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 Post subject: Last *hours* in bed without sacrificing enjoyment [Natural]
PostPosted: 15 Apr 2012, 13:00 
Hungry Ghost

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Hey Lovers, I've got a kickass story to tell you, and I know you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

We had finally made it, we had become true pick up artists! After about a year of weird routines, unending streams of rejections, annoying flakes, awk-weird day twos, and copious amounts of self doubt and self discovery, we had achieved success.

Both me and my best friend/wingman had a new girl every couple weeks, and always a few girls on call.

We could finally go out and KNOW that we were coming home with a pocket full of numbers, a mouthful of that delicious kiss taste, and often an arm full of women. We were far from the masters, but we sure as hell had game.

But we shared one HUGE problem: we weren’t great lovers, and we were quick on the draw. We noticed that, after a few weeks, our girls would drift out of the fuck-buddy zone. They would either get bored and leave us, or else get too clingy and start pushing for something long term.

So we set out on a mission: we were gonna go all Don Juan on that shit and become the greatest lovers the world has ever known xD

We started out with lasting longer: we had to be able to go for as long as we wanted to (not as long as our bodies wanted to). We tried every method from pills to jedi mind tricks to tantric sex to squeeze and release. We tested, recorded, and re-tested every single mental, physical, artificial, and spiritual method of lasting longer and being a great lover, and we've found the best of the best.

After a few months of this things started changing. Our girls would start booty calling us WAYYY more often, not a single one left us on her own choice and, when we started whipping out an awesome repertoire of sex skillz, she always went wayy off the deep end to please us right back.

And it wasn't just limited to the girls we slept with...word got around. We've had girls' friends who we didn't even know practically kidnap us because their friend couldn't stop talking about our mad skillz. We've even had a few threesomes that we did not plan at all. The girls just brought their friends over and pounced on us.

It didn't stop in the bedroom either. We started getting pulled on increasingly awesome dates all around town (paid for by her of course). We would mention a problem in passing, and have the girls fix it for us. My wingman even had one cutie write his law essay while she rode him in his desk chair!

We quickly noticed that people wanted this knowledge. We begun to share our stories among our closest sarge-buddies and lair-members, swearing them to secrecy lest our girls hear about themselves through the grape vine and get hurt.

Naturally, we had PUAs, naturals, even a few girls who we never knew existed asking us for advice in bed within a week. (word to the wise: don't swear horny dudes to keep sexy secrets xP).

With all you guys wanting to become great lovers, we decided it would be an awesome idea spread the love (literally), and create a deep detailed course on becoming a Don Juan in the sack. But, before we pour weeks of work putting all our data into a course that ensures sexual success, we wanna make sure that you guys want to use it.

So we're opening up a beta testing group. This will be a crew of guys who will get the pre-releases (as well as the final release) WAYYY before the course goes public. You will be able to test for yourself our greatest methods for driving a women absolutely INSANE in the sack and get whole chapters emailed to you months before they're even put in the pre-releases.

If you want in, to become a great lover who women will do ANYTHING to please, here's whatcha gotta do:
- Click the link below
- It'll take you to a payment page for $12. Just enter your email and payment info and click "get it now"
- We'll send you an email letting you know your in the course within 24 hours.
- You'll get regular updates for the month leading up the to book launch, and get the chance to leave us feed back and ask us questions.

[url=""]JOIN THE BETA GROUP![/url]


P.S. Since we don't want this beta test to get outta control, we're only allowing 50 people to sign up. When the spots fill up, it's over. When you see us again, it'll be with a fully complete course and a much higher price tag.

P.P.S. We're creating this so that you will be able to bring your women pleasure like they have never experienced before (and get the same for yourself as well xD). That's why we've got a 100% money back any time before you die guarantee. If you don't feel like we've given you ten times the value you paid for, simply email us that you want a full refund and it'll be in your account within 24 hours. No questions asked.

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