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Los Angeles October 2011
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Author:  malibu51 [ 05 Oct 2011, 18:49 ]
Post subject:  Los Angeles October 2011

My experience and boot camp description will be different than any other here. I am 60 years old. I lost my virginity at 52 and I dont know if three pumps by someone I didnt even like, qualifies. My life has been generally miserable and lonely. I figured I had nothing to lose other than the cost of a Vegas Weekend, to see if this ABC jazz might give me that glimmer of hope.
It did not start well. I dropped out of the four day Premium Boot camp in Chicago. Not only did I not fit in with the 20 something sixpack of guys assembled, I balked at the recommendations of the first two hour lecture. I just cant walk up behind a girl at a bar, put my hand on her shoulder, spin her around and tell her she's hot ! When I was taking a whiz in the bathroom the attendees abandoned me for dinner, and there I was alone with Ben J and JT as they spiffied up to accompany the lads on their first foray. They offered my money back less the lecture.
I was pretty down but not quite ready to crawl back in my hole, so we morphed my planned training in to a five day one on one with Gareth.
I had plenty of time to back down. In fact right up to my departure from Cleveland, I was willing to dump the money paid, rather than put myself thru something I kept coming back to as hopeless.
I was looking forward to my first session with Gareth with the same enthusiam I had for my Colonoscopy. Nor was Gareth ready to offer me a gentle ease and an understanding of my cirtainly justifiable negatavism. He made it plain from the getgo, he would not put up with my sour bullshit ! He read the situation perfectly ! I required that sucker punch in the belly, to finally do things his way. Cant we start slow ? NO ! Dive into the Club Edison without a life preserver! Fortified by my Sprite, I had my first encounter. I went from C to A then a little D. If remembered B and was nearly trampled to death as a three set stampeded. Next set got to A...but it was an "a". My first night was to me a confirmation of the pointlessness of my effort, but Gareth, ever the General, stirred on the troops (me) and gave me enough charge to go on to the second night...etc.
But things went better the second night. I actually held a hot Chinese girls hand for 9 minutes, 23 seconds. And more, The idea of Kino, the touch, was doable and done. Thought I had it down at the start of the night at W ! The black chick was really coming on to me...until she started to ask, how could she please me this evening...a hooker. But I stayed on game, kept my head and had numerous sets, finally culminating in a PHONE NUMBER ! And she was young and hot too ! Of course got her name wrong, and we never went out...but thats another story.
Thankfully, by the fourth day, I was getting some cudos from my Sifu, Gareth. ( Sifu is like Sensai but for Dai Chi ) He said he was impressed by my effort. I didnt let him down the fourth day and fifth while attending to day game. 3rd street Promanade and Barnes and Noble can be intimidating, especially if your on the attack for three hours straight.I got a loud and stark rebuff from a Dutch lady and a Korean, but got the right chemistry with a dog trainer on the mall. First phone number that mattered....
Gentlemen...I will make it plain. My experience has set me on a different path. The test came after Gareth drove away. I was talking to people ever where now. At LAX I was chatting with this playboy bunny type blond in front of me in security. In Cleveland, I arrived famished, and approached a single lady at the IHOP and had dinner with her. I never had done anything so bold as this before.. Yes, Gareth, I asked for her phone number and she declined...but I asked !
Im not afraid anymore of meeting people anywhere and everywhere. Im as rusty as a nail in salt water, but things are changing. Just knowing that I will make the effort everyday, has given me new purpose. For the first time in my life I am confident that I eventually will meet that special someone.

Author:  TheGarethJones [ 06 Oct 2011, 13:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

This is great and you know I'm extremely proud of you, not just for doing so well, but for allowing yourself to keep your mind open in such a way that facilitates change following a huge period of stagnancy. This was one of the most challenging things I've ever been involved in, but the way that you went about the process gave me hope and gave you results.

I assure you that your success will come from practice. I also assure you that you are now living in a brand new world where people will both admire and respect you much more, so it's time to stop putting up with the bullshit from your old life. Remember: Crabs in a barrel.

I look forward to reading up on your adventures and to working with you again!


Author:  benasaur [ 10 Oct 2011, 00:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

Wow! Your background and experience is inspiring.

Congratulations, and welcome!

Author:  ozmonger [ 15 Oct 2011, 10:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

I thought I was over the hill at 43. I thought it was too late to be a mPUA but you give me inspiration. Look forward to reading youur FR"s.

Author:  malibu51 [ 22 Oct 2011, 11:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

Ive discovered a simple secret to making it the real world. Just get out of the house !

Author:  Christiano Tex [ 22 Oct 2011, 15:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

I am glad you didn't give up and managed to go through it. I'm proud of you. You think you're at a disadvantage at 60? There is a PUA who is 80 who sarges in LA and there is a picture of him making out with a girl in her 20s. Guys in their 20s have winged with him and say he's the best wingman ever. Don't know what you're looking for in life, but that should give you some encouragement.

Author:  malibu51 [ 22 Oct 2011, 16:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Los Angeles October 2011

Id like to talk with him...If you get his handle, let me know. Thanks

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