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 Post subject: IR: Job Interview Report
PostPosted: 17 Dec 2011, 14:07 
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This FR is intended to show that you can apply ABCs to other things in life. Not just picking up women.

I was reading through some of the HOF posts and stumbled across one of William's old FR regarding a job interview. Well, I recently had an interview and got the job. I used William's old IR as a reference. I thought I'd quickly share my experience with you all.

About a little over three weeks ago I saw a job opening posted up. I decided to apply for it but I also did some research about the job beforehand.


Before I would even be considered to get a call back, I would need to be attractive in their eyes first... and attraction comes before the approach. When you do research on the job you are applying for and understand what kind of candidate they are looking for, you put yourself at an advantage.

The company's first impression of me would be through a resume. So, I had to make sure that everything on that resume was attractive to them. I needed to separate myself from the other applicants. Again, do your research and take time on this.

When you finally get called in for the interview and you finally meet face to face, that's when it's important to show that confident body language and tonality and believe that you would be a big asset for the company. Don't forget about that solid eye contact.


At this point, I bantered, and tried to get the employer's buying temperature up by being a little funny and talking about whatever caught our attention in the moment. You don't want to make this feel like just another interview. It should be lighthearted and enjoyable for the employer as well.


After we got through with the chit-chat, it was time to get down to business. The employer would ask me questions and my experiences. I would share the stories and experiences I had that I thought truly touched on what my employer was looking for in an ideal worker. It had to be related to something within the job description; as well as showing that I would go above and beyond what was expected of me. I guess you could call these specific DHV stories for a job interview.

I would then flip things around (role reversal) and say that it's obvious what my job description was because it was mentioned in the posting. What I want to know is what I could do to make more money for the company.

I could tell that he liked to hear that.

At some point I would qualify the employer and ask what makes this company unique from other companies. I also took this opportunity to ask any other questions I would have.


I never mentioned pay because I read somewhere in an article that the first person to mention that loses. As a result, you end up settling for what they offer. So I waited for them to bring up the topic of pay. As soon as I was asked, I would say how much I was getting paid from my current job "plus generous benefits". I guess in a way this is kind of a disqualification because it shows that if you can't compete with my salary/rate, I just might have to turn you down

At the end of the interview I showed direct interest. I told them how interested I was in the job and why I thought this company was an excellent choice for me.

E (Day 2)

I got called in for a second interview with someone of a higher position.

Repeated the process (A, B, C, D).


Got the job!

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 Post subject: Re: IR: Job Interview Report
PostPosted: 17 Jul 2012, 14:07 
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Totally agree with you that the ABCs work beyond pickup. Likewise, sales and negotiation books are useful for outer game, while psychology and philosophy books can be used for inner game. Use all the resources at your disposal.

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