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A Lesson In The Art of Listening, and Conversation
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Author:  Jay Protege [ 16 Jul 2012, 16:30 ]
Post subject:  A Lesson In The Art of Listening, and Conversation

“Are you almost ready yet”, my roommate yells, I retort back “Yeah as soon as I iron my shirt”. Never under any circumstances walk out the house looking like shit. Not only does it make it look like you have no respect for yourself, but you seem like a college fratboy who is being taken care of by mommy and daddy. Clothes chosen and ready to be worn, it is time to roll. I think to myself “beautiful”, maybe it is just me, but when you look like a million bucks, you feel like a million bucks.

It feels so good to be back infield, for those of you who don’t know, I work a lot, and have never used that as an excuse to not go infield and give it my all, period. However, I do work extra hrs so it is not the easiest for me either. Spending your days and nights indoors rather than socializing will slowly make you weird; I’m pretty sure you guys have experienced this. This is a word of warning of what to watch out for.

We arrive at the W and it is dead, so Adam mentions that we should relax and catch up as we haven’t seen each other in a while. He’s right we haven’t had a conversation since I got back from Boston; relaxing it is. Grabbing our mixed drinks of water and ice, we park our charming behinds on the couch, take in the atmosphere of creepy guys, and poohas, and laugh. I take time while chatting with Adam to practice a people watching game Gareth recommended to me. Little did I know I would spy a new guy trying to game, but in the most creepy and socially ridiculous way possible. He reluctantly makes his approach to this pretty attractive Asian girl, lazily stumbling over to her and running his direct line; fuck up number one. Adam and I look at each other and cringe at how creepy this interaction is going to go. A brief second passes and were back engaged in the horror film. The girl is obviously creped, and is trying to exit…nope, not going to happen, because pooahh boy does a body block to keep her locked in (The crowd goes silent and children scream bloody murder…SMH). The girl gets ready to leave again, then BAM… she gets blocked in for the takedown by his wingman linebacker (OOOHHH not pretty by any means.).

Guys this is not something you do, I understand you have been taught to plow and be persistent but there are other ways of being persistent while not coming off as creepy or socially “Special ED” (Chocolate MIIILLKK *Said in the most mentally retarded voice I can muster*). We stop paying attention at the cluster fuck to let the dust settle from the dramatic experience.
I continue to chat with Adam after having a good laugh about the whole incident and notice a very cute girl with a charming smile sitting at a table with friends. (Having situational awareness is a main component of being a great pooaahh as it allows you to see the truth of any social setting.) Knowing this, I take a moment to observe that she is in a group but is not conversing with anyone; perfect, as I know that she is bored and looking for some form of conversation. (Here’s a little tip: When you’re new, everyone tells you to follow the 3 second rule, and it is for good reason. However once you can approach in spite of the anxiety then you should start to pay attention to the set you plan to approach as you can pick up on cues that may help give you an advantage. Ex. You spy a group of three girls, but they are getting hit on by a creeper. Perfect, because all you have to do is enter at the right energy to blow the guy out).

Before I let another moment pass, I excuse myself, walk over to Ms. Charming smile and squat down. A Touch on the arm, (Compliance and to get her attention), a warm smile, and a sly comment, I tell her that she had the most charming smile and I had to come over and say hello. She lights up and I continue with, “I noticed you were bored, and no one was talking to you, so it would only be fitting to chat with you. She laughs and tells me that this is true. From here the conversation flowed naturally, I got her to qualify herself, and we ended up getting onto the topic of dating and attraction (Whenever you talk about this subject make sure it is interactive and doesn’t come off like you are lecturing or it can bore the girl to death). Letting her talk as much as she wanted accomplished two things for me, which were, her asking me questions, and gave me material to use to continue our conversation.( When asking people questions, nod your head intently while listening, and make statements so the person can clarify the misunderstanding or expand upon the topic; It allows people to open up in a comfortable manner. Dale Carnegie states that people 1. Love the sound of their own voice, and 2. Love to be listened to and made to feel important.)

We continue chatting and she mentions that she has a bf, I think to myself “No problem, it is to be expected as she is a lovely girl”. Most guys would think “She has a Bf, alright time to bail”, wrong. You can make her into a friend or she might not be all that into her BF. Anyways, you’ll never know until you find out. I opt to ask her about her BF. (Omg, yes I broke the pooaah community rule, which is never talk about, or ask a girl about her br. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.) Asking her about it was beneficial to me, because she told me that she likes very dominant guys who go for it, and that her bf is the opposite of that. This clued me in that this relationship might not last too long (I can slow burn this, game her over a period of time, and fuck her; when there is a will there is a way).

Nothing else to add here, I just wanted to show you why listening is important, and a few things you can do to become a great conversationalist. Take what is useful to you and use it immediately please, as I don’t write these reports to always toot my own horn ;). Hope you learned something, and see you infield. Be awesome, be excellent, be desire-less, and find your own voice.

-Jay Protégé

Author:  speedstar [ 16 Jul 2012, 18:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: A Lesson In The Art of Listening, and Conversation

once again, thank you

Author:  Jay Protege [ 16 Jul 2012, 18:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: A Lesson In The Art of Listening, and Conversation

Almost Forgot, here is one of the milfs I gamed on.. YUMMERS!!

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