How To Choose Your Best OKCupid Profile Picture

How To Scientifically Choose Your Best Profile Picture For Online Dating Websites Like OK Cupid

Here’s a harsh truth for all of the Instagramming, bathroom-selfie-taking, Snapchatting guys out there who have their cameraphone glued to their hands like a teenage girl: not all pictures are created equal. I’m not talking about picture composition. I’m not talking about … Continue reading

Online Dating For Asian Men: The Scientific Method to Dating Girls Faster, Easier and With Less Rejection Ebook

Online Dating for Asian Men: The Scientific Method To Dating Girls Faster, Easier And With Less Rejection

“Or How To Make 3,328% More Asian Men Contact Women” Let’s imagine a situation. You’re single. You’ve been single for a long time. Maybe you spend your weekends going to clubs and bringing home beautiful women. It’s fun, but you’re getting … Continue reading

Ozzie the Latino Gentleman: Your Day Game Expert

4 Practical Tips to Continue a Conversation with a Girl During Day Game

Hey, Ozzie “the Latino Gentleman” here. As the ABCs’ head coach for the Practical Day Game course, students come to me all the time asking for a blueprint of day game interactions. With the proverbial hat in hand, they bring … Continue reading