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 Post subject: A Day Wiser and A Penny Richer
PostPosted: 16 Jul 2012, 16:59 
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There are some things in the world that don’t make any sense, yet we still try to explain these phenomenon. This is what I experienced this past Saturday, just read on and you’ll see what I mean.
(Hugging my girl while leaning up against her car, I have only known this girl for 5 mins mind you) I ask her, “what do you love so much about nursing?”, she tells me that she has always had this yearning to help people ever since she was little. That was a heart melter, and this girl is amazingly sweet but, I’ll admit I didn’t have a great first impression of her, which made me a bit harsh to her at first. We get along swimmingly and I decide to escalate as I know she wants me to. She resists, no big deal I think, and we continue getting to know one another. I look back to check on Adam and he is in a full on make out session with his girl. My girl just looks at him with her jaw glued to the floor. In an effort to have my target not “cockblock”, I read her palm; lawwl.

The night starts out like any regular night with me, Ironed clothes (I prefer to look impeccable), showering, and playing James Bond theme music in the background (His charm, charisma, and overall badass-ness I’ve channeling over the past few nights). Don’t any of you dare judge me, or face the wrath of getting pistol whipped. Any who, I finish up and dash into the night with a shit eating grin, and butterflies in my stomach; it’s going to be a great night.

I grab water as it is my customary approach upon arriving at any venue and scope girls to use for warm ups; I spy two on the couch to my right. Everything checks out, 1…2…3, go. I walk over, make my comment, and sit down 30 seconds later. Adam comes into wing and glares at me for making wing me with unattractive girls (It is my fault, because I made him that way). Warms ups conducted, sex appeal muscles worked to a comfortable sweat, time to move onto bigger and better things. I excuse myself from the girls to see what I can find.

Adam whacks me as we walk onto the W patio. I turn around and he has already taken a couple steps back, “Damn straight” I think. He knows I would have sack tapped him for that one, so he’s obviously learning quick. Not enough time to focus on him, because I notice a very attractive woman by the bar ordering a drink. Hmmm, this girl is either a prostitute, or a game is a foot, because attractive women will not go anywhere alone. Eye contact is made and I give her the “buckwheat hello” from “The Little Rascals”; all systems go. I walk over and comment on her outfit, as it had two things that stood out that she didn’t notice. 1. The dress complimented her skin tone, and 2. Her accessories were perfectly matched to compliment the outfit. This let me know, that she is very into fashion and she obviously chooses her clothing deliberately. (It is little things like this that allow you to stand out from other men, because you obviously are paying attention to detail and it shows you understand her world).

Smiles are to be expected from this, but not the way this girl laid it on. Conversation flowed seamlessly, and I knew I had an impact on this girl; we would definitely talk together all night, and we both knew it. I figure out who she is here with since I knew she couldn’t be alone. She alerts me to it being her sister’s birthday; perfect. I am thinking that I can win her peer group over so I have no cockblocks. We walk inside because I tell her I want to meet the sister, and wish her a happy birthday. Group won over, we sit down next to one another, and get deep into comfort. I am alerted to my target’s bathroom needs and she asks, “Will you stay here?”, I tell her I’ll find her.

I look for Adam and grab water while waiting at the bar. It’s not too long before he wanders outside, and is telling me about the seven make outs with a random group of girls. Laughing and shaking my head is all I can do, because he loves this dumb shit. Catching up time is over; it is time for more women. Boom, two cute girls saunter on by, so I stop them with some witty banter. Charming conversation is the only natural course of action. The convo is grea,t and the girl is super cute, but I remember I had prior engagements with a woman who is standing 15 feet behind her. (Remember always be a gentleman even when you exit your interactions, as it doesn’t make you beta for saying “Excuse me; there is an old friend I have been meaning to catch up with”).

Excusing myself, I catch up with Ms.30somethingwitha16yroldson (Yeah, sorry about not mentioning that. This woman is 35 with a 16 yr old son and doesn’t look a day older than 22. My un-jerked off penis was wide awake and living la Vida loca). We chat and I move her to a comfortable couch to create a little romantic atmosphere. This made it easy for us to enjoy flirting with one another, and kissing like some cute teenagers. In my opinion my night ended on a great note…or did it?

Walking back to the car, Adam opens these two girls in a Mercedes Amg 2012 series (All the church, and god’s people say…Amen!!) I stand back, let him work and wait for an opening to introduce myself to the girls. BT spike, and a pause in conversation, here is my chance; and I took it. The girls let us hop into their car, which we then proceed to get them outside of; under the premise of seeing how tall they were. Girls are isolated, and 2 poohas happy enjoy amazing conversation with two girls. I tried slowing things down with my girl because I noticed she was uncomfortable, and I knew it was because things happened to fast. (Guys these girls don’t know if we’re psycho killers or rapists; we just were so damn good that they didn’t really have a chance.) I take the time to explain to her that I understand where she is coming from, and that this is a little weird. However, she isn’t going to experience something like this again, so enjoy it.

Moral of the story kiddies, develop awareness for what is going on around you, pay attention to the women you interact with, and try to put yourself in a woman’s shoes.

The Caramel Gentleman,

-Jay Protégé

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 Post subject: Re: A Day Wiser and A Penny Richer
PostPosted: 16 Jul 2012, 17:35 

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way to stay current!

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