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 Post subject: Boston 1-on-1 bootcamp review with Gareth Jones
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It’s now 10am in the morning on Tuesday, 2 days after my 1-on-1 bootcamp with Gareth Jones, and I’m still having a hard time taking in all that’s happened this crazy weekend.

Let me just start off with a little background of myself. I’m a 19 year-old student who lived in Asia basically my entire life and came to the US for University since last year. I never had any social problems in terms of making friends and talking to people but I always knew that I lack the skill to seduce women, aka ‘the lack of game’ as the pickup community would call it. Despite that lack of game, I was lucky enough to have women thrown themselves at me (whether it’s social proof or just plain physical attraction) which gained me some experience with women and sex during my high school years. Like how most people find out about the community, I read Neil Strauss’ “The game” in high school, which opened me up to the possibility to learn the skill that I lack. However I didn’t pursue that path as I met this amazing girl and got into a loving relationship with her for about 2 years. I love this girl with all my heart but due to my immaturity and some cheatings, we broke up 3 months ago. Realizing I have hurt the girl I love and lost her forever in my life were the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. For 2 months I felt like the biggest loser on the planet and became majorly depressed and desperate. To add some salt to my wound, I was thrown in a new college environment thousand miles away from home where starting a new social circle is crucial. And with my depression, I did not make any effort to social and make new friends, let alone to meet new girls. At the time my self-esteem was definitely lowest it’s ever been. In addition to my lack of game, the nights when I did force myself to go out were catastrophic. I get 100 times more nervous around women, took blownouts 100 times more seriously than I used to and get 100 times more frustrated when I get back to my empty apartment in the end of those nights. It wasn’t until a month ago did I finally decide to take a PUA bootcamp in hopes to better my situation. And since I’m Asian and ABC of Attraction offer 1 on 1 boot camp for a reasonable price, I decided to do a 1 on 1 after Christmas break and Gareth was available for just that.

Friday lecture:
It was 4 pm on Friday when Gareth showed up at my apartment. When I opened the door, I saw this really well-dressed gentleman from medieval Europe with well-comed hair and a warm smile (which surprises me as I was expecting the longhaired Ozzy Osbourne looking Gareth I saw in his pictures). After a little chit-chat, we get down to business. He first briefed me on his background and got to know mine. Then we started working on the kickstart opener, kino-turn, and my SMILE! Then we covered what the ABC structure is and everything I needed to know in the A & B phases(Approach and Banter). I ask him a lot of questions as he went over the materials. He would patiently answer the ones regarding to the materials and make sure I’m clear on what he’s going over. And he would oversee the mindset some of my questions are coming from and CORRECT my mindset instead of answering, which I think is really cool and beneficial for me. Now I know some of the specific mindsets I have that would work against me in the field. There weren’t really any practice time for the drills he went over but he said it’s more important for me to learn all the information as I can practice the drills on my own. After 4 hours of lecture my brain was fried and my jetlag didn’t help. So I went to take a nap during our break and was feeling nervous about the night.

Friday night:

As Gareth had to go to this threesome during his breaktime, he’s meeting me at the club at 10 30pm. So I showed up at 10 50 pm and met up his friend Jeff who used to work at this club and can bring me in(I’m under drinking age). Jeff led me into the club and Gareth followed behind. The whole time he kept telling me to stick closer behind Jeff as he says hi to everyone on the way. He led me and Gareth up on the stage. And Gareth told me to chill there for awhile to “look cool” up on the restricted area of the club. At the same time he reminded me to always smile and went over tonights’ objective----to open and banter with 10 sets. We walked to bar and he told me exactly what to do with bar tenders: Smile till she engages, tip more for the first drink. After we get our diet coke, it was GAME TIME.

My first sets were 2 sets of older white women. I winged my way on the kisckstart opener a little bit as I didn’t remember all of it. They were receptive and nice. I felt much more at ease and went back to Gareth. He asked me exactly what happened and told me what I could’ve done better. I did the same thing a couple more times and got more comfortable with my opener. Surprisingly (to me at least), there weren’t really many blownouts. Some sets I get to banter a little bit and some sets I just opened and eject because I thought they weren’t that interested. Gareth corrected me on that mindset “ Don’t ever assumed anything. You can’t read what’s on their mind.” There was a 1-set Indian girl I approached that immediately moved away from me while I talked. But she was still nice and thanked my invite to “Gareth’s birthday”. Gareth said I did well by standing on my ground while she moved away and it wasn’t a blownout at all. I got much more comfortable with approaching after 8 or 9 sets. Gareth told me to go approach as if I would on my own and don’t come back to him immediately for opinions. The objective is trying to stay in the set as long as possible. So I approach more and try to stay in but sometimes my beliefs of “ she doesn’t seem interested” and “ shit.. what do I do from here? Let’s leave before I fuck up” still pop up from time to time and made me leave sets sooner than I needed to. Two Asian girls I approached were actually both touching and flirting with me but I got into the fucked up mindset of thinking of what to do next again which made me leave the set. Gareth told me I have to push myself to the spots where I feel uncomfortable going. Then I took a little break while Gareth and Jeff fixed my walk and the way I hold my drink. I focused really hard on those things and did a couple more sets. I opened a 2 sets of white girls and one of them annoy the shit out of me by going “ oh you guys got a table? You guys got bottle services?” Fucking god digger…lol

And then comes the highlight of my night. I opened 2 beautiful blondes and found out they’re from Brazil. While I was bantering with them, two white girls I approached earlier tapped on my shoulder and said hi. I just said hi back and kept talking to the Brazilians but Gareth told me afterwards I could’ve merged the sets and introduced themselves to each other. Anyway the Brazilian girls were receptive so I brought them to meet “Gareth the birthday boy” and Jeff. Jeff left right away for me and Gareth to have a 2 on 2. And all of a sudden I’m in a situation with a 2 sets and a wingman. I did not know what to do at all but the whole time Gareth kept the conversation going. The problem is though one of them doesn’t understand English that well. Gareth was engaging her enough so I got to talk to her friend. At one point the girl who doesn’t speak English gave her friend the signal of “ I’m going to the bathroom, are you ok with him?” Then she left and Gareth left me with her friend. Since this is over the A and B phases we covered, I got a little nervous not knowing what to do in C but also feel more free to talk to her without having to remember anything. Her friend came back to pull her away so I got her contact(was going for # but she doesn’t have a # I can call in the states so got her facebook instead). I didn’t engage her quite well when we were alone but I felt great just talking to this attractive woman.

When we left the club Gareth did a little debriefing with me. He’s excited as I achieved the objective(I ended up approaching almost every sets in the club). He told me to work on smiling more often when energy level’s low. Leaning in when talking is also one of my major problems. And in general he just told me to keep the fearless mentality going and push myself even more.

Saturday Lecture

I woke up feeling like a different person, overwhelmed by my experience last night and at the same time nervous and pumped for much bigger challenge tonight. During our lecture, we went over C & D phases(comfort and dominant). My limiting-belief-based questions would still pop up and Gareth would correct my mindset again, but now at least I’m aware of changing my beliefs. We went over stuff like compliance testing, DHV stories, comfort leading tactic, kiss close, etc.
I was more awake than yesterday but there’s still a lot of information to take in that my brain was fried again after 4 hours. Gareth said he doesn’t expect me to digests all of the information in a day but told me the important things to write down so I can go back to it anytime. He told me to work on 1 DHV story for the night, write down 3 general and sexual compliance tests, a comfort leading question, a sexual leading question, and 1 kiss close routine. There goes my cheatsheet for tonight. With no threesome date today(surprisingly), Gareth gave me some tips on styling during our break time and we worked out a new style for the night. With a new style and my cheatsheet in my pocket, I’m ready to rock n’ roll.

Saturday Night
We met up with Jeff again and he led us into the club. We stood on the same stage for a bit and went over tonight’s objectives: 2 numbers + 1 kiss close. The club dynamics seemed really different on Saturday night and women seemed more mature and hotter as well. I was extremely nervous and extremely pumped at the same time. And off we go I approached my warm up sets with the same kickstart opener. Feeling good, I approached 2 sets of cute white girls at the bar. And the brunette immediately point out how I wore the same color sweater as the dirty blonde, my target. I told her to stop stalking me and introduced them right away to Gareth, who was right behind me. Gareth, like the girls, pointed out the exact same thing with the clothes, then we were locked in. Gareth engaged the brunette and I started engaging the blonde. I remembered to lean against the bar and did some BT spikes. I taught her how we say cheers back in China and everytime I wanted to BT spike, I’ll just say it and she’ll say it back and raise her glass. I also did a little roleplay and brought her on a mental trip to one of the bars in China on top of a skyscraper, leaving her a mental image of us in the same matching sweater cheering to the Chinese people at that bar (I know it’s stupid lol). I had a lot of fun with her that i forgot the drills. It’s not until Gareth said the isolation excuse did I redirect my focus to the objectives. We went up and sat down in pairs, a perfect situation for C&D. I asked her my comfort leading question: what’s your story, then she started telling me about her job and her passion. During the conversation, I kept trying to memorize the compliance tests I wrote down and at the same time trying to not zone out and listen to her. It’s one of those ‘damn it’ moments as I obviously could not take out my cheatsheet on the spot. We stayed in Comfort until the girls wanted to dance with us. We took their numbers and let them go. Gareth told me to tell him exactly what happened. I told him I forgot the transition from C to D and the compliance tests. He told me to go find some place to read the sheet.

After reading it, I’m back on the field again. I approached a couple sets but got blown out a couple times. I realized my brain kind of went blank and Gareth told me to take a break. Jeff brought us up on stage and we sat on the couch looking cool. Gareth asked me to take a second to retrace what I did differently this time that led to more blownouts than before. I thought about it and said I wasn’t focusing as much for some reasons and I realized my body language wasn’t good. After 5 minutes of bringing my mind back, I went to do approaches again. I focused on my body language and there was not a single blownout this time. I tried out direct opener (I think you’re absolutely adorable, what’s your name) to a girl in a group and she responded really well. But when I engaged her friends I found out it was actually a huge mixed group. They were all nice to me when they shook my hand, even the guys were pretty nice. But more guys kept entering the group and I had to meet more of them. And I chickened out because I had no idea how to deal with mixed sets, let alone a huge one. Gareth told me afterwards I could just engage that one girl and isolate her from the group with BLP. So I approached more and I used the ‘tall girl opener’ to a tall girl at the bar. “ you’re tall and gorgeous, I love you already.” She told me her name and her friend did not even interrupt. We talked for a bit and she introduced me to her boyfriend (lol). I ducked out. I did the ‘tall girl opener again’ and this tall older woman thanked me for the compliment and we started talking. I engaged her friend too and they told me they are best friend blah blah blah. The conversation went great with her so I invited them to sit down on stage with me and Gareth. Her friend said they were waiting on another friend but will come over later. Gareth told me remember not to ADVITISE sitting on stage and just say come sit. He then told me it was almost 2am the closing time for the club and I have to look for that blonde girl at the begining if I want a chance to kiss close. I looked around again and she was nowhere to be found.

Knowing time is running out and I only have 1 number so far, something inside me suddenly kicks in and I quickly opened a 2 set with no hesitation. I immediate isolated one and knew exactly what to say and do (that includes knowing I don’t want to kiss that girl at all but can still get her number). I got her number in a couple minutes and quickly moved on to find someone to kiss close. At that moment I was like “ wait a minute..what just happened? I wasn’t thinking at all just now and I knew exactly what to do” It was then I snapped out of that coked-up mode( It felt like I took that intelligent pill in ‘Limitless’) It was weird and cool to have that sudden rush of determination and focus I never knew I had.

Just when I get back to my normal state I spot the tall girl I opened earlier so I reopened her quickly and tell her to come meet my friends. But I walked way too fast and didn’t lead them. They stood there for 2 seconds going ‘huh?’ and the friend pulled her to dance floor. Gareth reminded me to keep the distance with girl like leading your puppy. I tried finding that girl from the beginning one last time and couldn’t find her again. Without the kiss close I felt frustrated. And Gareth just remind me to always have POSITIVE RENFORCEMENT and think of the 2 #s I got instead of the kiss I didn’t get.

In the debriefing, Gareth told me tonight was a classic example of second night let down. I had a little bit of success with the first night and my mind just generates false confidence and automatically puts approaching as an easy task and slacked off. In turn I didn’t put as much effort into body language and focus less on the task. The success at the beginning with isolating those two girls made this mentality even more serious. That explains why after those girls my mind felt blank and I get blownouts in a row. My mental state unconsciously made me a cocky dumbass who thinks what I need to do is an easy enough task that I get to slack off doing. Again, one big thing he said I needed to work on is positive reinforcement because I’m always having negative thoughts. He told me whenever I have a negative thought about myself I need to recognize it as negative and say 3 positive things about myself to even it out.

Sunday Day game experience

Sunday is not the best time for clubs so Gareth decided to introduce me to some day game at the mall. We went over some basics of day game in terms of its speed and dynamics. He told me to start off with “Where is the nearest starbucks” opener and move to comfort till number close. We walked around the mall for a little bit scoutching out for sets and he showed me some suggestions of shoes I can wear at a shoe store. We found a perfect place where Gareth can spy down the first floor and see exactly what I’m doing so I went downstairs to wait for sets. He would give me a text when he saw suitable ones coming. My first set was a woman who’s waiting for something. She seemed older but I didn’t notice when I approached. I opened her and she told me where starbucks is. I then didn’t know how to transition from there so I said thank you and chickened out. Then I approached an Asian girl walking towards me. She answered me quickly where it is and just kept walking. I tried to keep engaging while she was moving but couldn’t stop her. Then I approached a white girl who said she was looking for a store as well. I asked her what store and suggested where it might be. Again I didn’t engage her much more before she kept walking. It is much harder doing day game than club game as it was hard for me to stop someone who’s on the way to something. Gareth taught me some BLP things I can do if the girl’s turning away during my approach. There’re much fewer sets I can approach in the daytime so we waited for a bit and just left. Gareth said he just wanted me to get a taste of day game and it was getting late too. We walked back for day-3 lecture.

Sunday Lecture
We covered the last 2 phases E & F ( Escalate and Future). We covered some time management and logistics. And then we talked about isolation excuse to apartment and to bedroom. Then from where my condom is placed to how to undress her. How to sexual escalate and how to deal with last minute resistance. Then he told me to put everything together backwards(writing from MLR to kiss close routine all the way back up to opener) to formulate a complete game plan. It’s really logical and straightforward. Then we covered some basics of text and phone game: when to call, and how to make plans, etc. And then it comes my graduation!

I’m really thankful for what Gareth and Jeff have done for me this weekend. I’ve now been exposed to a whole new world of possibility. Although I know I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be with my game, Gareth has put me in the right direction. I know exactly how and what to practice and most importantly I know I will get there if I just do it.

They promise a life-changing experience, and Gareth gave me just that. It’s really worth every penny I paid and I suggest every man out there aspired to better themselves with women to take a bootcamp with the wonderful social expert Gareth Jones.

Sincerely thank you Gareth!
( P.S. You really look like the catcher next to Jeff when you wear that bow tie. Just saying :)

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