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 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 01 Aug 2013, 23:48 
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 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 05 Aug 2013, 09:29 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
Fuck. I can't remember all of them. But there were many. Very many.
I'll do my best.
I was at Hard Summer

By the way, completely sober the entire time.

Let's say the "dance floor" approaches of pull and take along with over the shoulder grab, eye contact, pull in was 40.

Very conservative.

20 were rejections

10 of them were just dancing and I couldn't escalate from there.

5 of them I had a kiss.

4 of them I had a make out. (different)

And 1 of them, I fingered.

As the day progressed into the night, I had felt that I had become better and more in the zone.

I didn't make many mistakes because as I moved on from set to set, I just felt better that I was doing something rather than just standing there, staring at girls like some guys were. I liked action. Taking action makes me more in state and feel better and all that shit. Whatever it is.

So yeah. Take action. I kept on doing it til I had results and then some.


This isn't part of the FR but I want to tell it anyway. It was HILARIOUSSSSSSSSSSS

So, I got invited to dance on stage for Baauer and so I did that and I brought a guest with me (blonde. nice rack.), but after about 40 minutes or so, security guard just left.
Disappeared. Nowhere to be found.
SO I realized that anyone could get in and so I went to stand guard.
I had my arms and legs out.
Massive amounts of people wanted to get in. Showing me fake wristbands, tits, kissing me to distract me as their friends snuck in.

HAHAHAH. I was good though. I denied them all, except 1.
A girl would come kiss me, but I'd still have my arms and legs spread out to prevent anyone from getting in. Couple of girls wanted to show me tits, two did, and I let only one in.

Then I simply got bored and left to do something else. Yeah. Just wanted to say. Mischief managed. (Say you know where that's from ;)

I had some random walk up to's, Hey! *smile* Happy 1st (or 2nd) day!
Get a hug.

Smile bigger and say "It's my birthday!"

And a makeout.

14 got to the hugs.

And of those 14, 9 got to kisses :D

By that time (night time), I had already gamed myself to the point that I was awesome. Regardless of what I said or did, it was awesome.
I got it! I'll just post significant approaches.

Okay, end of the first night.

Saw a girl sitting by herself and the spot where everyone waits for their friends.

I sit down and start talking. I don't remember where it went, like no idea where conversation went, but, I remember playing that slapping game and how she was quite good.

I told her that that's what I do on my first dates.
Then something happened and I said I wanted to lay down and for her to something..

Ended up laying my head down on her lap. Her friend came by whom she swears is gay.
I told her it was my birthday and she said it was hers, too.

I bend her head down for a birthday kiss. And then another one for her birthday.
Then we started making out.

She lit a cigarette (I didn't know she smokes) and I wondered the difference between before and after cigarette, like immediately.
So we made out again for a moment, she smoked for a few minutes and we made out again.

I felt it begin to climax so when I bent her neck down again (we had stopped earlier to talk to her friend) I was like Juuuust kidding!

Then I took her with me, after telling her friend I'll bring her right back, to a quiet, empty spot that I had found earlier that day.

My condom was used.


Oh. I remember this one. I met this girl right when we got to our motel.
We were talking about something. I remember the concept of drug use came up.

Also remember Hard Summer coming up. Don't remember much else.

So I got her number. We texted for a bit. After hard day 1, I texted her to come hang out in our room.

She brought her friend along and was made to carry the mcdonalds up to the room. That was some damn good mcdonalds.. hope we won something.

We just chilled. Sat. Talked. Whatever.

Afterwards, they went back to their room and in the morning I texted her this "Champagne, orange juice, and morning sex. Down?"
"Order switch. Morning sex, champagne, and orange juice."

We were in my room while my friends were downstairs grubbing on the free breakfast.

Hell yeah. ;)

Oh. Blonde. End of 2nd night.

So I see a blonde with her head down in her knees, alone. I go to her. Ask her if she's ok.

Talk a bit. Find out we're both sober.

Talk some more, I find out she's really intelligent, despite being blonde and living in LA.

Then she showed me that her name was Megan ---- Fox.

Oh yeah, that was after she gave me her email so I could add her on facebook which happened after my friend called me telling me we had to go.

So I had her kiss my cheek because she couldn't remember my name. Then I told her my name.

We got two pictures together and in the second one, we were lip-lockin ;)

But I had to go and then (oh wait, before that, I do remember complimenting her on being smart and how awesome that is and she was really like appreciative of that)

gave her a quick hug. Left to find friend.


I'm sure there are sooo many more approaches that I hadn't thought of, so when I do, I'll post em. Promise.

Goods : Gamed myself. I really focused on gaming myself. Also, before day 1, I talked myself into believing that I was as awesome as I am because I just wasn't feelin it for some reason.

Needs improvement : I need to do it more, that's all.


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 06 Aug 2013, 19:17 

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 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 08 Aug 2013, 01:28 

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Bootcamp Graduate:
I have 3 to report today.
2 direct approaches that had complications, 1 under 18 and 1 with boyfriend.
1 indirect, very funny approach that leads to a date.

1st one.

I see this pretty girl sitting down eating a hot dog with her mom and sister. There's a baby. The girl is holding the bag holding the baby stuff and so I'm walking towards her and notice that she's holding the bag.

I turn around thinking she's the mom.

The girl and her sister are behind me in line to get out of CostCo and I realize, I'd feel so much better after I've complimented her and that it making my day would make her day.

So I go over to her, plant my feet square, face only her and ignore her sister.

Hey. I think you are exceptionally beautiful. Would you like to go out sometime?

Sister looks at me in awe/shock opens her mouth. The girl is flattered and turning red.

I smile. Hold out my hand and introduce myself.

The sister goes in to save the day! (cockblock) "You know she's only 15, right?"

I'm like "No. I didn't. She looked 18 to me."

We say a few more things and I walk away, happy that I overcame that few seconds of slight AA and approached a girl.


Girl at the kiosk at the mall.

Again, lined up body language.

Direct eye contact, half smirk, feets planted, etc.

I pause for a moment and she goes "What?"

I say some direct line of saying she's attractive.
Then we talk for 15 ish seconds and I realize that she's giving me that feeling of "I have a boyfriend"

So I ask if she was single and she says no, she has a boyfriend.

I feel like I know exactly at the moment of the direct compliment whether or not the girl has a boyfriend or not.

It's weird, but they'll get really awkward really quickly.
Not sure exactly how to explain it, but they get uncomfortable.

3rd one.

So I walk past this shoe store for women and I think of something funny to say along the lines of "Oh, I'm looking for shoes for my girl friend."
Then I think "I sound stupid saying that. How's that gonna get me laid."
Then I think of something funny "What if I imply, through every means possible that my girlfriend was my right hand.. that'd be hilarious! I'd laugh so hard."

So I walk in and I do my thing, improvising about 95% of the conversation. All I had in my head was the main idea that was "fool girl into thinking I have a girlfriend while the entire time, talk about my right hand"

Things like "yeah, her size is about the size of my left hand", "we always party together" "I'd hate to imagine what my life would be like without her", "Sometimes I flirt with girls when she's not around, sometimes I do it even when she is around."


On the inside, I was enjoying it. On the outside, I was serious. . . and enjoying it.

Then I reveal to her that I was talking about my right hand the whole time.
Customers started coming in, but it didn't matter. She'd talk to them for a moment and they'd notice me so they'd leave pretty quickly because they don't want to seem like they're interrupting a conversation.

We talk and talk about random adventures and parties and stupid shit and college and some more stupid shit.

I ask her her schedule for this week. At first it was workworkworkwork
Then she said oh maybe tonight. No maybe tomorrow night.

After all that was done, we planned the date for "tomorrow at 10", never really specifying what we were doing.

I get her number.

5 minutes after leaving the store I text her my name. 15 mins later she texts me back "Got it!"
An hour after that I send her a pic of my foot covered in sand playing volleyball.
3 hours after that she sends me a pic of her holding a beer bottle.

This'll be interesting.

Goods : It's always important to have fun. So long as I game myself (sleep, eat, push my comfort a bit), I'm pretty happy.

Needs improvement : Nothing. Bitches. Underaged. Taken. Seeing me tomorrow.



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PostPosted: 11 Aug 2013, 23:31 

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I had a set yesterday

Well, 3, but I only counted one.

So, I spot a pair of lesbians walking hand in hand, there was a girlier one and a manlier one.

However, the hand in front was the girlier one.
So, using that as a starter, I go and talk to a girl sitting by a kiosk at the mall.

We talked about it and laughed about it.

Then we talked about other things. I had a mixture of body languages: sometimes direct sexual intent, sometimes, pointing away. for the most part, it was direct sexual intent, I'm gonna call it dsi from now on. For the most part, I had dsi :) That sounds cool... DSI. LOL.

Yeah, Good eye contact, facing towards her, etc.
Sometimes I'd look away, cross my arms and turn away.

It was going really well. She changed one of her views so that she'd be like me LOL
Then I got her number for a date.
I asked her for my name, she got it right, I still messed with her :) Dunno if I should've done that or not, but it was fun.
Then I say it was a date and pushed the idea a bit. That scared her off today, she flaked with no returns on call or texts, so I sent her a text to let her know it was just casual.

Anyways, that's about it. Pretty typical set.

Lol.. DSI... Like CSI.. Hahaha

Goods : I have a standard for sets now. It only took me nearly 500 approaches to figure it out and to improve on it. RIGHT?? Lol.

Needs improvement, let's improve on that!

-554 (no longer 555 :( )

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 14 Aug 2013, 23:20 

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A little different from my usual approach. But still similar.

So I was at starbucks, getting a gold card :D

And there was this girl in front of me, really cute, dressed nicely, I was like Hm.
So she takes her order and I overhear the name "chloe"

After I give my order, I find her in the corner and I go and say "Chloe."
I smile. She smiles. She's taken aback from how I know her name and she starts jibberjabbering about it.

I said it's on her cup. It was.

We're like 5 feet from each other, talking about random things. I started it off with finding random money in your starbucks card like finding random money in laundry.

I grab my drink, come back and say we should sit somewhere else easier to conversate. She agrees and we go sit face to face rather than side to side like before.

We're talking and talking. I hear she's 21 and that her sister went to hard summer and music blablabla. She gets up to leave and I ask if she's single and she says no.

I then go into getting her to introduce her sister to me and saying a joke about how her sister turns everyone on. *song from the radio, really popular right now*

She's like no, my sister is horrible, I couldn't introduce you to her. You're nice.

She takes her leave.

unrelated, 3 hours later, I call a girl I kinda like, recently approached, I posted about her, she texts me back "hey what's up!"
I tell her to call me back and she says "I'm not interested. Sorry."

Random. Who can tell me what happened? Probably nobody, but our day2 was pretty damn amazing til the end. She didn't text me for a day 3 that I forgot about. I don't know what's up with her.

Anyways, goods about that, I went for other options
Needs improvement, I could've went a different route towards that destination.


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 21 Aug 2013, 02:52 

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Haven't been on here lately. I've had a couple of day game sets, but I've forgotten them in the midst of tonight.
Tonight is worth mentioning. Because tonight is fucking awesome.

Quick background story.

I met this girl last year over summer and she made me drive 15 mins to come see her, only to tell me she had a boyfriend. Later on, she told me she broke up with him. This year, she tells me to come see her again. I drive 15 mins to come see her again. Guess what happened.

If you guessed "She had a boyfriend", you're right. Anything else, you're wrong.

So she did, but before she did, I met her gay guy friend and we talked for a while.
After the place she worked at closed and I found out she had a boyfriend, I started talking to the gay friend some more. We talked about a buncha random shit. It was pretty cool.

Then I got bored and asked him what he was doing later tonight.

No, you fuckers, I'm still straight :)

He was going home, but I decided that I wanted to go to a strip club and asked him which one was the best around here. It was my first time going and I didn't know what to expect.

RIGHT before getting there, I realized I had no cash and so quickly ran to the bank and withdrew $40. I didn't know how much it was going to be.

So I get there and I start talking with this beautiful girl with "girl next door" type of looks and a pair of glasses. We talk for a long ass time. Like an hour. Moving from table to table around the stage.

Talked about a whole bunch of shit. She was what I'd say immensely intelligent, but she was smart enough to pass the bar. Left HS with 3.8, but she only did it to party. I could tell from the way she was talking, she was just a chill girl doing what she needed to support herself and stay independent.

I told her from the get go I wasn't buying a dance.
We talked and talked and I really liked talking with her. We were both cracking jokes and saying stupid shit. I liked it. Then we started drifting apart.

SO I did what all sensible guys would do and I talked to another girl and another girl and another girl (8 others in total) about random shit and conv would last a few mins the longest. (not gonna count those, only the ones I approached - Yes, I approached some)

Then I found this black one and I was telling her how I was really interested in learning to be a stripper. I was, actually, very interested. I still might be. I live close to Palm Springs, I'd make good money on the cougars and gays out there. Anyways. So she shows me how, gives me some tips and I try my best, but I was nervous as shit.

Another girl comes around and we each do like a demonstration dance or whatever.

I get more tips. Obvious I'm still not loose. Then a few girls dance on me for free. Awesome. The ones I talked to earlier.
I get a demonstration on stage by the black girl.

The few moments I was unoccupied by a girl who really wanted to talk to me (being the only interesting person at the strip club, there were about 20 guys and I guess when not hustled, they were weird) (maybe I was just getting hustled, but each girl knew that I was not paying for a dance - I made that clear), I'd always look for the first girl that I talked to.

I'd talk to her a couple times, but I guess she didn't want to talk anymore? I don't know. I didn't really pay attention too much to that and so talked to the other girls more and didn't have it in my mind that she wasn't talking to me.

Now that I think back on it, she kinda did stop talking to me, because as soon as she'd leave for something, some other girl would want to start talking to me. Talk, not ask for a dance. Interesting.

So, I'm gonna fast forward, end of the night.

I gave this one girl, blondie, a dance and she was laughing so hard, she didn't notice what I did or how I did. Shit, even the DJ gave me a shout out.
Props to him. He was a funny motherfucker.

So we're talking and later joined by another girl. The black girl that gave me stripping lessons. Black girl gave me her number. She left after a while. blondie gave me hers. Saying I should text her now.

I repeated both of their numbers to them at the same rate at which they told them to me the second time.

I don't know if they were right or wrong. I don't care if they were right or wrong. Fact is: I still got 2 strippers' numbers on the first time I went to a strip club. (went solo btw)

Goods: I was actually just very chill. I talked about what I had in my mind and I listened. I had good BL and EC and all that shit. I made an acronym last time for something, but I forgot what it was.. I wanna use it now. Anyway. Really laid back and chill and shit. I never bought a dance nor made it rain. Only thing I paid for was cover and that other fee.

Needs improvement : Nothing, bitches. I was fucking top shit tonight.

I wonder how though. But that was interesting. Though they were some of the sexiest girls I've seen, it didn't really matter and I just talked to them like they were normal people. Maybe that's why.

I'm gonna count in my head how many girls I approached tonight.
no, 5.
I did 5 tonight.

SIDENOTE - Was taking a piss, guy a urinal away was also taking a piss. I said "HEY BRO. NO HOMO. But have you gotten a boner here yet?" He said nothing so I continued, "I've only gotten a halfie"
So he rampages "That's cause you're a little faggot. You piece of bla bla bla bla bla" Made a really good story to tell to the strippers LOL

okay, so 5.


LAPB OUT, NIGGA. (No offense to my niggas out there)

 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
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Bootcamp Graduate:
I've been really lazy posting these
But really, I just didn't post yesterday. Does that make me bad?

Probably not

Hello, everyone!
I went to the mall in Bakersfield the other day and did some approaching. The talent here is so much better than what I could find at the mall in PD. But it is what it is.

I did have some successes.

First one. It was kinda creep of me. Like it started off well, but I didn't know what to say.
I didn't fret about what to say, I just didn't take responsibility of the conversation.

That was my bad.

Wow, mistake before story. Anyways. Here it is.

So I walk in and grab a passion tea with lemonade, sweetened, I get free refills on that shit, at Starbucks.
I see a pretty girl nearby who was working and having a slow day.
Bored as shit.

So I did the gentlemanly thing and approached her and try to put her out of her misery (no killing).

I started out really logical. But another mistake was, I never really got out of the logical state.

I was practicing my speech tonality and I guess that made me very boring conversation.
I tried to sound excited about getting a free pair of jeans and my tea, but it just wasn't very good. I know it doesn't matter what was said, but how it was, but I wasn't all that excited.

Yeah my tea tasted good and I did get a free pair of jeans, but I wasn't feeling anything in particular. I should've expressd that instead! Ahh.
Anyways, back to the report.

We talk for a bit I let her know I'll only be in town for a little while and that we should hang out after she gets off work, I get her number. The conversation dies. I dip out. I send her a text with my name. I walk away, see her on her phone a few minutes later and still no text back. Maybe she forgot, so I sent her a picture text of the free pair of jeans I got.

No response.

(after a couple sets)

I come back and tell her my true intentions. She's not feeling it. Whatever.


Hmm Another girl.
Ahh. I spotted a girl and she spotted me at the same time. We started talking.
Apparently I looked familiar to her, bam racist joke.

Couldn't help it. Yeah, discipline the bad behaviors and reward good ones, but I like making those jokes and it was a perfect setup that I couldn't help it. So, suck it.

Wow, getting all philosophical shit on the forums. Excuse my behavior, fellas. You already know this.

So we're chatting and making jokes and she compliments me and I compliment her and we shit talk each other for a little bit.
I let her know the situation I'm in where I can only stay for another night. She's working as a waitress graveyard shift an hour after the mall.
I say we have an hour after your mall shift ends, let's see what we can do with that.

I get her number. Send her my name. She texts back Got it! ;) Can't wait til this shift ends!!

I dip and text her later.

What we did with that hour was a quickie. 15 minutes in the bathroom stall of the mall.

No passion no worries. We're texting each other naughty stuff now, but I'll probably have to keep her for later when I come back. By that time though, my game should be so much better.


There were a few sets in between this one and the last one I posted about, but I forgot about them. So I'll go to this one.

So this girl had massive tits.

I go to her and say hey.

She stops walking (walking set btw)

I stare for a second, thinking wow, she has nice tits.
So that's what I open with. You. . . You have massive tits.

She smiles nervously, unsure if it was a compliment or not.

I assure her it was and we chat for a bit. Talking about random things that were on my mind, I was kinda just in it by then.

A bit later, turns out she has a boyfriend and 2 kids.
She's 20.
I say no way. Show me a picture.
She shows me.

I, not yet defeated, say something along the lines of "Well, miss (name), how would you, for one night only, without any of the consequences or negative effects, like to break all the rules and experience something you've never had before?" (She's never had asian sausage before).

She gives that nervous smile and her body language spoke of uncomfortability.

So here's a question I would like to ask, when there's that much tension so much that she's uncomfortable, obvious thing is to a)not put her in that situation, but b) what if I did, what do I do after?

Goods : I learned that I still need improvement in many areas. Just kidding. Knew that already. I had sex in a mall bathroom. Good? I think so! Actually, kinda un-roomy. I'd prefer to have it on a bed. Much more comfortable. Or a couch. Couches are nice.

Needs improvement : My tonality without boring myself out. Self amusement should be first thing on my mind after getting my goal up. Well, second thing. My goal should be number one. My goal of improvement that is.


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Bootcamp Graduate:
So I typed up my reports for the past couple of days the other day and closed the window, totally forgetting that I had typed things up.

Shit, right?

Okay, as I recall, I've been doing mostly direct day game.

Most of the sets I did went something along the lines of

Hey. My name's LAPB. Tell me yours.
I'd shake the girl's hand.

Tell her to do or say something else like Tell me why you're here. Spell that out for me. Blablabla

I'd say 1-2 more things, tell her I think she's attractive, ask a question and say "Tell me you are single."

If she says yes, I'd continue on with the conversation, asking questions, answering questions (by this point, most girls would start asking questions), etc. and get her number

I've gotten 4 numbers and set up 2 dates so far this way.

The majority, however, would say no they're not single to which I come up with something like "That's cool. blablabla. I really hope you have a great day."

I'd say about 14 sets like this.

Let's see if I have any memorable sets...

I had an insta-date for about 1/2 hour

She was sitting on the bench and I came over and we started talking.
I had her play the song "applause" by lady gaga on her laptop and we started singing to it and she complained about how she'll never get that song out of her head.

So we talk a bit more, and it starts getting pretty warm and so I have her come with me to the shade and from the shade, to a cool building.

We walk and talk on the way in. I get her number. Say we should see each other again on this day.
We talk some more and I say I have to go and leave..

My text game might've ruined it because she seemed really into it and it went nowhere... She actually stopped texting me.

Today, I had 2 insta dates. They went pretty well.

First one, right after class, I see girl from my class sitting on bench on the phone.
I talk anyway.
We talk for a few minutes and decided we're both pretty freaking hungry.
Well, I knew that I was, but decided to give her some time to warm up to me before we left.

I said she can meet me there at first, but we got more comfortable with each other and I told her she can ride in my car with me to Carls Jr.

We went there and ate and talked and threw stuff at each other and became immature and did funny little things. I was nice with the guy bringing out the food and cleaning stuff up, even showing him a trick.
(I told him to bring me two straws and I showed him the trick). We talk some more, and after a bit, head back to school. We have a long, passionate hug and she tells me to text her. Oh yeah, I got her number, right when we got to school.

As we walk away from each other, I look over to her and she looks over to me. Was pretty damn satisfying. Not gonna lie.

So, the minute I walked away from the last girl (insta date to carls Jr), I spotted another girl sitting on the bench by her lonesome.

Being the gentleman that I am, I come over and talk to her.
Exact lines were forgotten, but I'm pretty sure I've said the stuff I've been saying this week anywho.

Oh wait. I remember.
I say "Hey! How're you doing! It's been so long!"
She looks at me and goes umm
I go "You changed your hair color!"
She replies "I don't think you have the right person..
I go "Michelle,... right??"

Act as if I had mistaken her for a friend of mine.

We talk for a bit, move into the shade, talk for some more. Then move into a cooler building and talk there.

I get her number. She's super reactive to me.
I make her qualify some more by being disinterested. I actually wasn't very interested. Interesting. Hm.

Talk some more and she had to go, so I gave her a hug and she went on her merry way.


Oh. And this other one. I totally didn't get her. 2, actually. Same thing happened in both.

they were both seated sets.
One of the sets, i had already sent my friend to go try to pick her up, but she failed, so I went to see how hard it was.

Anyways, so I go in indirect with both. Hey. my name's lapb. How's it going.

We'd talk. The second set (friend had already gone) was totally disinterested and gave me a "sign" by saying she's doing homework.
I guess I should read more into that.

But the first one, we'd talk fine. Normally. Great conversation. I go for the number and she says she doesn't give it out.
Facebook. Nope.

She shows me that she only has 56 contacts in her phone anyway and those are family. Sooooo

I forgot to ask if they were taken, but those sets just confused the hell outa me.

I think I counted 19..

Goods : Sleep is good. After my nap, I did better (back2back instadates). I also am improving my direct game, not just being verbally direct, but tonality wise and body language wise as well. Also, learning to get investment from girls, it's easier once they're interested. I just gotta get them there. Saw from a rsd vid that one way is to lower the girl's self esteem, and then bring it back up. Some shit like that. I'll look more into it and try it out. Shit's working GREAT

Needs improvement : Persistence for sets that say no and more sleep.


 Post subject: Re: 1000 COLD Approach FURY - Inspired by Ben J
PostPosted: 03 Sep 2013, 23:10 

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I did a good number of approaches today.

1 at the hilb 2 set on the ground
It was two girls sitting down. I came over and say Hey. What's up.

My name's LAPB. Blablabla

We started all chatting about this and that. There was a hot girl and an ugly girl. They were both giving me lots of attention.
I started talking with both of them, but the ugly a little more and the hot started giving me more attention, so I gave her some more attention slowly, then the ugly stopped really talking to me, which was perfect, like she understood what was going on.

So I tell the hot "Tell me you're single." She says no?
I ask if she's sure and it goes on for a while as I collect my stuff to leave, filling in potential awkwardness with sound.
She fills up most of it.

She has a boyfriend. I left. This was last set of the day.

1 at the hilb sitting down
She was sitting at a table with just her laptop, typing up a paper. I came over and said Hey.

We started talking, I don't know about what. I forgot it.
I bring up the subject of us going out. She's iffy. I get it.
Oh, yeah, I remember. We talked about our school and what year we graduated highschool. She's 2 years older than me and says she doesn't date younger guys.
I'm like whatever about it. She added me on facebook and that's funny in and of itself.

Also, 1 inside the cafe with a boyfriend, writing letter

I thought she was my other friend. So I came over to her and demanded her name. She wouldn't give it. Oh wow. Interesting. She's like why?

Why.. Why you gotta ask why for? Lol Jk. I just now thought of that.

Anyway, so it turns out she isn't my friend. So I sit down. Intro myself.
Find out she's writing a letter to her boyfriend in the Marine Corps. I respect that.

So I leave her alone anyway.

1 outside the hilb with a bf direct
She was walking out of the building.

I see her and I stop her with a HEY.

She turns around and I say my name is LAPB. *shake* Tell me you're single.
She says no, she's not. She's taken.

So I tell her I think she's attractive and for her to have a nice day.

1 inside the cafe and took her out to panera before finding out she had a bf

So, I found this girl in the cafe. Really hot. Great, right. Cool.

So we're talking and she seems to really have ideals and ambition and a sense of understanding that most people are crap and that only some people you meet are really worth meeting.

SO I invite her to go eat with me. WE go to Panera. I don't know why I'm capitalizing two letters at a time... Anyway, we go there and eat and talk. Conversation really dies down, it dips even further when I find out she has a boyfriend.

Wait! I found out she had a boyfriend before we left to go eat. I guess I thought it'd be funny to see where I could take it.
I didn't physically escalate on her. Interesting, huh.

So anyway, conversation dies. I see a hot girl walk out and I tell my girl that I'll be right back. (see next set)

So back to this set.
Conversation starts right back up again after I use the restroom.
My carefree ness retook over and we were cool again.

I took her back and dropped her off. We texted a bit.
Don't know where this is going. I am taking it towards the friends area. It's okay to have a hot friend.

Oh yeah, also, parking lot outside of Panera.
Right in the middle of previous set.

I get out of the booth and speed walk over to the girl who was leaving. She was already at the parking lot when I reached her. So. I go HEY. SHe turns around in a startle. I smile. She cools.
I tell her My name is LAPB. I find you attractive. Tell me you're single.
She tells me she's single. I tell her that I have to get back to my friend, but I'd love to take you out.

She gives me her number. And tells me she'll be here for a while.

I text her my name and she texts back "got it!"
I text her Let's hang out... no response. Hm. Lol.
So I go back to my older set.

Parking lot. 1 in the parking lot

Oh yeah, so, there was this girl waiting for her ride. I don't even know why I'm posting this set. It was so stupid. Like soooooooooo stupid.
I'm sleepy. My head hurts. I see girl, automatically go talk to her.

Something along the lines of "are you lost, you freshman" comes out of my mouth.

Yes, sounds creepy as fuck I know.

So we talk for a bit and go inside, and then back outside after a few minutes.
I lead her into a tree shade and talk to her there.

But I had no conversation in my head, so I kept my mouth shut. She seemed really shy to start the conversation as well, and I had no conversation to go with.

It got awkward quick. I said something.
THen something else. Then said sorry and left her there. Probably in confusion.

Good thing I believe in reapproaches...

That was it. Lol. Weird. I thought it was more.
Ran into a couple of old sets that didn't go well. Got the number of 1, made out with another, and found out the 3rd lost her phone.

Goods : I really learned that if you take things one little step at a time, it really works. Just one small step at a time, no need to leap. Patience is very key to pickup as well as many other aspects of life.

Needs improvement : me. I need to sleep more.. Also get my workout regiment back.


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