for a while, so I was interested. We talked about ass, about piercings to the tongue and other fascinating subjects like Nolwenn Leroy. Wing2 texted with girls, so we joined them in a bar.

I opened some sets there by introducing me as Batman to girls who wore ears of cat (Catwoman), I asked a chick who came back from the changing room why she had not left with it her other clothes and I made other jokes which show that I am a really mature guy !

I am in my period of « contextual openings », for example later in a club, in the queue of the changing room girls danced and passed people. I asked them if it was the dance to pass people easily, they answered me yes, then I asked if I could play with them, and they answered yes again. Later, a girl had some vapor on her glasses so I teased her. Having said that, in the club, once the opener past, I did not feel exhilarated. I even felt like powerless. As a result, with Wing2, we went out to get some fresh air and we went to the club on the opposite side, just to enjoy a new start.

We have stolen glasses on the counter then we went next to the bouncer so that he believes that we consume expensive things. Me, I didn't drink alcohol for 15 days, I want to try during at least one month the food method I read in Unlimited power (the principle is to wash your body of all the shit which we gulp down daily, to have more energy). We then positioned in a stopping-off place just to make eye contacts … Later, Wing1 joined us and pushed me to approach. Wing1 is very cool because he is always ready, always volunteer and never demotivated. He is cool, I didn't want to disappoint him. As a result, we started hunting there.
I passed in front of a group in a corner where the music was not too loud then I tried to hear what a girl said when I saw that her friend was looking at me « I try to understand what she says…
- She tries to reject this guy but with 10 drinks in the blood it is not easy... » I observed during the time she talked to me that she had totally turned the back to her group, had bent towards me and had crossed her feet (wanted to stay). We spoke a little, intense look, then her friends left and she left too with nevertheless an hesitation. Wing2 asked me « what did you do ?
- I dunno. » As a result, when I saw her again I told her a funny and cocky thing « When you will be fed up to with being with your friends, come to see me.
- When you will be fed up with being with your buddies, come to see me.
- I'm fed up. » But she left again with her friends.

« Fuxelife, I understand nothing » I said to Wing2 « I am going to try my luck for good.
- Well if you kiss her, I leave, I'm tired ». I didn't think that he would do it so I went back to hunt. I saw her, and with a sign of the hand I asked her to come (I love doing so). She did and surprised me « I looked for you…
- Me too. What's your name ?
- Marine.
- Marine, I will tell you a secret… some people say that I am a good kisser. » Believe me or not but she broke eye contact and started leaving with this facial expression « what's that ? An idiot?! » So I caught her by the arm to explain her that it was more a joke than something else and kissed her without debate. The problem was that we didn't have a lot to say to each other at first, then I decided to stop talking, to oblige HER feeding the conversation (to show her interest) « What do you do for a living ? ».

After a while, she decided to go out to smoke. I accompanied her and once outside, we better spoke. I discovered that she is very funny and very nice and everything. She wanted to go back home because it was like 4 am but I told her that we could go back to the warmth in the club at first. There, I turned her on, she raised the leg spontaneously then I made comings and goings to excite her. You are so delicate, Fabrice. She then showed an infinite wisdom « anyway, it is not my job which is going to change the world.
- What do I have to understand ?
- Understand that if you look for a place where to sleep, I live at 2mn30… » I had to think about it because I balanced the pros and the cons : at my place there were condoms / but it was not sure that she would want to come. Then I decided to do not take any risk and to go to her place : it is always better than going back home and masturbating.

She told me that I was the first male to come at her home since she move to Aix (at the end of August). As a consequence, it was strange that I penetrate there so easily, well, it was not the moment to ask too many questions and maybe she was just in lack of sex. Her cat adopted me right away (like all the cats). She had condoms « the sensation of wearing nothing », I tested it and I concluded that it was better than the condoms I usually buy. We did it 4 or 5 times. So, I had all my time to learn more about the princess.

A blue-eyed (but not insipid eyes) brunette : she looked a little bit like Misha Cross (it seduced me), big tits which persuaded me wrongly that she was a little bit fat while she has a flat stomach. She looks to have a lot of money, so cool. She practices taekwondo, so I have to pay attention to what I say… One more who smokes after making love (it is because I too much make them warm I think). By leaving, I gave her my Facebook and she just added me as a friend. We can meet again, it was nice.

Otherwise, at the moment I talk to my neighbor by text messages : she is sexy and has a mystic side which excites me a lot, like if she could unzippe my pants by the thought. Well, I have a date in the afternoon, we'll see. And to finish the list of the festivities, a buddy gave me an account AUM which still works for free… God bless him (may the god of the Game be with you) !

Zou bisou bisou.

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PostPosted: 06 Feb 2014, 12:19 
Koi Fish

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For the past few weeks, I publish my field reports and some reflections about the pickup on my Facebook, just to see what the girls will say. Most of the men hide that they study seduction, it seems to be a logical idea because the discretion pays but… I noticed that some girls are very very interested by this subject. It is, for example, the case of Chacha.

I met that girl 5 years ago, a year it had snowed and I gone out for a walk. I bumped (metaphoric language) into young people of my parents' district and we made a snowman. One of the girls who were present added me on FB, we talked online something like once or twice but nothing more in five years. Except that, she used my texts as an excuse to talk to me (without assuming that speaking about sex turns her on). « Where do you find all that bullshit? »

ME : It is nevertheless the censored version
I remember when we met, it snowed and I was something like 18 years old
Are you shocked at what I write ?
SHE : And me I was something like 15...! I'm not shocked at what you write, but at the arrogance with which you write!!! You do not even look scrupulous !
SHE : I don't know, if I had such a behavior, I would at least not have the audacity to mention it out loud, like "riotous living and assuming"
ME : I got my driver's licence really late, at 21 I guess ! This fact makes me appreciate my car so much and making love in the car also
SHE : Oh yeah, in a car, I don't really like it...
SHE : Lol yeah I got it... And when she doesn't get out of the car, what do you do?
ME : Well, in this case, I kiss her
Not only with my mouth but also with my hands (this is why the temperature inside rises very quickly)
Some condensation appears
And she takes off her bra
But yeah, you do not do it often
Do you do it?
And if the guy doesn't kiss you, what do you do ?
SHE : What are you talking about when you say "do you do it?"? Euh it depends on the boy if I had a great evening I take the initiatives otherwise I leave
SHE : Yeah I am rather that kind of girl : when I cannot be invented, it forces to be creative
ME : Delighted to read that you are a creative girl
SHE : Ahah I didn't say that !
I'm doing some babysitting, I'm bored and I just read your last post... lol
ME : Ahah you didn't say the opposite neither!
Creative as to how we choose cute underwear lol
SHE : Lol we can say that but I am not going to talk about this kind of thing with a stranger
ME : Oh, really, am I the stranger ?
SHE : Ahah yeah you are, at the moment
ME : In any case, I like the "at the moment", because I am always delighted to speak with new people then... after 5 years : it was time. It's not like if we had to start from scratch : we made all the same a snowman together
SHE : Lol, "speak with new people" makes me smile, yeah, it is clear that a very strong link unites us!!!
ME : yeah, we have to start somewhere ^^
SHE : It is essential !
ME : cool, when do you wanna start ?
SHE : When you want !
ME : Sooner rather than later, right? In any case at the moment I have a lot of spare time. Well, I give you my number, let's use it wisely 06 XX XX XX XX.

So here we were, she sent me a message the same evening and we arranged a date, today at 3:30 pm. She arrived late, me too, nice. We spoke about a lot of things, she is interesting, she talks sometimes very slowly, it is funny. This chick looks smart ! She has beautiful green eyes and she is really thin, sexy, has a lot of charm (She has cat eyes moreover one of my buddies calls her « Catwoman »). In brief, I like her, she is pleasant, she turns me on just through her presence.

I asked if she would have liked that I tried to pick her up 5 years ago, she told me yes, I suspected it. I asked her if she liked me with my glasses, she said « yeah you're cute ». I asked her « and without ? », she answered « yeah you're cute too ». I knew that I was going to succeed at this moment. We a went to the mall because I needed gloves because I was cold and because I squatted in her. I found 5 euros on the ground, I was fortunate.

Suddenly, only 15 minutes remaining before her last bus and she was cold so I told her « I know a warm place, not far away » And I leaded her to the hall of my building. We spoke, she was distant and everything... I put myself against a wall, she did the same after 3 minutes. I told her « well…
- You leave ? (gave me her cheek to say goodbye - wasn't assuming the latent sexual tension)
- No, it is you who is going to leave (avoid her cheek and go on her lips). » Kiss. I believe that we gain in value when we dare to kiss them, like that, a little bit by surprise in a spontaneous and natural way. In any case, in this kind of situations, you should never let the girl leave without at least trying to smack her.

Then, I walked her to her bus, she told me that she would tell to her parents) that she has « working at the library ». I think that I will suggest her revising with me this WE, we will see. May the God of the Game be with you !

Kikiss !

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 12 Feb 2014, 11:13 
Koi Fish

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7th December 2012,

Today, I ate with Hafid at the university restaurant because I did not have something else than bananas in my apartment (and I think eating too many bananas can be dangerous), I bought gloves because it's freezing outside, and I fucked a girl simply because I wanted it. It's the chick I recently took to the cinema.

In Sociology of a womanizer, Alain Soral considers that his pickup is bad when he didn't sleep with the girl after tree dates (so he is not a sucker exploited) ! Let's recap : 1st date = a drink in the bar in front of my house, 2nd date = the cinema last time, 3rd date = the D-Day = today. So : it was the last time I saw her if she continues to avoid sex.

She came over after her day at the faculty (I dunno what she fucking studies exactly) to drink a tea (officially). I love tea because it is hot and wet. For over a month now, I didn't drink alcohol but I don't need this shit… we kissed on the couch when my roomate arrived (inch’Allah) so I used this excuse to bring her in my bedroom : just a bed, no chair to sit down obviously. I turned her on against the wall 5 minutes then I said « close your eyes » and I undressed myself. Then, I brought her on the bed, she phoned to her mother that she would be late for dinner (those people eat at 7 am) while I licked her. It's perverse, a girl, needs to know that. Besides, she was laughing out loud by hanging up.

No resistance. We made love only once unfortunately because she bled on my bed. No, she wasn't virgin, it's her contraceptive pill which provokes her bleedings from time to time according to what I understood. Her vagina was small (the pelvis was new - I guess it had not too much served) then I had trouble penetrating her and I felt tight, it was funny and pleasant. Or maybe it's because she is short, because I had the same sensation with the girl from Adopte of September (who was short too) except that HER, I'm pretty sure she was a nymphomaniac (and I say it in an affectionate way).

On the other hand, bad point, she is the second girl in a row who doesn't suck me! Not satisfied ! Well, I have to leave you because I have a date at 10 pm with a 35-year-old married woman <3. No child, the morality is safe. No, seriously, maybe that she is making me a big joke or maybe I am going to fuck her. In the doubt, I have to take a shower to remove any smell of cyprine on my pubis. Also, tomorrow, I see Chacha, my sexy neighbor I like very much a lot !

Well, I kiss you, family ! See you soon I hope because that would mean that I have given orgasms... again ! The Grand Slam would be 3 in two days. At the moment 1/3…

Agent Cyprine, roger ! May the God of the Game be with you !

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 13 Feb 2014, 07:54 
Koi Fish

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8 December 2012,

Hello friends, I am very happy to be still alive so I can write. I am going to tell you why I was so afraid …

I had a date at 10pm with the 35-year-old married woman about whom I spoke to you earlier. Bad start : she sent me a text message at around 7pm « if I come at 9-9:30pm is it good for you ? » I was just getting out of my fuck with the previous one then I negotiated a small respite to eat and everything « no prob, take your time, 10pm at [this bar] it's good ». Except that when the time came, I sent « where are you ? » and no answer… 10:10pm., I called her and… voice mailbox. I decided to go to see on the spot at around 10:20. At [the bar], nothing to report in the warmed terrace, so I called Hafid for advice, he suggested me to come playing poker with him and his buddies. Brilliant, except that it was not even a strip-poker! I told him that I was all the same going to go around the tables of the saloon, to be sure that my dancer was not waiting there like an idiot. No regret is my policy.

Once inside, I found her : I recognized her immediately. Not easy nevertheless bicause she has just 3 or 4 pictures on Facebook. This woman added me as a friend because she likes what I write on FB (I tell my adventures and develop fantastic theories about seduction, the whole on the tone of humor). The challenge is interesting and original : she is 35 years old, lives at the other end of France, is married.

This girl, or rather this woman, sipped a glass of rosé in a beautiful black, very classy dress. She has an attractive face, great legs and good neckline. In fact, she is really sexy. To contrast, I took a miserable apple juice because I don't drink alcohol anymore. She paid my drink (very good initiative that deserves a cunnilingus) and told me that she had no doubt on the fact that I was going to come even if I was late… she however should, because I was very closed to join Hafid. In brief, I sit on a stool, she played footsie (caressed my feet) during a quarter of an hour, then touched me with her hands and came very close to me. She made rise the temperature but stopped always at the last moment. It was push and pull feminine version… I always thought that women had an innate gift, finer and more developed for the seduction. That is what consolidates me in my theory… She even went as far as fiddling with my face, etc. Never seen that, it is not the small kids who live here who would go so franco. It excites me twice more. I would like to congratulate hers, Earth needs more women like her.

At a moment, the seller of roses passed then I asked my princess « Do you want to offer me a flower?
- No. » the seller was laughing out loud, he even tapped me on the shoulder. But, frankly, sometimes there were silences and she looked at me like if I was a fucking marvel or I dunno what. To try to understand, I asked her if she considered as one of my groupies « Half.
- Why ?
- Because, me, I came to see you.
- So what ?
- I am pretty sure that there is a lot of girls who would like to be me right now. » The bottom line is a certain shape of celebrity is thus the ultimate goal of the personal fulfillment

Because I am a suspicious dude : I was afraid whether she is a serial killeuse who would have a pistol in her bag or something. It was too good to be true. I even wondered at a moment if she had poisoned me with aconite in my apple juice like Hanna McKey. I know, I watch Dexter too much. On the other hand, if I think well : she is unknown here, alone. She thus can do what she wants and it will have no consequence on her life. It is the same principle than at the Club Med. No social pressure = we enjoy life, in a carpe diem way.

At midnight, she wanted to go out to smoke: « do you want to go somewhere else to drink or do you want to come over and read my last post on FB ? (she did not read it because she was on the road all day long like De Palmas)
- Read at your place ! » Thus we were walking. On our way, I answered some SMS while she held my hand (not easy). I questioned her « you are really an awesome girl who takes the initiatives.
- Yes but I will probably never see you again, that's why. »

Arrived at my home, she removed her shoes, and passed from 5'11 to 5'6, that changes. I turned her on in my bedroom and it worked like crazy. She moaned, had gooseflesh, etc. I really drove her crazy in the strict sense of the word. It is flattering for the ego. She threw me on my bed and sucked me « you open your Christmas present now ?
- You told me that we would make love before the end of the world ». Seriously, I had forgotten that I had said that but I think it is a legendary line. While she took me in mouth in a delicious way, I still wondered if she was going to twist my neck or others... and when. I was going to have an orgasm so I told her to stop. It is true, you don't make a good impression when you ejaculate before penetrating the girl. I licked her, then took her in missionary. It was so good, I was so excited that I finished in only 5 minutes, fuck. So, during the time I needed to become hard again, I licked her again. I used the technique of the thumb and the tongue which titillate the clit while I'm fingering her. She had an orgasm, yeah, the honor is safe. I finally became hard, so I took her again in missionary, then she came on me (two orgasms) and asked me the sacrosanct doggy style. I enjoyed taking her doggystyle because she has a nice body and especially the situation was really exciting.

Before returning to taxis, she read the text for which she came. She told me she will miss me. Me too, I liked her. When I see girls like that, so simple, so direct, who know so well what they want … that would almost tempt me to move at the other end of France.

Well. It is 2/3. Tomorrow, I see Chacha. It is not necessarily the most difficult but still she has to come to Aix (that she doesn't cave in). She already said that she has « a lot of work » but that she was going to « try to » get organized. She hesitates. I am not fooled, if a girl cancels and does not make counterproposal, it's dead.

I cross fingers. Good night. May the God of the Game be with you.

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 16 Feb 2014, 12:24 
Koi Fish

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9th December 2012,

Do you remember Chacha ? She was just 15 years old when I met her, her hair flew in the wind, she lived next to my parents' house. We made a snowman when we were young, then we lost contact (but I liked her very much in secret) and one day when she was 20 years old, she came talking to me on FB. On Wednesday afternoon, we went to the café to drink a chocolate (or I don't remember what) and I kissed her. We had agreed on meeting again this WE.

She came to my place as agreed : I like when girls keep their word. She arrived at around 9:30pm while I was busy watching the miss. But honestly, SHE was my Miss France : a lot of charm, with attached hair she looked a little bit like Anne Hathaway, and her red lipstick put me back in mind that the mouth is the first genital organ of the human being. I didn't say a word of all this but my imagination had a tremendous time there : I wanted to feel my tongue playing with her tongue, I wanted to be in her mouth, I wanted to be in her, quite simply… Sat down next to her, I was ready to do to her everything she wanted, seriously. Mode " Man as a sex object [on]".

Next to me on the sofa, this casual girl with eyes of cat began making sarcastic comments on my bookcase very directed « personal development » when Arnaud suddenly rang at my door. « Yeah it is the evening of the miss, so cool », he lied automatically on the second couch and started making strange comments. He is like that, sometimes, Arnaud : sometimes you don't know what he did before, you don't know where he comes from, sometimes he disappear during several weeks. Well, the thing is, that night… he was right here and totally high… I tried to communicate with him by the thought so that he walks away but, zebbi, the telepathy that does not really exist. On the other hand, he is a great buddy and I was happy to see him so I swallowed the mess but I had to try another approach with Catwoman because the desire invaded me.

Change of strategy: I went to my room casually « Ah Chacha, there is a thing which belong to you in my room, no? It's yours, right ? What's this stuff ? » She came with all the nonchalance which characterizes her and I pushed her against the wall. We kissed rather violently against the door (this chick is funny : when you kiss her, she spreads arms like if she recited the Lord's prayer). In brief, that was very hot because my hands were on her butt, that she kissed me passionately, because I also turned her in front of wall, me behind her, taking her tits in my hands then going down against her thighs which I felt receptive. She felt my desire, I felt her desire when I passed on her crotch … I kissed her neck, nibbled her shoulders, began to make her top slide (I had the impression that her tits made me lights flashes)… Then, Arnaud went to crappers, flushed the toilets and it broke everything. The euphoria strangely dissipated. I even wondered if he did not deliberately decided to be such a sucker that evening …

As a result, we watched the end of the miss and my favorite won … Phew, I didn't lose everything that night. Finally here we are, we went out in a bar except that I was very frustrated. Very very frustrated thus, I went to the bar angry. Dangerous, no ? Besides, Chacha stayed in the background, in a corner and a lot of guys came and tried to talk to her… It was funny but irritating because I was frustrated ahhhhhh. On his side, Arnaud created a show, the dance of the doggy style and others … And I was there, shared between the desire to make some stupid crazy things with and to fuck the naughty girl.

Well « when you're fed up, call Cyprineman » : at 2am, I asked Chacha if she wanted to come back to my place. She said yes. Approximately -50°c degrees outside, the route transformed us into ice cubes then I politely suggested warming her in my apartment (or to melt her mouhahaha). There, immediately : it was wild, I kissed her stomach, put my hands in her pants to better feel her intimacy, put my head under her t-shirt like a submariner from Toulon. Her nipples hardened, her body arched, her breath accelerated. Me on top of her, then under, then her riding me… And suddently « well, I gotta go ». Seriously. I thought about hanging myself. If she did just have said that, it would be nothing… She got up, got dressed quickly and took the direction of the exit. That seemed to me like a guillotine which falls and cut your d***.

So I failed with Catwoman. We could believe that it is because she is the good girl, who doesn't sleep with people so easily and everything but nothing at all, that girl just freaked out. We could also think that I will want her more than if it had been easy but not at all, it is the fucking trap! In my head, she missed her chance… It is the truth, if I tolerate things like that, I'm done ! It's her loss, too bad nevertheless I felt a real connection and everything (she ruined it)... Well, it is already very far all this, the streets which seem to you totally empty when you are with a magic girl, that nothing else matters, the curious onlookers can even laugh at us, these idiots, I sometimes dream that my foolishness makes me happy.

Well, I walked her back to her car all the same, and we kissed again. Try to understand, you, what pops into the head of a girl : it's impossible. It was certainly a last-minute resistance but I have not seen anything come. I was bewildered as we say. I think that she was afraid of not being good enough in the bed with me, because of my reputation as libertine. And now, I have a nasty bitter taste on the tongue. Besides, I am fed up for the Grand Slam... fair enough, there will be other opportunities, I guess. Damned!

Then : I went night-clubbing in order to do not brood melancholy and I saw the pretty Marine with who I slept few days ago and she knew how to cheer me up… I handcuffed her, slept at her place and stayed until 5pm (don't worry, I didn't forget to set her free before leaving). Well, I didn't lose everything that night.

May the God of the Game be with you.

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PostPosted: 18 Feb 2014, 07:32 
Koi Fish

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13th December 2012,

I hear a friend repeating to me for several years « medical parties rock, true orgies. In fact in Aix, it is too wise, too posh, you do not really have fun. » She thus questioned several years of debauchery in Aix (soft debauchery) then I preferred ignoring her remarks (the denial). But, yesterday, I had an opportunity to try it and I have to admit that it was a memorable night.

1st memorable thing : we went out of Aix with Hafid. He drove and we arrived alive. I don't say that I wasn't afraid nor anything but fortunately I texted Chacha on the road and it relaxed me. Chacha thought that it was the good evening to decide « I do not want to be wise anymore » then I suggested her coming to my place, it was a joke but she said « yes. (shit)
- Well, in fact I can't, I am in Marseille tonight. » Fuck. Well, I said to myself that we were going to have fun all the same. In fact, we really were in a good state of mind. It helped to make us enjoy this party like crazy, I guess !

2nd memorable thing : Hafid parallel parked and made a success of it THE FIRST TIME! Parked on the Vieux-Port at 5 minutes of the club, free of charge of parking... the night started well!

3rd memorable thing : once in the club, Hafidou deposited his jacket in the cloakroom, incredible! It is the first time I see him doing it, usually he says that it is too expensive… Then, we ordered drinks! I admit that 10 euros for 6 drinks, leaves nobody indifferent. At this price, everybody was quickly alcoholized. Fuck, I didn't touched alcohol for 1 month because I decided to have a healthy life but I failed tonight. Otherwise, the club was big, several hundred people there. Conclusion : Marseille and Aix are really different : the prices, size of the club, and mentality of the girls (they are not really funny generally). When I entered, I knew at once that I was going to enjoy and wanting to return … Such a level of perdition involves depravation. Girls danced wearing just bras on the podium, the sexual tension was omnipresent, some guys were topless too. It was hot, it contributed to the fact that we transpired and that everybody was crazy! In fact it was very open-minded, like hedonists. I knew the kissing girls competitions in parties, but there I forgot my romantic ideas. Seriously, with the number of girls and their drunkenness, I saw an ocean of possibilities.

4th memorable thing : I met a guy who is a coach of seduction (we will call him the Coach), he goes into the sets and tries to pick up every girl : it is beautiful <3. We approached girls together, often he fall on the beautiful and I had the ugly one... I think that I can ask him to pay me for that. Well, during the first approach, mine was really short and wasn't funny, I danced with my thigh between her legs but I was happy when he told me that we change targets because his girl wasn't interested. Seriously, I didn't come in Marseille to fuck a dwarf but rather to make an injection in an nurse!!! Later I spoke to a girl who told me « shut up ». I calmed her quickly and she offered me a drink. So a girl fell on me, I caught her up, I told her that she owed me one because I saved her life and everything but she rejected me like a shit! Biatch! Another shitty thing : a silly bitch did not stop eying me on the dancefloor then I told her to come to me through a sign of the head and she looked at me like « what does he want this loser?! ». I made jokes also; but I don't really remember because of the alcohol. I remember on the other hand that I made two girls kiss because they claimed being lesbians. Sometimes girls have fun making the guys who try to pick them up think that they are lesbians, to be able to turn them on without giving them anything in return, so I play their game and push them to their limits. Only a minority of these girls are really lesbian. What else ? Another memory comes back to me, I tried to pick up a girl then when I felt that she was going to succumb to me, I left her. I didn't like her too much but she came talking to me so... It was funny all the same.

5th memorable thing : I made a mythical KissClose in less than 15 seconds. I meet a girl around the dancefloor, she looked a little lost (maybe she had just vomited, on second thought). « Am I the one you look for?
- Maybe.
- Well, what do you wanna do now ?
- What you want. » There, I kissed her and she began dancing in a hot way! My dick was hard till 4 am in the morning thanks to her. Her other qualities : she showed me her tits and offered me a drink. She is a fresher named Amandine. I also remember having more or less took off her T-shirt on the dancefloor, having put my hands in her bra and having taken out a tit in front of everybody then she slapped me (I deserved it). At this moment, I believed that she was going to leave me but she started kissing me again even more. She bit me : it was exciting and irritating at the same time. I am now irritated, I have small wounds on the lower lip. But she is hot-looking: good breast neither big nor small, flat and firm stomach, beautiful butt, she knew how to dance and how to turn on a man. At a moment, she told me « I am really stretchable.
- Cool, can you show me?
- Not there, has too many people here. » She was funny in any case, we laughed a lot. Good time. I regret nothing and I want to go back in those parties. I didn't took her number nor her FB because first I am stupid, then because I did not think of it and also because « what happens in Marseille stays in Marseille ». She told me that she would have guessed that I was not studying medicine nor from Marseille bicause « we do not kiss girls like that here », it's aquote. I took it as a compliment. I am an original... like Klaus.

6th memorable thing : meanwhile, I saw Hafidou who told me that he had screwed a girl in his car parked on the Vieux-Port. When we left and came back to the car, we noticed that he had activated the warnings unintentionally and left them all night long! It is also for that that I love you, buddy.

7th memorable thing : « Epic fail » with Amandine. Like... it became hotter and hotter between us during 4 hours but Hafid-is-good told me at 4:30 am that we had to leave, because he had to get up at 9 am to welcome workers the following day (he did not wake up finally but it's a different story). The girl was disappointed (she told it to me in anycase) but we did not fuck. « I am a first-year and I have a little bed.
- Does it mean that you invite me at your place ?
- No.
- Then you want to come to my place?
- OK, where do you live ? (logistic is important)
- In Aix (I had already told her nevertheless, zebbi).
- No, it's dead.
- Well, then you do not leave me the choice. » And I left. On my way, I had regrets and everything. Especially not having suggested her screwing her in the car because Hafid shook the key under my nose but I didn't understand the message: I was too much in the conversation with the girl. On second thought, I made what I was able to, this is her fault. I wish her a good night alone with her thoughts. Besides, she told me that I had no abs, that my first name was some shit, and that she had vomited before coming to the club, but that I didn't smell it because I was as drunk as her.

8th memorable thing : once at home, I jerked off. Twice. I put sperm everywhere (the mega-dose).

9th memorable thing : I had to clean my shoes because they stuck and were covered with some « party juice » (a mixture of vodka and other alcohols which covered the ground of the club).

10th memorable thing : flashback, the bar offered drinks to the girls who showed their tits and to the guys who took out their cock (not fair). Long live to the medical students.

I thus hesitated between investing in Amandine or diversifying IE kissing several girls (had a good choice in store there). I dunno if I took the good or the bad decision… Apparently the bad one, because I was finally able to sleep with myself (but the Coach too didn't fuck a girl). The idea here is to turn on a receptive girl, and to try to know as fast as possible if we can sleep with her... if it's a « no », then go and try on another target. In any case it was a nice evening, I had a lot of fun. Good plan.

I am going to hit the hay. May the God of the Game be with you !

 Post subject: Re: Diary of a french PUA
PostPosted: 19 Feb 2014, 07:18 
Koi Fish

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Last night we went out with Arnaud and Hafid (the dream team which make girls lose their virginities) : it was quite fun.

Weird thing : the day before, Arnaud had a date with a chick he met on Adopte, he kissed her and everything but when he showed me her profile: we understood that I also talked to her and that we planned to meet the following day. So instead of intelligently propose her a threesome, he sent her a ridiculous text message, something like « hi honey, I'm with the Chabal's cousin » (I don't tell it to everyone but I told it to her because she is a fan of rugby). Arnaud is an idiot sometimes... he didn't realize that he wasn't the only guy she was flirting with online. He put her uncomfortable, well, I lost a chick but it doesn't matter. I'm happy that Arnaud has fun (I just hope that his needy behavior will not make him lose her).

Back in the small clubs of Aix with Arnaud and Hafid. Big contrast with the big medical party, but well, we decided to get there early to enjoy the rush of chicks which occurs at around 1:30/2 am ! It was a good plan : we were approached by two girls , one who excited me a lot with her glasses. She said « you were at the bar -where-fucking -people-spilled-shooters-on-me, right ? » But they were not very funny so we moved on another set, 3 girls... the grass to graze seemed greener. Hafid and I cooked a lengedary sandwich with a miss-big-tits as ham (I didn't see her face , I was behind her and in front of him ), but he put his thumb in the air like saying « well ». Then I danced with another girl of the group « We know each other, right ?
- Do you think that we already kissed ?
- Yes. » Flash . « Ahhhh yes : last winter. You are Charlotte (I surprised myself, fucking memory - definitely there are many Charlotte in France) .
- Yes, did you pass your exams ?
- No.
5 minutes later (she was drunk) ...
- By the way, did you pass your exams ?
- No.
5 minutes later (well, I want to know what drug she takes, looks amazing) ...
- Anyway, are you gratuated ?
- Yes. » It made me happy to see her so I sent her a short and naughty text message after the night but she did not answer.

Later, I wanted to move to the next club which receive the rush at 3pm (later there) but an horrible thing happened. Huge stress. My jacket that I put in a dark corner (I like dark corners) had disappeared (with my glasses, gloves, scarf and everything). I asked everyone to finally understand that a fucking idiot brought it back to the cloakroom. I got a terrible fright! Seriously, take care of YOUR life, people. After this bad news, I was so relieved that I felt full of energy : I approached 4 or 5 groups and made good jokes, a girl has played hide and seek with me, it was funny but I lost it in the club because I was high and I forgot what she looked like in the meantime. Arnaud suddenly disappeared.

At 4am, Hafid wanted to go back home but I wanted to save the honor so I told him that we would persevere. I spotted the last group of chicks available on the dancefloor, the tallest had just been approached by a lambda dude and danced with, so her friend was alone « it is not cool, dancing alone. » She instantly made me the dance of the ass on cock and I became hard... don't ask me why but I probably was still turned on by the nurses I saw Wednesday night. I then kissed her neck and she turned, facing me. Kiss. Shortly after, she left and I didn't think about taking her FB : she was such a bad kisser... well, I mean it is subjective, but we had no synchrony.

Morality :
- Taking a cloakroom at 1 € 50 is better than risking to lose €300 of clothes and an anxiety attack;
- Persevering until the last second to successfully pickup girls, even when you're not in a good night and you missed easy opportunities.

In any case, it was really a good night, we had a lot of fun. Anyway, I think I have the backlash of my year of pickup. Soft shot if you want to know (well, not everywhere when you know what to do)... But yeah, I slept with more than 2 girls per month on average so now I rest on my laurels like Julius Caesar and I even doggystyled my Cleopatra. Btw, if she reads me one day, I want her to come to my place or I go to her place and without a word I will do everything she wants. I want to be her toy boy delivered in 20 minutes. I want to be her knight who will make her succeed in her quest (she looks for pleasure)... What?! It is better than a party with a vibrator and your best friend, right? Well, I leave, the space-cake I have just swallowed is driving me crazy.

May the God of the Game be with you.

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PostPosted: 23 Feb 2014, 12:38 
Koi Fish

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30th December 2012,

2012: it's almost over... And this is probably my last post before the New Year's doggystyle. Stopping alcohol, drugs and STDs were my resolutions of 2012. I almost succeeded, I am proud of myself and I really want to continue this way. Moreover, I found a nice girl (things come to those who wait)... I know we should not cry victory too soon with these things, but I feel good. Now I'm gonna tell you what happened this week because this is why I am officially here, to write this shit.

Wednesday, got lazy so I canceled a date « fuck-ensured » with a girl I like since more than one month. I really like this girl, we have a special connection. She had sent me « I have my period but if you want to see me even if we can't have sex I 'm in town this afternoon » and I was asleep so I forgot to answer. Butterfly effect : she insulted me through text messages then I called her to explain that she woke me up during my nap and everything but that it was a misunderstanding and that of course I wanted to see her. Date at 5pm, I finally rescheduled it at 6pm and then at 7:45pm.... because, damn, theses fucking Christmas decorations require a lot of time when you do not have the eyes in front of the holes. So we went to the movies, I paid so she forgive me and she chose the film. I didn't remember she was THAT cute , otherwise I would have moved my ass more quickly .

She is the girl of Medicine (but not the one of the party) , tall, blonde , rich, hot , green eyes, Freemason and funny : the one who sucked my dick because I spilled a sugar pancake on my pants. She chose to watch « Popular » with the friend Duris, I like this actor so I smiled while leaving. I then proposed to make pancakes because I wanted to eat and while the dough rested : we had fun in the kitchen (on the hotplate it is hot, in an oven it is boiling )... I told her I really wanted her despite her flowing red river, so she kindly offered me to sodomize her. Not my thing ! During the second round, she chatted to me that this was only the beginning of her periods so we could finally do it (like what, when we want, we can ) . Indeed, the condom had just a slight pinkish tinge. Then we ate to regain strength and we did it again. I love this girl because in doggy style, she touches her clit alone, she had two orgasms Wednesday night and two others the next day. Because, yeah, I wanted her to stay the night ... and I do not propose it to everyone ! Far from it ! At bedtime , she noticed the trail of blood left by Mary last time, so I chatted it was jam because I often eat on my bed (no I didn't change the sheets since - being more careful will be one of my resolutions for 2013).

I have offered to sleep with me because she is awesome. Let me explain: since she had sucked me, we had maintained telephone contact only because of her exams. But I often thought of her . Out of sight, out of heart, it's true... Except that when I review her, everything came back to me in memory and we could go further. We deepened our relationship if I can say it this way. It was full of naughty stuff pretty funny : she coated my body whipped and fully licked me, I did the same (should always return the favor). We played with handcuffs, she was funny too. When I go into her mouth, her blowjobs are especially magical when she sucks on her knees, and when I lick her, it tastes good (rare) : she is very open and not afraid of anything. One of those rare precious stones that I do not want to lose... A female me ! So, we opted for a special relationship : I 'm the only one and she is the only one with whom we do it without condom . This is not just sex , far from it , she is really THE girl I am with in an « open relationship» . What else ?

The next day we got up at 3pm and we made love. Then we watched « Looper » that I had downloaded. I was hard for Emily Blunt then I fucked Marie (this is the law of the nearest pussy). One slight note of caution, while we watched the movie, she sent text messages to a Mister « Thibaut M » ... I preferred to pretend seeing nothing rather than showing me uncomfortable or jealous. After all, he tries to pick up her while I sleep with her (this is the law of the nearest dick).

Thursday night , exhausted by too much sodomy, I suggested to the Coach met during the medical party to come in Aix. At the bar , we talked to quite drunk chicks and he made me happy by practicing the « cash game » (Fabrice's touch), that is to say, he told her « your lips are pretty » she said « you have to test » and they kissed. Then she left to join her « Belgian lover » , I quote. Then we went in the small clubs which are free but nothing to do there. I danced twice with girls except that after 5 minutes , they disappeared . I understood nothing , I probably didn't smell good because I ate a shawarma before coming. Anyway, I dunno , I told to myself that it is like that sometimes, there is good evenings and nights without luck... Fortunately, on my way back , I found € 10 on the ground and I received a message from Marie of medicine : she wanted to spend a week with me... « challenge accepted ! » So , on Monday 31 , well I leave for a week with her in the house of her parents in a small village which I forgot the name but where there's snow.

Otherwise, I didn't tell yet but the day of the end of the world : an ex (I'll tell her story another day) came to collect her belongings but forgot her machine to smooth hair, I made an « instant date » with a girl who looked at me at the bus station and I went out solo in a festive before where I met some friends that I didn't see for a long time. Some had taken MDMA, they understood nothing so I made them sing « gnagnam style » in Korean . One of them kissed me as soon as he saw me, I did not understand what happened , I was on my ass so I shouted « kissclose » raising arms . It was a kiss of friendship between addicts but... The only time I kissed a guy before it was to convince girls to do a foursome. Briefly, after an aperitif , still out in small clubs of the center of Aix, between mustaches, too much people there , so it fed me up. I tried the approach « do you want to have sex before the end of the world? » I'm not saying that I could not have fucked because I opened several groups and noticed one or two opportunities, but no, I dunno why , a lack of « mojo » probably and I was thinking of Marie ! To be honest , right now it's not a party everyday in my pants, I reckon I've given a lot of energy this year and I gotta recharge my batteries. In addition , I have no more fresh plans, and you know, I love new pussies... Last but not least, I saw a friend I had not seen for more than one year : he told me that he had become bisexual and he fucks a lot thanks to a libertine dating website. To meditate.

Yesterday, Saturday, I contacted the girl of the « instant date », maybe interested, maybe not, I can't tell, it's not crazy ... Well, out with Arnaud and Hafid, I approached a girl in the crapper of a club but later in the club there was nothing to do. For example, I approached a chick and she cooled me cash « is it not better to dance with a guy ?
- Nope, me, I like animals » (she does not know is that I'm a beast in bed). Now, when a chick rejects me, I don't care because I have this little voice in my head telling me « you do not know what you're missing my dear little pussy, too bad for you. » Then I think to one of the amazing hotties I fucked, eg the Audrey Hepburn lookalike. It is for these small victories that I practice the game.

In short, one more bad evening, with only my left hand to escort me... It is the third one in few time then I'm questioning in my head. I'm gonna stop going out for a time, I guess. Come on, it was the night sexual frustration. Good night kids. Kiss and see you next year (I know you'll miss me).

May the God of the Game be with you!

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