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Author:  coolasice [ 26 Feb 2015, 00:11 ]
Post subject:  relationship advice

Hi guys,

I've been dating this girl for 3 years, and we broke up a year ago. While we were together she was really into me, and she was perfect, the ideal girlfriend - physically, emotionally, commitment etc.

However things turn sour as I started having doubts, and also inferior over her previous relationships. She did nothing wrong and I was dwelling on her past, and my struggling business didn't help. She wanted to move in and she did, and wanted to move the relationship forward aka marriage. I called it quit about a year ago, obviously she was devastated and hated me for it.

Fast forward few months later after the breakup and I realized that I made a terrible mistakes. I started calling her and try to reinitiate again from friends, but I think there are some scars, she's been hot and cold to me, our dates were platonic mostly movies, coffees and about once every fortnight. However she is becoming even more distant and I feel all is lost when she finally texted me that she doesn't want to be with me anymore as she is worried that my inferiority will crop up again and cause her pain. I haven't seen her for six weeks.

Life has been quite miserable for me for the past 1 year, and I really regret the actions. In the midst of desperation I obviously said that I want to marry her and want to have kids (this is what she wanted, and what I want now maybe not before the breakup)

What I have been doing is writing online diaries where she could read, send her home-made biscuits, and keep a low profile online aka no party photos. She knows that I am still single after a year, and I am not sure this is working for or against me. As a PUA, I know every girl is naughty inside, but she leans towards the one-guy-for-life kind, not much partying, just music and books, when she was with her ex she actually stayed loyal on a LDR for two years, and they met only several time a year. I am not saying she's virgin marry but you get the drift.

Should I just go live my life as a PUA and keep casual contact with her and continue writing diaries and occasional text messages, or just shut each other out of our lives and see what happens a year later? or....? As for her she started dating a guy and broke up, and maybe she is dating another guy already god knows. I know that there is still feelings for me and she checks my diary sometimes, she had a one-itis for me back, but not sure how I can bring this back. I am also worried that she might find a guy and get married, she said she wants to get married by 28 and that's like 1.5 years from now.

Shit, I think I sound beta nerd now.

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