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 Post subject: Melbourne Bootcamp Review: Gareth Jones
PostPosted: 22 Dec 2011, 23:03 

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Fate is a strange thing. Some say it doesn't exist, and some say it's made up in the subjective human mind. Furthermore, others label it a delusion of humankind and calling it consequence. Whichever side of the fence you take in the matter, there is no doubt in the story I am about to tell you, fate smiled upon me broadly, and my life has never been the same since.

It was early May 2011. I was about to attend my first "Lair" meeting. (A group of men discussing the nuances of 'picking up women'/dating). The meeting was to be held in Fitzroy, downtown Melbourne. As I entered the cosy apartment I felt nervous, excited... but mostly nervous. I immediately noticed most of the men in the room were reflecting how I was feeling on the inside. There were few exceptions. In the midst of a room full of, apprehension, nervousness and excitement one man caught my eye. He stood against the nervous emotional energy weighing in the room like a granite pillar in the midst of a brewing storm, daring it to challenge him. Not only did he stand, but he shone. This man was Gareth Jones.

His ability to work a room was incredible. As nervous guys approached him to ask advice or compliment his, (at the time) very long Rapunzel-style hair, he would treat them with grace and elegance making them feel immediately at ease, smiling and enjoying himself the whole time. I would soon discover this was only the tip of the iceberg that is Gareth's social ability.

We all sat down and the meeting began. To be honest the first speaker bored me. Maybe I was tired from work, or nervous in this new, strange environment. An hour in, once the first speaker had finished, I was ready to leave. My friends called with an invitation to go out and it seemed so much more exciting than to sit through another monotonous speech. There was a short break for tea. My perfect opportunity to escape, so I headed downstairs for the door.

Fate, however, had other plans. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to open the door. This is particularly embarrassing as I am an electrician and I am supposed to be able to work well with my hands. Yet, the door had me stumped. Now I was getting upset, sweaty, I would have to walk back upstairs after my failed escape attempt, shame shame shame!

Gareth had just started his talk, it was on the renowned, "Text to Sex" program (Which Gareth gave me a worked example of, ((AMAZING)), but more on that later). After he had finished, I was hooked. My mind had exploded in my head and was dripping out my ears. This guy clearly was good. He knew his stuff and he knew how to present it in a most concise, clear and excellent manner.

7 Months later I came face to face with that same front door of that same downtown apartment where I had met Gareth for the first time. I had taken the plunge and signed up for an ABCs bootcamp. What happened over the corresponding weekend changed my life.

The skills we learned were powerful, incredible, and most importantly APPLICABLE. Not just for meeting women, but for every aspect of life, business, work, friends etc. Gareth shared some of the power behind his incredible social skill set. The ability to work a room, make people feel good, enjoy themselves and have a good time. The ABCs social principles are SO incredibly powerful, yet so incredibly easy to understand. Imagine taking all the craziness that is our social interactions and boiling them down to a simple ABCs science or formula. I stress again, the most important thing is that the formula is so natural. No weird pick-up lines, or sneaky manipulation, no over-thinking. Just gaining the skill to Be in the moment.

In the club, Gareth was supportive, encouraging and offered expert advice, precisely at the right moment. My limits were pushed, I admit. It felt tough. The first night was the hardest, it felt like growing pains. Yet it was never painful. By the second night I was already 10 feet taller. Having shed many of my bad habits from the night before. Myself and another student, Gareth included spent many hours that night, lost in deep conversation with some cute, international French girls. The summer air felt good, we had some drinks and became the essence of, being lost in the moment. These are the times we should live for as human beings. The times where we lose track of ourselves and our surrounding, because everything feels so surreal and beautiful that you never want it to end.

In these surreal moments we were consistently implementing the formulas and strategies we had learned to improve our social interactions, yet it did not spoil the interaction, rather enhanced it. Gaining the ability to create these situations, gaining the ability to be able to enjoy life and the company of other, really cool, beautiful people is priceless. More valuable than cars, houses, degrees, trophies..whatever. For what use are these lifeless things without friends and the moments that take our breathe away?

And to finish my story off I would like to say, Gareth's social ability is only second to his texting ability. I had kissed a girl in a club about 3 months prior, she was from interstate and text me, letting me know she was back in town. Gareth was sitting on the couch, I threw him my phone and requested he do something. He barely blinked. Within about 10 minutes he returned my phone. This time, however, there was a full-screen picture, of this beautiful woman, posing in her mirror wearing nothing but her underwear and a policeman's hat. He continued to text her and she ended up coming back to my place that very same night. Skills.

Take your destiny into your own hands. Don't sit around waiting, hoping for your life to change. Fate is rarely a kind master and destiny is what you make of it.

 Post subject: Re: Melbourne Bootcamp Review: Gareth Jones
PostPosted: 30 Dec 2011, 04:47 

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Sounds like the Text to Sex expert to me!

If you still have the text conversation Gareth had on your phone, post it so I can use what he uses as examples.

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