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FR #64 - 7 Days to Greatness Day 3
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Author:  Ben J [ 18 Jul 2012, 19:00 ]
Post subject:  FR #64 - 7 Days to Greatness Day 3

The board literally just ate my post... I have to retype the damn thing again... Anyways, since I don't feel like typing up absolutely everything, I'll give you the highlight reel of the night.

AGENCY is a small table service club on the extreme East end of Hollywood Blvd. Jay, JT, and myself hopped in and enjoyed a hell of a night talking to babes. Jay and I mainly networked with other promoters, girls, photographers, and bouncers. During the process of this, I decided to make out with 2 girls for the hell of it.

First girl - she's standing by a lights mural. From the looks of it, she doesn't look super stoked to be here. I tread lightly by going in situational, rather than direct.

"You know, this mural here is just begging to be Instagram'd."
"Oh my god! I know! Blah blah blah blah!"

It's on, we're chatting and talking about stuff. I begin compliance testing her with gentlemen's grace, moving her around a little bit, etc.
She gets really quiet, gives me the bedroom eyes.
We're kissing
"I have a boyfriend"
We start making out
"I have a boyfriend"
Still making out, her hands are shoving my pelvis into her body... I stop kissing her, "Listen, we're moving a little too fast.. I don't really want you to feel bad for cheating and..."
"No no! Don't feel that way, I like you and..."
"Listen, give me your number and we'll hang out. I don't want anything weird between you and me, got it?"

I get her number. She's a really cool girl, but a little mentally unstable. I wouldn't date her ever, but I'll sure as hell keep a petite little girl like her around! I like em small :)

Next girl - she's standing by the wall. She asks for a light. I give her a light and we start chatting up. I flirt with her with heavy kino and heavy eye contact. I didn't compliance test her, but she was just BEGGING to be kissed...

She's leaning in a lot to talk to me.
Our faces are in extremely close proximity
She keeps talking to keep my attention as I stay almost completely silent.

"Shhh, you talk too much." we kiss and make out. Easy... She's not the hottest girl, but her friends are freakin' BANGIN hot!

JT, Jay, and myself left Agency with a handful of numbers of girls to call, text, date, game, and party even harder with.

Enjoy the process bros,
Ben J

Author:  speedstar [ 19 Jul 2012, 11:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: FR #64 - 7 Days to Greatness Day 3


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