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The Honest Truth About The Chicago 2012 Bootcamp
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Author:  MikeZ [ 06 Dec 2012, 14:09 ]
Post subject:  The Honest Truth About The Chicago 2012 Bootcamp

It’s my first day back to my regular life from the bootcamp. I woke up this morning and I just felt happy. I wasn’t depending on anyone to make me happy. I was simply making myself happy. I just feel comfortable being in my own skin. I feel like there is hope again.

I did a lot of partying when I was 21 to 25. The types of party I went to had a lot of drugs. Drugs started off as a recreational activity to ease the social anxiety. Eventually it became a habit as I felt it was to fill the void that I wasn’t attractive to women. I’ve done more drugs than I can count on both hands. I’ve woken up in the hospital twice with tubes sticking out of me from ODing. I hit rock bottom and 6 feet underneath that. When I was 26 I decided to quit doing drugs, because it was just making me even more depressed. Although, I stopped doing drugs, I still in a very dark lonely place. I pushed everyone I knew away. I used to have a very hard time talking about this, but it’s getting easier as I’m beginning to accept my past so I can move forward. It was very recently, I realized that I can’t fix this inner struggle myself. I need to set my ego aside and seek help. This is when I decided to take a bootcamp. After reading the many positive reviews from ABC alumni, I knew this was the right decision.

The most important thing I learned at bootcamp was how to get rid of my “Asian poker face” by smiling. Smiling at someone just makes the other person want to smile back. In return, I feel good about myself that I made someone smile. It makes it much easier to just approach someone and talk to them. I did it at least 3 times today, and it felt good when the random strangers just smiled back without even saying a word. It makes me want to keep doing it. So when it comes time for me to smile at that beautiful woman that walks by, it’ll seem like it’s no big deal. I can comfortably walk up to her and just say “You have a beautiful smile. I noticed as you smiled back at me.” Then I would listen to her giggle and say thanks, followed by me asking “What’s your name?”

The second most important thing I learned is how to stand tall and walk slow. I feel and look much more confident when I’m standing straight and tall. I was standing in the elevator with JT and I noticed how he was standing. I kept staring at him thinking if I didn’t know him, I would have thought he was a very confident man just by looking at him. Then I asked “Has anyone ever said you look very confident just by the way you’re standing and smiling?” He replies, “Many times”. I want someone to say that to me one day! When I’m walking slowly, I just naturally notice so much more happening around me and it gives me time to think and react.

The third most important thing I learned was to “not give a fuck” about the outcome. This is easier said than done. I struggled with this day one & day two of bootcamp. But knowing how to smile and walk tall gives me enough confidence to know that if a certain outcome doesn’t work in my favour I can go back to smiling and walking tall to approach someone new. Hanging out with Ben J has taught me who cares what other people think of my jokes. As long as I think it’s funny and it’s not rude or insulting then I should say it. If people find it funny then they’ll laugh, if not then they won’t. If I look stupid it doesn’t matter because I most likely won’t see these people again.

These 3 things seem very simple, but had I not been shown how to do it and saw how it was done, I probably would have not done it because I wasn’t used to doing it. I feel these 3 things alone makes me a better man. Of course the ABC bootcamp does teach how to pick up woman, but just learning how to pick up woman isn’t any good if you’re not feeling good about yourself.

Author:  The Asian Playboy [ 06 Dec 2012, 14:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Honest Truth About The Chicago 2012 Bootcamp

That's some powerful shit man. Thank you for being honest and thank you for letting me be your teach and sifu.

Author:  Ben J [ 06 Dec 2012, 14:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Honest Truth About The Chicago 2012 Bootcamp


Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very powerful and compelling. I do hope we keep in touch, and you have my cell phone number just in case you need that extra push.

Again, thanks for being a great student! Represent!


Author:  MikeZ [ 06 Dec 2012, 15:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Honest Truth About The Chicago 2012 Bootcamp

Thanks for reading Asian Playboy and Ben J. It means a lot that both of you like the way I told it.

Asian Playboy, you are one phenomenal sifu.

Thanks Ben J. I'm sure I'll run into times when I'll ask myself "What would Ben do?" I better call him and find out, I hope he's not busy hooking up. haha

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