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 Post subject: Chicago boot camp review
PostPosted: 06 Dec 2012, 20:31 

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I'm not going to lie, I'm one of those guys who is very skepticism on how these things work. I mean, we've all seen the PUA show and read/heard of the Game by Neil Strauss about these PUA. At first I thought it is disgusting, manipulative and straight up "Are you Kidding me? No way would this stuff work!". But as an AFC who can't figure out what he's doing wrong, I swallow down my pride and went through this boot camp. Guys, if you think this is a PUA boot camp, you're wrong. As JT said to me, this is really a life style change boot camp that help you grow up and be a Man.

Without spoiling your experience, here's the brief outline:

Day 1, Training & Field Work.

We had our lesson, then hit up the party place. I swear I thought the material would work. I mean, honestly, my old self would not A) approach these pretty girls, B) even able to carry on a conversation with them for more than 5 mins. But by following the plan, my conversation average is at least 15-30 mins and my targets and I had alot of fun! One thing though, throughout the entire night, JT and Ben both pushed me out to talk to girls. It came as an annoyance in the beginning, but that’s exactly the push I needed.

Day 2, more training & more field work.

D2 is similar to D1 but obviously, the level of difficulty is much higher and it's a really good learning experience. But hey, I can say that I came out stronger than I was before as I’m able to face my fear.

Day 3, more field work and training.

D3 is a bit different as we had day game in field session. I personally like this portion as that's more of my natural self and preferred approach. I did learn alot and had fun doing it.

Overall, I'd say I learned alot and I can say I came out being a better Man than I was before this weekend. In this boot camp, JT and Ben are both very receptive, understanding and very patient. Able to motivate us and be tough on us when needed. I have to give them big props for dealing with this AFC.

Right now, I feel like Ted in HIMYM after he lets go of Robin. It's a whole new world with many possibilities.

 Post subject: Re: Chicago boot camp review
PostPosted: 07 Dec 2012, 14:35 
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Hey Duke, thanks for writing a review! It's much appreciated and gives us feedback on what to improve on for the next bootcamp for the next guys who swallow their pride and bite the bullet :).

And yes, you are all reborn Ted's after letting go of Robin. Great show by the way !


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Chicago January 2011 Boot Camp Review
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