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 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 24 Sep 2013, 23:05 

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Fellas, it has definitely been a while...

Quick update.
I've been seeing this girl for a lot lately and decided to make her my girlfriend. Sort of.
It was Sunday when I decided that we should go out.
I was approaching girls in between the time of the last post and now, I just have been too lazy to post them.

However, this is a project that I've undertaken and will not stop until I finish.
I will not write the reports of the sets I don't remember.

Without further ado, I will add just one report that happened today.

Yes, I still have a girlfriend. But I don't like her much. We just have good sex.

So, here's what happened.

I sit down at the hilb to play this game called League of Legends. I notice a cute girl on my right and stare at her for a moment and return to my game. I told myself that I have a girlfriend and approaching is unnecessary.

So I play the game and then another round and noticed that the girl is still there. But it's almost time for me to go to class and so I pack up my stuff and begin to leave. I look over and she's packing up, too.
Wow. Perfect timing. It's meant to be... Lol.

So she finishes packing up first, gets to the door first and I'm already walking there as she reaches the door. She politely holds it open as I go WAIT. Hold that door.

We both walk out and I say something stupid or funny or offensive. Something. I forgot what it was exactly. But it caused emotional investment from her part. So, good. It was probably the way I said it. Dammit.. wish I remembered lol.

So we're talking about school and classes and everyday stuff like the weather. Then after a few minutes. I pause and stop (we're walking). She stops, too. I say my usual "I don't ever do this, but I think you're cute/pretty/adorable (again, forgot). Like.. I've NEVER done this (insert fake nervous laughter)" (Being too cool will put you outside of her league and she won't have the confidence to fuck you - that's why you either qualify her or make yourself look a little dorkier and express yourself)

I say "tell me you're single" and she says yes, I am. I try to find a good day for us to hang out this weekend, but no go. I asked her if she knew what perseverance was and she said yes she did and she laughed and you can tell when a girl is really into you by the way she stares at you and her tone goes higher at the end of a phrase. I tell her to take my number and text me. She takes it and calls me. We talk a bit more and say we'll hangout next week.

We're texting throughout the day with a little pause and then I tell her I'll call her at 9:30. I called at around that time. 9:34 to be exact. We talked for about 35 minutes where I covered the comfort that I didn't have time to cover during the initial interaction, had lots of funny, interesting, high energied things to talk about. She loved talking about it and her energy was really high by the time I ended the conversation. We also covered that we're going to hang out the very next day and for her to bring a swim suit. Swimming leads to sex. Guaranteed. Some of the time. Maybe. Jk. Idk. Yeah. GOOD SHIT.

Side note: My girlfriend. I didn't really think she was pretty in the first place, I just fucked her for the reference experience of fucking on the first "hang out". Turns out, she's really pretty after I fucked her. Like my fucking her has boosted her up some points. Most people would call her as 8 1/2 - 9. I called her a bitch while I fucked her doggy. Didn't expect to have sex. I didn't even want it that much. I just knew that I had to push forward the interaction.

Goods - I still got it, muhhfuckas. MUAHAHAH. Lol. I've only been out with one other girl these past 3 weeks besides my girl (she thinks we're dating). I forgot to write that, but now I'm writing this.

Needs improvement - nada! Maybe my text game. But my text game was pretty good imo anyway.


I'm back.

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 29 Sep 2013, 23:07 

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Ahhh... Goods? Bads?


I've been flirting with many girls, but not closing. Flirt is good. Not intending to close is bad. I always assume I'll see them again and so the desire to close isn't very high.

I had a set at starbucks yesterday.

It wasn't so great.
I wasn't interested in conversation so she lost interest, too.

We started talking when I sat down and we were both busy doing homework. I was also hesitant to talk to her because she seemed so busy... Ahh.
This doesn't feel like me.

Oh yeah. I forgot to call this chick today, but I did approach a girl at night walking to her car.

"Oh shit, you scared the fuck outa me"
"Oh, hahaha, I'm so sorry!"
"Wait there." I put my stuff in my car and go talk to her.

I tell her I think she's absolutely gorgeous, I had, indeed, thought so myself.
We talked and talked and had a great conversation.
(before that, I opened another girl the same exact way, but she got pissed off that I had already talked to her before and forgot- annoyed I mean)

I found out she had a boyfriend and she was only staying with him because she had nothing better. blablabla.
(great girlfriend huh)
So, I try to go for an insta - date, but she was gonna go see him now (i shoulda postponed her like 2 minutes 20 times or something... ahh! That woulda been great practice! Except logistics suck.. My house is outa the option table... No condom... I'm not prepared)

I used an analogy I found on facebook of green button red button and she picked the less risky one... Smh. this girl's a loser, but I'm sure a great fuck. I just loved her body.

So, I let the set go... Thought about it, then drove over to her car. Told her to give me her number. We're seeing each other again. I don't give a fuck if it's fake.

Goods : Sometimes, beautiful women like that really motivate me. Like damn. I could be fucking her. I want to fuck her. I'm gonna fuck her. I just need to think of solutions to her problems... AhH she was telling me her problems so that I could solve them. omg she wanted me to fuck her. I FUCKED UP....
Just thought of that.

Needs improvement - recognition of her ioi's saying "Fuck me now. I need your cock inside me."


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 01 Apr 2014, 01:02 

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I really haven't been doing this. Ha.
I've had this girl and it's just gotten me lazy to approach! lol.
We have great fucking sex, and lots of it. I almost don't want to approach, but I do, occasionally. I will be doing more in the summer when I travel across the western side of the US.

I know, settling down with one girl, not really a pua thing, ahahahahaaha, but I am doing it.
But get over it, I'm moving away soon, life changing, thing, yeah.

So, onto the approaches.

There's a girl sitting down at a bench and I'm walking out of class, tired, sleepy, and knowing I'd eventually have to go back to class.
I thought to myself, I can either go back to class or talk to this pretty girl.
I pick pretty girl.

I walk over, sit my ass down, turn to look at her, open my mouth retardedly, and said "Hi."
She replied "Hi" back with a smile.
I start talking and stuttering about how I am always afraid to meet new people, talk, be social, etc. and how I am trying to begin opening up to people and talking, and how I am trying my best to be more outgoing and whatnot.

She believes my bs. Then. She realized that we had a class together and that I am that guy. That one guy that everyone seems to know and talk to and is loud, usually late, and eats in class.
So.. she knows who I am.
I said yes, I am that guy. I laugh and told her I was just joking about the whole thing.

Then we talk some and I tell her another bs story about how I killed a cat.

Then I tell her that was bs, too.

We were having a great time. I decide it was time to go back to class. I number closed and texted her my name right in front of her.

Goods : It was a great warm up approach. Great way to get back in the game, just being social and whatnot.
Needs improvement : I am not sure about this, because later on, she started getting flaky about texting me. Said something about having a boyfriend, but it was most likely just something up with my game in person.

Aaand then later that night, I was walking out of class and I see this girl walking towards me.
She had a beautiful face. Absolutely gorgeous. I noticed it when she walked right past me. After she walked past, I stared at her for a second, just in admirance of her face. Then... I YELLED her ass DOWN.
She turns around, - me?
Yes. You.

I walk towards her as she takes a couple steps toward me. I tell her how beautiful she is and how it literally took my breath away, how it sucked that I have a date with my friend right now who's a guy and only gay for me ( joke ), but I want to get to know her better.

She gave me her number when I told her to, and then texted her later that night.

She sucked with responding, honestly. So then, 3 days after that initial text, I send her "She doesn't text me back. Ugggfh. I suck at life. I'm gonna go die now. In a hole. Crawled up in a ball with vultures picking at me."
Lol, looked through my phone for that text, just now saw that her name is Ruby.
She responded with a long ass text saying she'd love to hang out with me.

We hung out and had sex. Then I had to kick her out and I felt bad about it, so I called my girlfriend to come over and comfort me.

Yeah, that was about it.

Goods : I did what felt right during the approach and I felt elated doing it. Doesn't matter if it worked or not, I just felt good doing it. That's great.
Needs improvement : Not sure, but she didn't respond at first, and I'm not sure if the top guys have trouble with this, or if it's normal when people get good, but.. hm. Maybe that could've been fixed.


Always looking to improve
- lapb out.

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 08 Apr 2014, 21:22 

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Here's a little insight I have gained infield.
College game is different from club game.
In college, for some reason, social proof is much more important.
Here's an example from tonight.
I was talking to my friend and this girl with massive tits come over to talk (we've talked previously, but nothing shows attraction). We were both talking about how we have fucked girls and recorded it, and she joined in with her conversation, and I changed the subject back to our conversation and she loved it. He was more experienced in the business (he actually makes money off it) so he had her attention more.
A mutual non - attractive female friend of ours (me and the girl's) comes by and I start talking to her. The girl had no idea we knew each other, but it seemed like I knew everyone everywhere. Her other girl friend joins us and she scoots closer to me and we start talking. Her interest in me spikes after I was talking to that other girl. She later found a way to number close me saying she needed to be tutored and I challenged her. "What's my name? Say you're on mushrooms. Say it loud." It was hilarious and we both laughed.
She later said she has a boyfriend and, at that time, I hadn't expressed interest in her sexually yet, but she knows I am a sexual man because of the things my friend and I were talking about, so I food buddy'd her. She tried to get out of it, saying she was more than just that.
Funny, but it all started rolling when I expressed that I knew everyone and I do not discriminate who I talk to.

Edit*forgot the goods and improvement part*

Goods - I played it off well. I had fun. I bull shitted. I even told a lame ass joke "Have you ever had sex while camping? No. It's INTENTS" LOLOLOLOL. I laughed my ass off at that joke.

Needs improvement - there was a moment where I was thought to myself "I don't know what I'll talk about next.", but it passed away as soon as I opened my mouth again.

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 12 Apr 2014, 17:22 

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So many people forget how to have fun with a normal everyday interaction once they pua too hard. It can be silly, ridiculous, funny, stupid, and as long as you have fun with it and stay somewhat calibrated (eg. Don't talk about sex in front of 7 year olds as you pick her up), it can work.

So here's the thing. I am a tutor. I tutor two girls (highschool and middleschool) on saturday and I took them to the library to check out new books to read. I usually see the same old fml librarian and some assistant. Today was some kinda special day, so they had a few more assistants, two of which were quite hot.

My students had previously received help from the head lady and were still confused as she left them. So, I went to two girl assistants who were stacking books, started up a conversation with them, saying my students need help. At this point, I had some interest in both of them. Of course, they were really nice and smiled as I smiled.

They came over to help my one of my students and I sent the other student to go zombie walk to the water fountain. I came back telling one of my students "I got Vi to zombie walk to the water fountain" *I proceed to show how it was done*
I started talking to them about video games and stuff there were 1 student, Amy, two girls, and 1 guy assistant. We were high fiving, talking, laughing (in the library LOL), talking about how I make everyone my support/healer/medic/etc. and the girl says how she's made healer/medic/support/etc. by her older brothers. I get suspicious of age and ask if they were all in high school. One of them was, so the other became the girl I would be gaming.

I think they all felt the shift when I made it, because afterwards, the other girl left set and the other guy as well, just leaving the two of us alone to talk and joke and laugh.

Then I was talking to the guy about games within sight of the girl. I knew she was looking at me and watching me have a conversation with that guy. I can tell. Lol. Guy and I were talking about games.
Then I went to talk to the girl after a bit. (although everyone was within 5 feet of each other, no one else was in our conversation)

We also talked about hating people, entrepreneurship, how fat we both were, etc.

I told her (and everyone else, too, but mostly directed at her) that I hate everyone until they tell me about themselves and I start feeling sorry for them.
So she starts telling me how she wasn't social and blablabla before she was starting up her own business. I smiled.
I sat down and started talking to some old lady about kids.
Later, my students were giving up on finding a book, so they said they wanted to go. I gave them the "give me 2 minutes, I'm gonna get her number" look.
SO I told Jessica, "Hey, come show me the Bush book." She and the guy were coming to show me, but I was ignoring the guy as both of them were talking to me, and he got the hint. A master at game was at work MUAHAHAHAHA. Jk. He still got it though. Good guy Gamer.

I said "Jessica. *she looks over - what?* I don't care about the bush book. I like who you are and would you like to hang out with me?" (Yes, I know, I asked the question, boo hoo. I actually thought about that for about 1/4 second, before I dismissed the idea, knowing she'd love to anyway) She starts thinking about it, saying umm (I was expecting the boyfriend line at this point) I don't really know you.

I tell her "I'm LAPB, well, how about this. We can just go to a park, sit on the swings, talk about whatever, and get to know each other."
She was still pressured. I assured her that this was no pressure, she didn't have to say yes, she didn't have to say no. She asked if she could say maybe right now, and I said, you have the option to say yes or no. It's all completely fine.

She relaxed a bit, so I pushed for the number, was going to give her mine, but student came up from behind me and said she thought of a book!
The girl immediately left the intensely pressured area (it was pretty pressured, I tried to take it off, but there was still pressure on her, not sure how though).
A few minutes later, I texted her "Hi!" "Stop smiling at me :)"
Then I made her smile by doing goofy faces.

My students got their books, and we left.

She later texted me "Lol but you were making me smile"
It's on.
I told her I'm going to Coachella, will text later. I will set up a date soon. Probably Tuesday. I'll give her a chance to text me first.

Goods : I had a ton of fun, also used my students as fun tools. It was so much fun. Like, texting her was fun. Talking was fun. Smiling, being weird was fun. Ahhh... the freedom of expression, how I miss it. It's so much fun!

Needs improvement : I could've used the line "I never do this, but..."... ahh, it's been so long since I've picked up girls, this is so much fun. I need to do this more often. I can also be this fun with my girlfriend too! ... Too bad all we do is fuck.
It's getting tiring, but we're both horny every time we see each other. We go out and eat, and she wants us exclusive. Hm.

Anyways, that's all for today folks!... Maybe. I am going to Coachella Fest later. We'll see


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 30 Apr 2014, 19:19 

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I sometimes wonder if anyone even reads these besides me

Then I think, oh well, this is fun, just writing out my experiences anyway

This was written on saturday night and posted tonight.

So tonight, I took my girl out bowling with some friends and we fucked in my car before I dropped her off, then as I pull into my driveway, I saw a girl walking on the street and knowing I'm going to be doing this more often, I said, let's see if I can pull her to my house and fuck her.
I pull her to my house and sat her down. She asked if I could give her a ride somewhere 20 minutes away. I said no, but you can use my phone to call someone. She did.
So she has some guy coming to pick her up, probably an orbiter type guy, and I had a hot girl in my house for about 20 minutes or so.

I have her come over and sit next to me on the couch and we start talking. Some minutes into conversation, I stopped completely and just stared directly into her eyes... like to her soul, almost.
She goes "What??" I crack a smile, she smiles a bit too. I pick up her hands without dropping the eye contact and place them on my knees, she doesn't move them. I lean in, and she mirrors.... Then we're making out.

I pick her up as and throw her onto my bed, we both undress, she's licking me...

I quickly grab a condom and we're having sex.... Someone's calling my phone during, but I ignore it. After we finish, I looked at my phone and realized it was the guy she called.

So I handed her my phone. She says, "It's my boyfriend... What do I tell him?"
I think.. ahh shit. LOLOLOL. I almost start laughing, but then I tell her to tell him that I, her friend, was taking a shit and had the phone with me.
She did, he came and picked her up, and right now, I can't remember her name.

Many more LRs to come once my summer months hit! :D

Goods : It was a good experience. I hadn't done that in a while and hadn't felt the feels of pulling for the first time in a long time

Needs improvement : I could do this more and to get used to it... I've been outa touch.


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 30 May 2014, 20:02 

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This was going to be a write up of LMR gone crazy.

Thankfully, it's not. Thankfully, I persisted. I didn't think about what someone else would do, I simply did what I did in this scenario and it all turned out great.

So, I met this girl on Tinder and set up a date with her in the future when I'm going to be going to Irvine. I stopped by and picked her up. Through text she already claims still being in love with her ex. So I whatever'd it and decided just to have fun and push things forward (apparently the best mindset to have)
I picked her up, she was nervous as I spun her around in the first hug and for the next couple hours we were at the mall, but it worked out cause we were just messing around and she finally warmed up to me as we held hands and told people I got her pregnant, that I'll be a dad. etc.
I bet her a kiss for something stupid and she accepted the bet. She won so I was going to give her a kiss, but she chickened out. I brush it off, go along to the beach where we sat and just talked about life stuff. I take her back, we couldn't find my car, so that was an adventure and at one point I was going to give her the reward of the bet by pushing her against the wall, but she was still kinda freaked out and pushed me off. I brush it off again like it was all part of the plan.

We get to her school again. Talk in my car for a bit, go to the study room, finally kiss. I knew she was afraid of kissing me, so I gave her a small sample at first, but then she went crazy and we started making out. I handled her pretty well and she got wet.

I tried to take it a step further. Didn't happen. We went into my car where I tried to make sex happen. Didn't work. That's fine. We went to buy me some water and a parking ticket. She paid. Back to the study room. I push her against the wall and had my hand on her throat and we thrashed our tongues around like eels. She got wet, I tried, and she said no, gave me some reasons.

I gave her my "This is life, it's about adventure/chances/sex is good indicator of good girlfriend because it shows blablabla reasons"
She couldn't do it.

I go to my car to sleep. I text her to come by and she does. We get pretty far (btw, I had her calling me master the whole day as a joke) to her licking my penis. Still. No cigar. She got off and left.

A few minutes later, I call her, she comes back in, we makeout and I turn her on so much we fuck. She was dripping wet. Bad for my car seats. Must clean them at the end of my trip. (The details of how I turned her on step by step: It was making out, I was just going to jack off as she makes out with me, and I do, but then she grabs my cock and starts jacking me off, after a bit, I just push her head down and she was sucking my dick. I got on top, pulled her pants off while she's sucking, I order her to pull me closer, I meant just physically, but she pulled my cock right inside of her. I came in a minute but afterwards, when I found out her side of the story, it was the greatest sex of her life. Mostly cause of the way I handled her. So, don't be afraid to handle a girl roughly, but if she says no, do back off)

We talked for a bit and I heard her side of how the day went. Interesting to hear it from the girl's side.

Goods: Playful persistence and how it is not needy. The reason why it wasn't needy was that I wasn't concerned about the outcome, I just know what I wanted and I kept pushing for it. I didn't care that she left and actually let her leave a couple times before we finally had sex.

Needs improvement: I'd say this set was played out perfectly. I know it seems cocky, so if someone would like to add corrections, go ahead and do so.


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 08 Jan 2015, 20:23 

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Last time I was on here? LMAO Like I remember

Honestly, I've been on/off approaching. I don't really do it any more. Like, it's not something I do. I just kind of am it.

Sound weird? Maybe. But here's the reasoning. I've integrated it into my life. When I talk to people, I naturally flirt with them. Male or female. Just kidding.
I like talking to people and so I do. When I put pressure on myself to "approach" it's fucking weird as hell. If you'd like to go out with me, I'd love to show you the difference.
However, when I just am out and I will go talk to people just because it's more fun than looking at my phone. Honestly. When I do, that's more of a natural thing. Something about natural game. I'm pretty hungry right now. Can't think too straight haha.

Well anyways, I'll be starting this thing back up AGAIN for like the 50th time. It's like me and the gym, I swear.

Anyways, so here was the "approach"
I'll even break down what I did

I'm in line for Wells Fargo and I go to the nearest teller. I smile say hi make eye contact and she reciprocates. I'm happy to see someone that's happy to see me - that's what's going on through her head.
She says hi and we chit chat for a little bit. I smile a lot, laugh once, and made her laugh a few times.
One of the times was when I challenged her. She said I owed 148.75 I gave her 150 and she said something about paying over. I looked at her and said What? Who does that? (Cutting across her saying "well some people do that"). Ha.

At the end (interaction lasted about 5 minutes most), I asked if she had paper while she was getting my change. I put down my number. I tell her I'm still in town for a few more days and I hand her the paper.
She goes "Wait! What's your name?"
I smile and tell her my name. She writes it down on the paper and carefully folds it and puts it away. I walk away as she was folding it, saying "bye".

It wasn't that I walked away giving her my number that gave her power, lately I've been giving my number out so much (for business) that it seemed natural to me. It's partially "value giving" rather than "value taking". Let me define value as anything that'll help with survival including good emotions. It was because I didn't care if she texts me or not. I've given my number out so many times that I simply don't mind if I get a text or not from her. In most cases, I would've done an even exchange of numbers or have her text me right away. However, in this scenario, she was working and I had to do it a little bit sneakier than otherwise.

- LAPB out


PS - any questions, feel free to email me or ask me on facebook
Email -
Facebook - look for Jason Quach friends with J.T Tran (ya know, owner of this shiz)

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 22 Jan 2015, 01:25 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
New school. New year. New me.

So I'm at CSUF now! The number of girls I talked to and closed... I don't even remember, but I'll try to do my best in retelling all the stories!

Most recent one
6:45 tonight, I'm driving and looking for a parking spot and I spot a girl who looks like one of my most beautiful ex's, so what do I do? I roll down the window and asked her if she was leaving. She responded with a "no"
I got a spot, bumped into her again (I looked for her and found her)
I told her she looked absolutely beautiful.
She said her night was made just now by me.

We talked for a little bit as we both walked to class. Just the "What classes do you have" "Oh really, bla bla bla" "I like this foods" "Oh but have you tried it with THIS??"
Somewhere at about midway I told her she was so beautiful it was actually taking my breath away. She got really flattered/flabbergasted/nervous/giggly/girly/whatever. It worked because... well.. my breath was actually taken away. I couldn't breathe. But after saying that, I felt normal again. WeIrD.

We talked for a bit more and met the fork that split our paths. I told her "We should exchange numbers" She took the initiative here and asked for my number so she could call me (she might've been flaked on a lot or something in the past - I could've poked fun at her for that - the thought wasn't fully formed though). I gave her my number and made her try to guess my ringtone (all the while staring right into her eyes, more like her soul mauhaahaha).

I asked her for her schedule (again she tried to make herself sound VERY available) and I told her I'm free next Sunday. I set the date for then. We hugged. She thanked me. That's it.

Beautiful ass girl. Looked like my ex + bigger boobs + toner legs.

Goods : I was pretty good about letting out exactly what I had in mind rather than letting it sit there and make it super awkward for myself. Yes, I do feel awkwardness, but only when I create it or allow it to exist.
Needs improvement : Just because she looks like my ex, I might've accidentally pedestalled her, but will keep focused on the goal of just having fun. Oh yeah, and some more push/pull instead of just one. I had no other emotion besides positive.
Next up
I met a girl on the first floor of the library
She was a foreign exchange student from China

I forgot what I opened with, but we were sitting about 8 feet from each other at first.
Threw in some small talk. Had her come sit closer because I couldn't hear her. And closer. And closer.

Invited her to go hiking. Then invited myself to her apartment because it was an apartment and I wanted to check it out (I don't live in an apartment) bla bla bla.
She said she has to check with her roommate and then she'll text me.
I gave her my number
She texted me tonight

She said something about making me food when I come over. LOL
Talked for like 15 minutes at most

I met this girl after leaving the 2nd floor of the library.
Huge nerd. Huge tits.

I opened up a little container for fruit mix and it spilled on me. Then I opened her with "After all these years, you'd think I'd know how NOT to spill this!"

We talked for a bit
Topic moved around as we walked around.
I tested her asking if she knew what anime was on my shirt. Trick question. It wasn't anime. It was League of Legends.

We exchanged numbers. I'm sure she'd love to come over and watch anime someday :D


After entering the 2nd floor of the library I quickly mistaken a girl working on her assignment for someone working at the library. Then I sat down two seats away and took out a notebook paper. I smiled at her and passed her the note. You guys can read what it says
I told her I had to go and for her to write down her #

Note: I do not count the girls I talk to in class because I don't intend to game those girls, no matter how hot. I just friend zone them all.

I think that was all for today.
Yesterday I had a set.

I sat down on a chair, being really sleepy. I thought I'd go to sleep. Damn it was so bad.
I didn't do anything lol. I just talked to a girl that sat close by.
I couldn't even number close. I think it was because my voice tonality was dead. My body language was off, too since I was laying down on two chairs put together.

Note to self: Sleep before game.

Basically what I've learned is that game is an integrated part of my life, so it's no longer game. It's just life. Also, don't game if I don't want to (ie sleepy, hungry, etc.), it puts much less pressure on me and thereby allowing me to be more myself.


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 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 26 Feb 2015, 18:13 

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I really apologize for not being on here much.
I said I would do more approaches and I've been using the "My girlfriend and I are breaking up, I'm an emotional wreck" excuse a lot lately.
So, today, after a really weird Tinder date, I decided (I mentally made the decision) to go out and give myself more opportunities approach. So instead of going home afterwards, I went to school and went to play some volleyball.

After I parked, I noticed this cutie with a beautiful smile so I go over and say hi.
Conversation goes "Hey, how's it going, I'm Jason" she smiles and says "Hi, I'm (some white girl name)"
I gave her a compliment on her teeth and said she was cute. Immediately comes with the boyfriend line.
I backpeddled into only giving value mode and said no problem, and ejected set prematurely.

Walking away, I was thinking I probably could have stayed in longer and made the decision to do that next time.

Second set was a girl I saw after leaving the gym I open weak with "Hold on, my contacts are falling out of my eyes."
She wasn't that attractive so, I didn't give her a compliment. We talked for a bit and she seemed awkward.
Turns out she was in high school and I was hitting on a girl figuring out how to do her Algebra homework.

I tell her to have a nice day and I walk off.

3rd set, this is what made my day. That I tried, tried, and tried again.

I see this girl with a nice ass and I was about to walk away, but then mentally directed my feet toward her. I had no idea what I was going to say, but somehow deep down inside of me, I knew I'd think of something (must be all the other approaches I've done LOL)

So I open her and we talk. She tells me she has a boyfriend. I'm unphased. Bitch. I was fucking cool. lol.
Just keep talking. Go for the number, she tells me her boyfriend is really jealous. I said just as friends, bla bla bla.
What do you do?
Guess what I do.
Yeah, I read bla bla bla books.
I'm this major. I bet you're a psych major.

We talk more and I invite her to grab a burrito with me (she's latina - I've got a thing for them). No go.
Keep talking! LOL

Fuck, idk how, but, topics just keep coming to me. Talked about phones, facebook, ancient shit. I make fun of her. I compliment her.
She asks me about me.

During the interaction, I move closer, she tenses up/moves back, so I move back. I try it multiple times, she just wasn't comfortable with me in her space. Interesting reaction. I think it's cause her boyfriend was coming to pick her up and she didn't want to look like she was actually enjoying conversation with me. We laugh a ton, too.

I tried 4 maybe 5 times to go for some sort of close. It just won't happen, so I decide to leave. As soon as I leave, her boyfriend pulls up with like 3 other cholos and he yells out, "EY, don't lemme catch you talkin with her no mo!" "Yeah, I see you. I know what you look like now"

I ignore him.
I was thinking about opening another set with "Can you believe how jealous some guys get?" But no other sets in sight.
Pretty good to get back out there.
I haven't been approaching in person since my drama. Damn. Drama with this girl last so fucking long.


I'm really proud of me during my last set. I stuck it in. Fuck yeah.

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