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 Post subject: William NYC Bootcamp, APRIL 2010 Review +testimonial
PostPosted: 29 Apr 2010, 11:46 

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Bootcamp Graduate: NewYork April 2010
Day 1-

Lecture A-B, The worst day of the bootcamp for me. I came into the
lecture with little A.A. , but as the lecture progressed I found
myself messing up a lot during the demonstrations which raised my A.A.
In field portion of the day, 1st venue, we waited a good ½ hr so
people could come in and start, Tommy told me to do some kickstarts,
it brought down the A.A a lot. Opened about 2sets, got some shit
tests. The venue turned into a sausage-fest so we went to another, the
2nd venue was intimidating as fuck because I never been to a place
like that. This is the venue where I probably messed up the most
sets. My body language, facial expression and tonality were all off,
if someone were to describe my face it would be a freighted fucken
turtle. The 3rd Venue was the best for me that night, it had a totally
different feel from the first two, all the sets I opened up went
pretty well actually, opened a 7set blonde, then a 2set blonde which
both lasted about 10mins which was pretty long compared to the others.
Debrief – William told me that it’s good to be aware of you’re A.A.,
and once I’m aware of it, control it and work with it, he also told me
to work on facial expression and tonality because I got a couple of
shit tests that night.

Day 2-

Lecture c-d, Lecture portion learned about direct interest and how to
get out of friend zone once you get your target in comfort, then
practicing these new skills. In field portion of class, if you are
going to take a bootcamp, DO NOT BE A CHEAPASS THIS DAY geting
a homebase will help you a lot in practicing skills C and D,
This had to be the best night of the bootcamp for me. The venue on
night 2 was great because there were 2 floors and there were so many
sets to open. We went there pretty early so Tommy and William told my
classmate and I to do some kickstarts, I kickstarted the hottest sets
first, there was this one set with this girl in a red dress who looked
around my age Who I wished I pushed myself harder at but I kept
blanking out during B-phase so I politely excused myself, I was hoping
to run into her again and do a boomerang but the venue got so crowded
I lost her. There were a lot of sets at our table, but I’m only going
to write about the sets I brought back because if I wrote about all
the sets at the table this would go on for a while. So the kickstarts
loosened me up to start my C-D game, I Saw a 7-set near a bar,
A-phase, used celebration opener, did 1-min B, and told them to join
me and my friends, I was surprised they actually followed me, picked a
target got them into C-phase, went back to B did 2mins of that, Then
about another 2mins of C-phase, Tried a phone close, she was a cunt
about it, so I decided to go straight to D-phase and see if I can get
a kiss close, I introduced 1st sexual topic and she told me she had to
leave,it seemed like the cunt was only there for free drinks. She left
so I ping-ponged myself to the rest of her friends, one was pretty
cool but she kept insisting she was married, so I went to the other
friends of the set did some B’s, I got some typical cunt remarks like
“you’re not funny”, I should have just told them to leave but I played
it cool and I kept insisting that what I said was funny, they’re not!,
the whole set eventual left when they realized they weren’t getting
any free drinks, I was fucken glad because I was getting bored of
them. After that, Tommy got me to open a two big titted blonde
set(this I thought I could never do), Did the A-, it felt like they
just wanted a girls night out, at least they were nice enough to say
they might join the table later. So I go back to homebase, I see these
two Russian girls posting back on the wall, did my A-, didn’t even do
B and still got them to the table, when both of them sat down I did
the B, did the C, one of them wanted to dance, so I did, Did some C
with her while dancing, got a number close, got a lot kinos, then she
excused herself to the bathroom, I didn’t want to wait so I went back
to home base did some B/C-phase on other Russian girl, I found out
that this girl had a sister who was getting drinks for her, So she
got her sister to sit down in the table, William took care of the
sister, back to me I did some more B+C, I didn’t find the new target
attractive so I stuck to C-phase and also found out that she goes to
my school, I got a number close, as I kept doing my B/C she wanted to
dance, I was cool with that so I did, She engaged me in sexual
kino(rubbing my hips, my chest, stomach) , I could have easily done a
didn’t want move onto the D-phase with her, I tried to maintain
C-phase. BEST PART OF THE NIGHT WAS WHEN I realized that our table was
the center of the party, everybody’s eyes gravitated towards us. Our
table started with just guys only and ended with girls all around us.
During debrief William and Tommy told me that the point of that night
was to go as far as possible and now that I look back I should have
gone as far as I could because that’s the whole point of the bootcamp
is to stretch your limits. I felt like both of them had high
expectations for me that night.

Day 3

E,F, Fashion advise from William, He suggested that I should tailor my
shirts for a fit look, also suggested new shoes and new accessories
like rings and belt buckles. E-F lecture was about Amoging techniques
and bringing your target back to your place. It was a Sunday and it
was raining, a lot of couples were at the venue, I got A.A. so I did a
kickstart with a 1-set hoping more people would come in, I got A.A.
again when I realized that no else was going to come to the venue, so
my options were to either open to a set or be a pussy and sit in the
chair all night. William kept pushing to Amog a mixed set, I couldn’t
bring myself to do it, eventually William pointed a 2-set of blonde
and brunette, I did my A, Sat myself down did a combination of B+C to
both sets, my classmate came in and winged me so I was just with the
blonde, did some more B and C, Got a number close, I found out that
the blonde was married, so I didn’t want to go to D because I didn’t
want karma to fuck me later on in my life, I wouldn’t someone to hit
on my wife so I just kept with C phase and when I realized this was
going nowhere I told them it was time for my classmate and I to go.

William -
1st day of the bootcamp, William had just came from work, so he had
all of his work attire on and his hair was down and parted. My first
thoughts of him were “did I just pay 975$ for this motherfucking
smiley face Clark Kent to teach me how to pick up girls!?” I thought I
was getting fucked with. When lecture started I realized that he’s
talking about. After lecture, he transformed from Clark Kent to
Superman, his parted down hair became spiked, light blue dress shirt
changed into leather jacket and fitted white shirt. William is an
honest person; he gave me direct criticism about what I should work on
to be an alpha male, everything from my girl man stance to my default
angry Asian man face (which I am still trying to work on.) He is the
real deal, he knows his shit, he’s not by-rote or programmatic about
it, he thinks every step through.

Tommy –

I met Tommy at the lobby waiting for William. Tommy is a very friendly
and energetic person, he taught me a lot of direct openers that
actually helped me land my best sets of the night. His explanations
are very detailed and helpful. When he told me to open a set and I
didn’t, he would just leave me there and open up a random set, seeing
him do that gave me the energy to open the set he told me to do.

This is the beginning of a very great life, Thank you William and Tommy

 Post subject: Re: NYC Bootcamp, APRIL 2010 Review +testimonial
PostPosted: 30 Apr 2010, 01:00 

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very cool, Tommy and William are great instructors, for sure you learned a lot.

Just remember, there will be good and bad days, however important is that you continue to practice what you learned.

The more you practice, the more benefits you will get out of this bootcamp.

And only when you experience rejection, you can enjoy the great sets with beautiful HBs!

GL for future

 Post subject: Re: NYC Bootcamp, APRIL 2010 Review +testimonial
PostPosted: 01 May 2010, 15:29 
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Congrats on your expereince. I really do apprecaite having the home base. Easiest way to isolate is having a home base which is really cool.I love your statement "DONT BE A CHEAPASS" I totally agree. In order to have the best expereince is not to be a cheap ass. I believe that having those experiences will help you out in your game.

I love using the kick starts because some will blow you off and be like whatever. While others will start asking questions like, "oh who's birthday is it? what are you celebrating? Where is the birthday boy?" etc. Also what's great about kick starts you can re-engage them after and they will be totally open to talk to you. Even at times when you're just walking by they will open you which is a great thing as well.
I feel after doing a few kick starts I get really warmed up and then I am ready to start gaming.

I have met Tommy as well and I do agree, he does have a lot of great direct openers. Tommy is a good wing man espically when handling the 2 sets. While I game one girl and the other one sits there Tommy goes in and keeps the other chic occupied. I remember one time I pissed off a girl while he was winging me lol but then I was able to diffuse her. I have not yet met Willam but I have heard a lot of great things about him.

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, It can achieve."
-Napolean Hill

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 Post subject: Re: William NYC Bootcamp, APRIL 2010 Review +testimonial
PostPosted: 22 May 2010, 22:04 

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Yes, Sorry I did not say much about Tommy in my testimonial. Tommy is a really cool guy. He always had great tips on direct openers.

I remember his hair was always straight up like a faux hawk and during our bootcamp, he told us about one time, a girl complimented him on his hair. He instantly grabbed her hand and stroke the palm of her hand smoothly against his spiky hair. He then did the same on her long feminine hair and the girl got wet instantly. (sexual kino)

My bootcamp review:
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