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 Post subject: Vancouver Bootcamp Review of Johnny Wolf & Adam Jacobson
PostPosted: 23 Sep 2012, 16:17 

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Hello guys,
I'm busy with school but I write a review about the bootcamp anyways.
A little bit about myself. I came to Canada 2.5 years ago. I have little experience with women. I mean I have girl friends but never be with one in an intimate level. Man, I'm sick of being lonely by myself so I think I should do something about it. I looked around the Internet and came across ABCs of Attraction. Fortunately, it is for Asian males. I bit the bullet and signed up for the bootcamp one week before it started.
J.Wolf is a good instructor imo. During the night portion of the bootcamp, I saw him demo many sets and it completely blew my mind. He knows what he's doing and he will push you to the limit. I remembered the second night when I first entered the club, my AA raised like crazy and I couldn't even go and approach the girls. So Johnny grabbed me and said it right into my face:" You want to change your life. Man the fuck up and approach them girls" in the middle of the club. Everybody looked at me. I mean I was a little bit embarrassed at that time but after that, I said to myself:" Fuck this shit man. I will go and talk to them girls" and the AA was gone man. I approached some girls in the club. It didn't go very well but hey, at least I tried and I felt good about that. J.Wolf is also good in the classroom. His lecture was easy to understand. We did a lot of exercises about body language and all that. Johnny also gave me some advices about fashion and look. He took me to buy a shirt and get a haircut. Man, I felt sexy after the haircut. Johnny was like my big brother.
In the bootcamp, we also had our approach coach Adam. To be honest, I like Adam. He is a nice and outgoing guy. It is very easy to talk to him. In the field, Adam also demo. I remembered when we were out in the street, Adam saw these two girls and he came right up to talk to them without any hesitation. I stood there observing the dude. It was amazing man. Adam followed the ABC structure and it actually worked. One more thing I want to mention is that I'm very skeptical about everything. So during the classroom section, J.Wolf and Adam told me that girls can sense that guys are watching them. I said to myself: " Man, BS. How the hell that happens?". However, now I gotta admit that J.Wolf and Adam were right. So I tried to approach these two Asian girls and when I was there talking to them, one of the girls told me that she knew my friends were gonna come over and wing me because she saw them standing around the corner. I was like:" What the what?" Unbelievable eh? Believe what the instructor and coach told you guys. Trust them because they are here to help us, not to lie to us.
I love the bootcamp. It is worth every penny. I mean I learned a lot from it, not only with seducing women but also with how to become a better person. I highly recommend for those of you who are hesitated to sign up the bootcamp. Do it y'all. It ain't gonna hurt if you learn something and use it to improve your goddamn life.
Thanks Johnny Wolf and Adam. You guys help change my life.
Thanks J.t and ABCs of Attraction.

[Originally titled Vancouver bootcamp review with J.Wolf and Adam]

 Post subject: Re: Vancouver Bootcamp Review of Johnny Wolf & Adam Jacobson
PostPosted: 05 Nov 2012, 18:20 

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My review for the Vancouver BC. A little late as I got really caught up with life (as a result of this bootcamp) but heck it is still a review and I think Johnny and Adam deserves a good review!

Johnny Wolf!! He is the “Mr.Miyagi” from Karate Kid, “Senzo Tanaka” from the movie Bloodsport, he puts you through the most rigorous trials, the toughest challenges and accepts no excuse for failure; In other words, a trainer of champions. Although I expected to have my balls put on the line, I did not realise it was to be to such extent – a life changing experience. Kudos to Johnny and Adam, you have changed my life.

I was born and raised outside of North America, the term “FOB” is not something I am unfamiliar with. At the age of 26 (3 years ago), I took the plunge and arrived in Vancouver to further my studies; I now have a comfortable job in a multi-national company. That being said, life in a foreign country is not always easy-peasy; for the most part, I have had to unlearn my old ways and re-calibrate myself in order to get ahead. My achievements in the survival department (self-pat on the back) are all attributed to the ability to adapt. Where language was a possible barrier, I took accent reduction courses, where social and cultural differences I took the bitter pill and re-invented myself. But of course, what is life without sugar and spice? I soon realised that the social rules I grew up with did nothing but hinder my social interactions with the fairer sex. I grew up with the notion “Do not talk to strangers” and during high school any form of Kino with the opposite gender was usually met with severe punishments. Very often I would think about what is socially acceptable and what is not. Naturally, I was a very “confused” person when I got here.

Why I chose ABC’s of attractions
Tired of being at a social disadvantage, I decided to take action. Depending on my social circle alone would probably take me ten years (or more), I was badly in need of a “crash course”. I chose ABC’s because the structure is easily understood and that it was specially designed with people like me in mind; it just made sense to learn from coaches who share similar background, people I could relate to and at the same time inspired by their successes. Everything just fell into place when I found out about the Vancouver boot camp, which is not too far away from home (that means I get to save on plane ticket and accommodation). But what really sealed the deal was finding out who will be teaching this boot camp. I have read a lot about Johnny and word on the street is that he successfully trained and uncovered many hidden talents, leaving behind his legacy wherever he goes.

The Boot camp
“Do yourself a favour; put everything you have learnt into storage just for this weekend”, instructed Johnny Wolf to a group of three guys as I shuffled into the living room. Standing beside him was a tall young man in hipster clothes, Adam is his name and he was to be our approach coach for the weekend. It was 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon (boot camp started at 4 pm) and I was late because of work, another student joined us after. Johnny continued describing a TV show about two real estate guys, whose specialty is to convert old buildings into hot properties, dumping their contents into storage during renovation.

Note: Since this is a review and space is limited, I will have “highlights” on certain parts of the boot camp instead of the whole brain dump.

Day 1
Lecture started at 4 pm, Johnny and Adam took it away. Our undivided attention was affixed to the two gentlemen, obviously fascinated by the wealth of knowledge they were about to share. That evening, we were introduced to the A’s and B’s of the ABC structure. The focus was on body posture, body language/positioning, Kino, vocals (High energy/Excited, Low energy and sexual) as well as openers (canned & situational). I especially enjoyed the demo part of this boot camp; there are those who accumulate knowledge through reading and listening, I am more of a hands-on person (Monkey see, monkey do?). We also had the opportunity to work on our storytelling abilities - through ‘Wikipedia’ exercises. Lecture ended approximately 9 pm and it was time to head out to “The Roxy Nightclub”.

Highlights Night 1
I recalled at the beginning Johnny kept reminding us to “pump yourself up”. I had woken up at 5 am that morning and ploughed through 9 hours at work, hence my energy was at an all time low. The club was just filling up when we entered; empty tables can be seen everywhere. Johnny pulled us in and indicated that we should just relax and make small talk with the tables around us since it was still early. He disappeared towards the bar, only to reappear 5 minutes later with a modelesque brunette in one arm; he said something to her and she gave him a nice long hug, Johnny lifted her off the ground and spun her around like a merry-go-round. I was dumbstruck, he made it look so easy (Johnny would later break down his approach and explain his techniques during Day 2 lecture).

Our goals for the night were to approach 10 sets and if possible numbers close them. Adam literally pushed me into a sitting set – and one of the girls turned out to be a Brunette I met on the dance floor. I had gone to the dance floor earlier to practise some dance moves – a failed double spin attempt, ending an elbow to her left arm LOL. Instinctively I grabbed her right arm to prevent from falling and was stroking her left arm as though rubbing a bruise. I apologized and introduced myself; she flashed me a huge smile and muttered something (the music was too loud I had trouble hearing). Attitude, Attract & Approach – Check. I attempted a transition to B. Music was still too loud so I leaned in and unconsciously my arms went around her shoulders (now that I think about it, that was actually an improvised version of the “silencer”). I vaguely recalled what we talked about but her mouth was literally in my ear, somehow the conversation steered towards the word “Cocaine”. I was caught off guard, panicked and ejected. The night continued with all the other students approaching sets.
At approximately 11:45 – 12, Johnny and Adam gathered the boys and we did an hour of “Street Game”. I had never done any approaches on the street and my balls just shrunk. We split into two groups, one with Johnny and the other Adam. My energy was nearly exhausted by this time and approach anxiety quickly took over, a million and one excuses started coming out of my mouth. At one point, I remembered Johnny yelling at us (me specifically). The conversation went like this:

Johnny : WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! How many blocks have you walked so far?
Me : Two
Johnny : What is the distance between here and where we started? And how many sets have you
Walked past?
Me : a couple
Johnny : I know you guys are not BLIND and you don’t need me to keep pointing sets out for you.

My EGO was totally demolished that night. In my heart I went,” Who the F*** is this jerk? Who does he think he is?”(I later learnt it was for my best interest). After several meagre attempts at street game (on my part), we adjourned to the hotel and debriefing commenced. Johnny and Adam provided advice on areas which can be improved upon. Adam pointed out that I tend to think too much, a case of analysis paralysis; Johnny chimed in here with more advice, his philosophy is - YOLO (You Only Live Once), you hesitate you masturbate. I took note and promised to man up for the next night. I was in bed 30 minutes later, glad to finally get a chance to recharge.

Day 2
We were gathered at 3 pm, lecture commenced shortly after. Professor Wolf guided us through remainder of the structure – C, D, E, and F. Johnny taught us the importance of kino through recap of his approach the night before; each phase clearly broken down and re-demonstrated in front of us. After about three rounds of “Wikipedia”, it was time for some shopping – at the GAP outlet on Robson Street; and then dinner. Lecture resumed after dinner where BLP (Body Language Positioning), voice tonality and sexual escalation were the main focus. We had the opportunity to put everything together at the end and practise them on Johnny and Adam. Then it was SHOW TIME.

We arrived at the “ROXY nightclub” about 9:30 pm. Bouncer recognized us and got us in for free. Recounting the string of events from yesterday, my heart was still burning and I was more determined than ever to redeem myself. I took a deep breath, walked up to the bouncer and shouted, “Hey how’s it going? Busy night tonight?” followed by small talk. Once in the club, I immediately engaged “Walk of Khan”, letting loose the occasional “Fist pump” as I bounced towards a bar on the far end.

Highlights Night 2
I was about to order a drink when noisy two set showed up, high-fived Johnny as they walked past; I immediately followed suit and WHAM! hooked my first set of the night. Turned out the girls were there for “girls’ night”. We approached the bar and the following conversation ensued:

(Shook hands and introduced ourselves)
Brunette : Would you like to join us for drinks?
Me : I don’t see why not. Thanks.
Brunette : We’re not paying for you though.
Me : Of course. Here, I’ll get one for myself and buddy (another ABC student). What are you girls getting?
Brunette : Jagerbombs.
(Turned to bartender)
Me : Two Jagerbombs please.
Brunette : Tell him, more Jager, less bomb.
Me : What? More Bomb less Jager?
(Both girls burst out laughing. At this point, I turned to Blonde)
Me : I’m Trinitrotoluene, what’s your name?
Blonde : (weird sounding made up name)
Me : What? *engaged silencer* How do you spell that?
Blonde : V...Something something
Me : Nice meeting you, (weird sounding made up name)
Blonde : *Giggles real hard*
(Brunette waved for my attention, to which I ignored as I was engaged with Blonde. She then grabbed me by my tie and pulled me towards her face)
Brunette : (Actual name)...her name is (Actual name)! *pointing to Blonde*
Blonde : *Still giggling* I can’t believe you fell for that.
Me : You jerk! Come here, give me a hug
Brunette : *Laughing* this is the best night ever!

We hugged. And then out of a sudden, Brunette surprised me with a gentleman’s grace (umm...); I returned the favour. We (whole bunch of us ABC students) were ushered to their table (3 other girls). All I can remember was lots of kino with Blonde. She had earlier borrowed a pair of glasses from one of the students and was teasing us with it. Moments later, her hands were all over my face as though “blinded” by it. I had so much fun and it felt so good I totally forgot about “isolation”. There were five ladies at the table and her friends were getting bored, so I directed my attention to them instead; Bad move as I was to later find out, it confused the heck out of them and the group eventually moved to the dance floor (without us). Students were then sent into individual sets.

As in previous night, we took a break for some street game. This time it was NO MERCY, Johnny and Adam kept taunting us with “Who hesitates who masturbates”; we accepted that challenge. I was in Adam’s group at the beginning, feeling a little anxious about the whole thing but he was very encouraging; even went to the extent of telling me what to say. I remembered finally manning up and approached a walking two set , they responded well to my approach but kept walking; sensing failure, I was about to bail when Adam suddenly appeared and walked alongside. We ended up stopping the girls and Adam demonstrated some banter. That experience totally crushed my limiting belief about girls not responding well to walking approaches. We then switched groups and I was with Johnny, that was when everything started going crazy. We literally approach anything on two legs, even AMOGging a black dude who was hitting on a girl LOL. We regrouped at some point and were fortunate enough to watch Johnny in one of his sets, Adam did a great job explaining everything that went on. Overall, I would say we did a lot better than the previous night.

Day 3
The students gathered for a short recap of the night before, followed by lecture on day game before adjourning to the “Pacific Centre” mall on Granville St.

Once in the mall, students were ushered into sets. Johnny suddenly pointed towards a sitting set of two blonde girls and indicated that I should approach them. I was totally unprepared and was about to turn around when I caught Johnny’s “death glare” and the words “Hesitate! Masturbate!” came to mind. This was the actual turning point for me; still nursing my bruised ego from two nights ago, I was determined to redeem myself – YOLO! What is the worst that could happen? I manned up and approached the set. To my surprise, they were very receptive to my approach. I soon learnt that they were from Seattle and were in town for a friend’s staggette. One of the girls noticed my stamp and indicated that they had gone to the same area on Granville Street the night before, perfect opportunity for a “High Five”. It was a good set, which ended with number close from one of the girls – my first one ever! Those long hours of Wikipedia exercises finally paid off; what used to be awkward silences seemed to have disappeared, in place are confident conversational pieces spoken by a confident man. I felt on top of the world.

Later, I was paired up with another student as his wingman, it was a pretty successful attempt and I was really glad to have experienced what good winging is all about. A couple approaches later, we journeyed to the food court for lunch...only to be shown NO MERCY. Adam pointed out a cute brunette sitting by herself, her hair done up and she was wearing a pair of giant dark rimmed glasses. “Go approach the hipster chick,” said Adam. My immediate reaction was to churn out excuses, only to find out that resistance is futile – I approached. The set went smoothly at first, until we were approached by some deaf man peddling his goods; and I was AMOGGED by him LOL. It was well worth the effort nether less. Prior to this, I never would have approached such a gorgeous girl; let alone engage in smooth conversation (Thanks Adam for helping overcome my limiting belief).

Overall, I would say this boot camp was worth every penny. The instructors were really good at what they do. Johnny definitely kept up to his legacy; not only does he talk the talk but actually walk the walk. For those of you who learn better “hands-on” (like myself), there will be tons of demonstrations and in-field exercises. What really stood out was how he proved to me time and again how “limiting believes” can be conquered, and without much effort. He definitely came across as “harsh and merciless” at first, but I later learnt that is only because he genuinely cares about his student’s successes.

Adam and Johnny make an excellent team. Adam did an exceptional job in-field; not only did he provide live demonstrations, he would also correct our mistakes during sets and if necessary doubles up as wingman. If it had not been for Adam’s explanations during one of Johnny’s live sets, I may very well still not know what the different phases look like and how to transition between them. Also I must add, I like how Adam seem to always point me to the cutest targets who also turned out to have amazing personalities; as though he knew what my psyche really need – positive reinforcements. Together, they played the roles of bad cop (Johnny) and good cop (Adam) very well.

The saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Registering for this bootcamp was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

 Post subject: Re: Vancouver Bootcamp Review of Johnny Wolf & Adam Jacobson
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Man, I'm super proud of both of you. Reading these bootcamp reviews takes me right back to that weekend in Vancouver.

BigD21 - Keep in touch and make sure you move out of that crappy living situation you were in. Make it a priority not to be taken advantage of and move out asap.

Trinitrotoluene - I'm really glad we got past those limiting beliefs. Keep up the good work, you were a fantastic student.

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